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Ames November 22nd, 2012 03:41 PM

Disney Wonder
Hi All,
Hoping someone can help this cruise virgin out. Hubby and I are thinking of taking our daughter (4-1/2yrs) on a Disney Cruise next Feb. 2013. Great deal for us (in Canada) out of Miami for either a 5 night to Caribbean or 4 night to Bahamas. Couple of questions for the cruise masters out there:

1. Out of the two locations, which would you choose over the other and why?

2. How does the Wonder compare? I know it's an older ship, but for first timers, will it be a big deal?

3. I'm sure these cruises get busy with people. Are all areas jam packed at all times? Are the pools constantly full of people?

4. Dining. What are you experiences? What is the food like?

5. What do people do when they get off the boat at any of the ports? Just hang out, tour and shop?

Sorry for the novel..trying to get a good feel of what we can expect out of this trip. If nothing else, I'm sure our 4 year old will love it...she is huge into Disney Princesses right now...I only wish Merida was on board too! ;)

Thanks in advance to anyone to answers!

chiccaa_x November 23rd, 2012 06:26 AM

I went on a Disney cruise with my 2 children aged 5 (now 6) and 3 (now 4),
I really wouldn't choose between two of them locations as I haven't experienced them myself, so I cannot help you there.
The Disney Wonder is very modern compared to the other ships, there are a lot of different youth clubs to suit each age of child as my children where 5 and 3, my 3 year old went to Flounder's Reef Nursery which was aged 3 months to 3 year old, the nursery included: books, toys, games, baby swings and a television with a DVD player. My 6 year old went too a few off the clubs as she was older and she was able to dress up as her favorite Disney Characters, which she loved. I really recommend the Disney wonder ship with children and first time travelers.
Secondly, I went on my Disney cruise last August, and as being the summer season it was really busy with kids and parents. It was great though because my 5 year old made plenty of friends and joined in with almost every activity the ship had to offer for kids. I didn't have a problem with getting in the pools as we went down early, but throughout the day it did start to get busy but do remember the ship does have 3 pools.
For dining, I found the food great. I haven't really got a great appetite but everything there suited me fine.
When we got off at ports, we would explore the destination, go shopping and relax by taking lunch at a nice cafe somewhere.

I was in the same situation before I went on this cruise, I wanted too see other peoples experiences before going and it really helped as people who had already experienced a disney cruise had a magnificent time and are always planning to go again. For me now as I have experienced the Disney Wonder, I would recommend a Disney cruise as it was great and the atmosphere on-board was unbelievable.
My now 6 year old girl loved it as she is so into Disney characters and she didn't want too leave the ship when our cruise finished and she's happy that we will be booking one for next year!

I booked through Disney Cruises | Disney Cruise Holidays and they were great help, if I ever had a question or problem before I went or whilst on-board I was able to ring up my consultant who I booked through and they would sort my problem out or answer my question. I will be booking again for next year very soon.

Ames November 23rd, 2012 10:32 AM

Thank you so much for your reply - I appreciate it. I did a bit more digging last night and have really found nothing but great reviews on the DCL - although any of the mediocre reviews involved the food, which don't bother me as much. Everyone's views on food can vastly differ. :)

We are pretty positive our daughter will love it regardless, like yours, she is very much into the dress-up and Disney princesses right now. Is it necessary to bring their own dresses or did they have quite a few in the clubs for the kids to use there? She has her own Merida dress, so I may bring that as a surprise for her to have in case they don't already have one.

AF1 April 27th, 2013 11:40 AM

Ziyan, did you go to Disneyworld on a bus tour; or are you planning to go? I got confused.

kyrabroth June 28th, 2013 03:06 AM

I had gone to a cruise with my family of 5 and we had loads of fun. We had chosen Bahamas for our vacation, but I think Caribbean can also be fun.

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Askari July 25th, 2013 04:58 AM

I have a trip booked for this year and i am excitedly waiting for it with my family...:wink:

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