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eluna333 September 10th, 2008 05:10 PM

AA meetings
Does anyone know if there are AA or "Friends of Bill" meetings on the Disney Wonder? Thanks!!

Kathleen Templeton September 11th, 2008 12:38 PM

They have them on both ships and the place and times are listed in the Navigator.


eluna333 September 11th, 2008 12:55 PM

Thank you so much! Now I am even MORE excited to go!!!

Kathleen Templeton September 11th, 2008 01:02 PM

Your welcome.
Is this your first DCL cruise?

If it is and if you have any questions, please ask.
In November I will be goin gon our 17th DCL cruise, so I can answer most questions.

I have never been in the spa or Plaos but family has. Other than that I have experienced most areas of and programs on both ships.

It truly is a magical cruise!!!!


eluna333 September 11th, 2008 10:53 PM

Its my first Disney cruise. I have wanted to go as my "dream vacation" since they started. We are going Sunday, and my boys can't wait!!
I was reading that sometimes people ask for room "upgrades" when they board, and can get them. Is it worth checking out?
Seriously, Im so excited! I have never been disappointed in any Disney vacation and Im hoping for the same with the cruise.
Thanks again!!

Kathleen Templeton September 12th, 2008 03:33 PM

you can ask for room upgrades if they are available but they usually dont really give a discount on the price.

Most people arnt in their rooms long enough to care what room they have.
I have had verandah, inside room, ocean view and honestly we are in the room just long enough to sleep or change clothes, so why pay for the fancy room if we're not going to be in it to enjoy it.

Now if you have a child young enough to nap everyday, many like the verandahs so they can enjoy the view while baby sleeps. Although there are 3 different verandahs, so be cafeful to get one with a good view, if you go that route.

a couple quick tips since your new that may help make your cruise a bit more magical. :)

Room service menu wont have it listed but in the evenings you can order hot chocolate chip cookies . also you can order Mickey Ice cream bars.
Kids love that as a late dessert before bed. it is free, but they charge for Milk. So while you order the cookies, have soemone go to deck 9 where the drink station is and get soem cups of cold milk there. or grab cartons of milk at breakfast and put in your frig in your room. The frig is not super cold, so if you like really cold milk as the room host to deliver ice an hour before dessert time and put your cartons of milk in it to get ice cold.

You can take 2 pillowcases or a matte style picture frame and some waterproof markers. Put them in a zip lock baggies with a card with your name and room number on it.
Take this to the guest srvices desk in the atrium right away the first day and ask for them to be autographed by the characters. At the end of your cruise they will be delivered to your room all autographed for free.
some stick a tip and thankyou card in the baggie for the peopel who do this, its up to you.

Remember to take some one dollar bills for tips for room service, for excursion guides.

If you plan to use your credit card in the Bahamas (nassau) notify your credit card company before you go.
sometimes if they dont know they will decline purchases until they call and you verify all kinds of information to proveit is you, when their lines are busy, this can take 30 minutes to an hour to do.

arrive early 10 minute before character greest to save waiting in a long line. Princess meets, arrive 15 minutes early, lines get long fast fo rthem.
On castaway cay there are characters along the way, check your navigator for times. This si a great time fo rphotos. Lines are short and move fast because everyone wants to get to the beach.

If you walk to the beach, NOT ride the tram you can get Captain Jack Sparrows photo withyou and the dutchman in the background.
The tram will go past this and NOT stop, you must walk the trail to the beach. Its a 10 minute walk.
Check his time in the Navigator. he is there for 30 minutes twice a day. He does line up fast!! arrive early if possible. It truly is an awesome picture.

when you show friends and family your vacation pictueres, they will expect Mickey and friends but NOT Capt. jack Sparrow.
sometimes on pirate night they offer a photo session on boardw ith him. It is awesome to hav eon pirate clothes and have your photo taken with him. so check the Navigator for times and arrive 15 minutes early.
we skipped dessert for this and it was so worth it and we still had dessert at the pirate partylater.

Hope this helps you some,


Paul Motter September 14th, 2008 05:23 PM

Kathleen - thank you SO much for your assistance in our message boards. What an asset your are!

I have not had the pleasure of sailing on Disney yet, although the company has promised me an opportunity to go several times, it just hasn't come through.

So, All I could add was that if you couldn't find a "Friend of Bill W' meeting you could definitely find a friend of Micky or Goofy meeting.

And don't believe those rumors about Goofy - HE'S THAT WAY NATURALLY!

LOL (this is all in jest, truly) - Eluna have a FANTASTIC CRUISE!

Kathleen Templeton September 14th, 2008 09:00 PM

Thankyou Paul,
I enjoy this web site very much.
I just wish there was more DCL chat here.
I am about to go on DCL # 17 and I love to share my experiences with others to help them when I can.

I have meet so many nice people on the Meet on board sections and crusied with them, it is so much fun.
Almost every cruise a stranger will come up to me and say hello and introduce themselves and they say they have read many of my posts but they were to shy to post themselves :oops:

I tell them POST!!
it is so much fun to chat with and help others.

This cruise I am taking the DCL cruise bus to the port for the first time so I can share with others about that experience too.

I will post a trip report when we return too.

I hope you will cruise DCL soon, you wont regret it, it is a truly Magical cruise!!!


Kathleen Templeton September 16th, 2008 01:26 AM

here are a few more tips which may help you.

1.early arrival gets an early boarding pass number.

2.terminal opens 10 a.m.

3.boarding starts around 11:30 to noon.

4.keep camera with you at ALL times, even in the terminal. characters will appear there for photos. ourdoor viewing area of the ship for photos.
5 check in at kids club table while waiting to board ship. saves you time on the ship.

6. take a few ones. some for room service tips some to tip porters who take your bags at the termnal. $1 per bag is customary.

7. take small bills for the islands. many small shops dont have change.

8. if your going to use your credit card on the islands, call your CC company first and tell them or you will have to wait on a phone call to ok all your purchases. This is a big hassle and can take 30 minutes or more.

9. most shops who take credit cards, require a $20 minimum purchase.

10 take camera to dinner each night, surprizes happen all the time. You wont be alone. you will even see cam corders at dinner.

11. arrive at all shows 20 minutes early for good seats.

12. arrive at character meets 10 minutes early

13 Princess meets arrive 15 minutes early

14. on Castaway cay if you want your photo taken with Captain Jack Sparrow, do NOT ride the tram to the beach area. It does NOT stop near him. You must walk in to the beach signs say 20 minute walk in it takes us 10 minutes. he will be along the way in the sand and photo has the flying Dutchman behind you, great photo! Check navigator for times he will be there.

15 There are characters along the way to the beach, ok to ride the tram for this. Lines are short and move quickly so it is a great opportunity to see characters without lines. check navigator for times and places.

16 also characters appear at the gazebo near cookies BBQ on the island during the day.

17 adult only beach has it's own area for lunch they often have steaks or lobster there as a special treat for the grown ups. But Cookies BBQ by family beach has more variety of other foods.

18 dont ,miss the good bye late the last night in the atrium. ALL the characters will line up on the stairs and will pose for photos for you. This farwell party is really nice and fun.

19 check for photos everyday at shutters. buy a package deal and save $$ if you dont buy enough photos for the package deal they will refund you the difference at the end of your cruise .
or if you buy a photo and then decide the next day you see one you want more, just bring back the one you bought and the receipt and tell them you want to exchange it and they will be happy to do this for you.

20. you can order warm chocolate chip cookies or Mickey ice cream bars from room service even though it is not on the menu. The warm cookies are available in the evenings only

21. bring 2 white pillowcases or a matte style picture frame in a zip lock baggie with water proof markers and leave at guest services desk ask to be autographed and it will be returned to you the last night all signed by the characters. I also add a card with my name and room number on it just in case their card gets lost. I like to use dark colored markers, the light colors dont show up as well.

22. If you need to change dining times or make a Palos reservation go to Wave Bands club directly upon boarding to take care of this. The sooner you do it the better your chances of getting what you want.

23. I fyou have kids leave a wake up call and then let them answer the phone. It will surprize the because Mickey will be on the phone telling them it is time to get up.

24 Afternoon matinees of the shows are great to see. They are the exact same show, they leave out nothing but it is less crowded and kids arnt as tired, plus it makes for a more leisurely evening. No need to rush to or from the shows due to your dinner time.

25. Pop is free in all restaurants and at the drink station on deck 9. But if you order it from waiter or buy at a lounge or bar you will be charge for it plus a gratuity.

26. stop by the drink station and grab a drink to take with you to the shows or movies instead of buying a can a pop there. If you want a snack stop and grab pizza or hot dogs or fruit on deck 9 to take with you. again save money over buying a bunch of snacks for the kids.

27.At dinner kids can order from both the kids or adult menu.

28. The BBQ at the adult beach often has a fewer choices than Cookies BBQ on the family side but they often will have steak or lobster for the adults only BBQ. That is a nice perk.

29. No need to book floats and bikes ahead of time for Castaway Cay. They have tons of them. wait until you get there to make sure your really going to need the floats or have time to ride the bikes before renting them. we always just walk up and do it at the beach.

30. If you want to do the banana boat ride or the ski do(eco tour) I would book ahead of time. They do often have last minute openings so dont be afraid to ask when you arrive if you didnt book it and decided you'd like to do it.

31. if you rent bikes there are 2 nice trails just off the runway. The first one will have an observation tour. It has a great view of the island and ship. Bring your camera for this!! while up in the tower be sure and look around the base area of the tower. There are some whimsical things to see there too.

32. all the trails have ice cold water in big yellow barrels in wooden framed stands, so no need to carry your own unless you want to.

hope this gives you some new information to help with your cruise


tricia74832 May 28th, 2009 01:23 PM

That's a good question I wish I could answer!

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