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cruisemom September 23rd, 2003 11:20 AM

I am not asking for the big name singers and actor's, although that would be nice.
I only want to ask that the lines offer variety. No I would not like to see the bare breasts of the "real Las Vegas" revue but if some ship finds that they can do a show like that at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning for the 35 year olds who are still unmarried and childless that is fine.

What galls me is that the entertainment is more closely geared to people who aren't paying for the cruise--passengers who have died, workers and entertainers on the ship who pick the music for their tastes, and people who wouldn't come on a cruise anyway.

I can truly say that I have everything that the models and showgirls have but lots more of it and surprisingly, my husband still thinks that I am fun. He is my hero and we have still got the time and love to go together. We are parents and grandparents and don't want to be nauseated by "entertainment" that should be an option for those who want that stuff-- for people who have nothing to do when they go to their cabin.

Mama Mia would be great, or a Josh Groban tribute or a "Pirates of the Caribbean" musical--humor and romance--or just clever, clean humor that everyone can have fun with. "Adult" shows for the guests who want it could be a late night option or better yet an added cost option. If "blue" comedy or "R" or "X" rated shows were at an added cost the cruise lines would be able to find out how many passengers realy wnat to pay to cruise and also to be really "entertained" in this way.

It would avoid wasting the time of the many people who don't want to leave the cruise DEAF or grossed out by the waste of their time and money.

mcasey September 23rd, 2003 02:49 PM

Re: p.s.
The beauty of a cruise is that there is so much to do that appeals to all ages and tastes. You may not enjoy some of the entertainment on the ship, but others will disagree. I would like to see some other types of entertainment as well, but I am confident that the cruiselines have taken much time and energy to determine what the most amount of cruisers would enjoy.

As for adult comedy acts, they do have those late at night, and they specifically specify that it is of an adult nature before they start there schtick. So, if anyone gets caught in one, it is there own fault.

As for paying for entertainment, I cannot disagree more. I love cruising because it is an "all in one" package. All I need to bring is some extra cash for drinks and entertainment off the ship, and maybe a night of blackjack.

I think your are making some assumptions for other cruisers that may not ring true. My advice to you is to do the things that interest you and don't do the things that don't interest you. I guarantee you will have a blast and not be bored at all.

LisaK September 24th, 2003 10:05 AM

Re: p.s.
I would love the cruise lines to add a Broadway musical to their show repertoire

Marlo October 4th, 2003 12:58 PM

Re: p.s.

What is the average age on a cruise? My husband and I are 33; don't consider ourselves necessarily young as most of our friends are in their mid-20's (what separates us from them is that we just had a baby) - but seems as if we'd be considered "young" on a cruise ship (rather unbelievable yet after reading so many posts, I'm beginning to believe it) - is this true? I'll be cruising for the first time in February.

From what I've read of the entertainment I probably wouldn't want to go on any night, as a first choice of what to do at night; we have season tickets to opera and theater at home, so I'll probably rather be spending cruise time dancing at the disco or relaxing in the hot tub. So ... there you go from the under-35 set, I guess.

lakelodge October 8th, 2003 04:23 PM

Re: p.s.
hi, I am 50 years old, and what I wish for is more entertainment geared toward 30's thru 50's age groups. I'm not into topless Vegas reviews either, but then again so many of the musical acts around ships these days seem to cater to the geriatric set. I'd love to see a high-quality rock and roll dance band that could play from the 70's to today-- really well. Most times the bands are so "versitile" that they're not really great at any one thing.

Mel October 10th, 2003 10:30 AM

Re: p.s.
I think I saw that the adverage age of a passenger was 52. This includes the addition of all children into the equation. It would make the older market the larger market.

Starfighter October 11th, 2003 02:32 PM

Re: p.s.
I am all for the topless reviews like Les Folies Bergere, Lido de Paris, Le Moulin Rouge and the like, but in reality, that's not going to happen on a cruise ship. So I just have to settle for the Broadway or Vegas style reviews that are currently the main focus of the cruiseline entertainment. Personally, I enjoy the cruiseship reviews and think they're very good for budding talent. They expose a lot of people to the world of Broadway musicals, people who would otherwise never take advantage of that opportunity. I wouldn't even want to guess how many young people decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, all because they saw a stage show somewhere and it inspired them. They may not be perfect, but I enjoy the effort of these entertainers and find it counterproductive to be that judgmental of them. It's there for our enjoyment and we ought to show enough class to do just that. There's enough things in life to complain about, without doing so about people who are trying to make us feel a little better. Have a good one.

cathy December 12th, 2003 08:32 AM

Re: p.s.
My husband and I just returned for a 10day Western on the Horizon. Most nights we got up and left the shows because they were so bad. The singers were in love with themselves and I personally find magicians very boring. The best show we saw were the Not so Newleywed Game and the 50-60's Rock and Roll Show by the pool. They were both great. I think they should try to come up with some new ideas. We enjoyed the Enchantment shows much more last year. Maybe it was because the average age on the Horizon seemed to be 65-70 and we are in our 40's. At least there are many other things to do if you do not enjoy the shows such as making a contribution to the casino. Anyway, we still love cruising and would not let the shows keep us from going and having a good time.

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