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Buckeye_Gal April 25th, 2007 07:17 PM

Pirate's Night Attire
Looking at several pics on-line, it looks like people dress up for Pirate's Night. Do they have items to purchase on the ship or by chance do you get bandanas or something like that as a "keepsake" to wear?

Kathleen Templeton April 26th, 2007 08:38 AM

pirate attire
Howdy, yes many do dress up, I am one of them. it is so much fun!!

Ok, at dinner you will be given a pirate bandana to wear. Your waiter will help you put it on and it is yours to keep.
Also in the ships store they sell Mickey ears with a pirate sash around them and many t-shirts and eye patches.

There are a few kids costumes but you will pay a premium price and they only have a few sizes.
If you are on the Wonder whne you stop in Nassau there is apirate museum that has a gift shop where you can buy a few things cheaper than on the ship You dont have to go through the museum to go into the gift shop.

If your on the Magic in Key West there is a pirate museum close by the pier and it has a great gift shop with tons of things to choose from.
Of course they also have a few items in the store on board.

I just went to close out racks and got an old white long sleeve shirt and cut the bottoms of the sleeves all ragged, than I found a layered looking full skirt which I opened up and made some seams uneven, I did buy the Mickey pirate ears and a necklace tha tlooks like the coin from the first movie. I found boots on close out at target for $15, skirt and top were $5 each. Necklace was $10.
Then i found a platic skull and crossbones at a dollar store and glue dit to a remenant of a platic looking material that I tie around my waist.

I found apirate vest on line on close out and I was all set.

many buy capri sytle pants that are stripped and cut off the bottoms for the old ragged look, same with a blouse or mans white shirt, go to thrift store and buy old clunky jewelry and a mans vest to cut up.

You can manage to guy old clothes at garage sales and thrift stores that are cheap and cut away ont hem and wash a bunch to fade out and it looks really good.

You will see a few in $220 costumes and they look great but most just put together what ever they can find. I think most who dress up witha full costume wear them for halloween parties and such and for a few years.

I would prefer pants instead of the skirt due to the wind that occurs if your on deck 10, althought the party is on 9.
I have found it is a good idea to take some bobby pins to help hold your bandana and ears on with, just in case you have a windy day.

Last time they had temporary pirate tatoos and many people had them on all evening on the ship.

I will try to post a pirate out fit I wear, maybe it will give you a couple of ideas.


Buckeye_Gal April 26th, 2007 10:51 PM

Kathleen, you have excellent ideas and you looked awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

luvcruise May 10th, 2007 09:12 AM

We just wore the bandanas given to us during dinner. When we got to the party, only a few wore costumes. Many did not even wear the bandanas.

Kathleen Templeton May 10th, 2007 09:19 AM

On the shorter cruises fewer dress up in full costumes but on the longer cruises people seem to go all out and many wear full costumes.

I have worn mine when we had a lot and just a few. I got many compliments from people and many asked, How did you know to dress up?

Many people dont know about the fact you can dress up, mostly on the Wonder cruises.
But I say dress up, be a kid again, it is fun and others will be wishing they had done it too!!

I have heard several times people commenting that next time they were going to dress up too. it really adds to the fun of the evening.


rikimuk May 31st, 2007 09:01 AM

Pirates night

They give you a pirate bandana to keep and you can buy eye patches in the shop. They do have limited pirates merchendise for sale in the shop (hats and T shirts) as they have loads of POTC3 stuff out but most people take their own costumes if they want to dress up. You dont have to dress up though its entirely up to you.


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