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erikhag March 8th, 2009 10:16 AM

Cruise from Southampton
Our next cruise will be from Southampton in May and I have some questions about it.

We will fly to London the day before and are spending the first day and night in London. Which is the best way to get from London to Southampton? I guess that train is the best way and the tickets I have seen on the net cost a little more than 30 pound, any other suggestion? Will the traintickets cost more if we buy them when we get to London the day before our cruise?

Which trainstation shall we travel to in Southampton? When we get there, is taking a taxi to the port the best thing and if yes, how much will it cost?

After the cruise, how do we get to Heathrow? Bus, train (via central London?) or maybe NCL-transfer? How much will it cost?

kandajones March 8th, 2009 12:31 PM

Hi Erik from a very Sunny Southampton,

You are quite right that the easiest way is by train, they run up to 3 times an hour, but if you are coming down at the weekend, please be aware that there are major rail works just before you get to Southampton & have to change to a bus service (provided at no extrac cost from the last station). When buying your ticket, make sure you get one to Southampton Central, apart from a few stations in the outskirts, there is also one called Southhampton Parkway, which is for the local airport. Once you get to the station, it is an easy taxi ride, or couple of mile walk hauling your luggage.

Make sure you know which terminal you are using, there are currently 3 in Southampton with a 4th (for P&O) being opened in May.

As for costs, you can normally get a few pounds off if you buy before arriving in the country, but may have to commit to a set time. It usually isn't a great saving, so by all means check, but don't expect a bargain (

A good budget way of travelling down is to take the National Express Coach from London Victoria, via Heathrow Airport down to Southampton (, this is well worth checking in advance as they often have £1.00 tickets. The Southampton terminal is just below the main railway station as you look at a map.

Finally, assuming that you have left your private helicopter at home ;o) you can taxi to the port, it will cost around £100 each waym, but worth negostiating with a few comapnies if this is of interest. I think that there is a taxi company owner from the London area who comes onto this site, so he may be able to give you a price.

As for getting back to Heathrow, you again have the choice of the National Express coach which is direct into Heathrow, the trains will require at least one change, or traveling into London, then getting across town & back out to

the Airport - no easy feat with luggage.
NCL will almost certainly do a transfer, so it would be worth costing that option before making your decision.

Hope at least some of this has helped, if you want any more info, please feel free to ask.

Have a great time,

Alan & Katrina

shoreguy March 8th, 2009 02:18 PM

I was able to get a rail day pass for £10 from Gatwick to Southampton in advance last summer. I am not sure what the options are from Central London

Quick look there are advanced purchase £3 to £7.50 single
Origin:London Victoria
Destination:Southampton Central

erikhag March 8th, 2009 03:16 PM

Thank you for your answers.

It seems like the tickets for a little more than 30 pounds are a little expensive.

Is the train of the samt type as the trian we took from Victoria to Dover last September? If it is, I guess that the National Express Coach can be a better alternativ. I don't mind to take a bus instead of the train.

I'll be back!

kandajones March 8th, 2009 06:53 PM

Hi again Erik,

The train service down here (South West) does have some new trains, but also a lot of old rolling stock & it is purely luck (or lack of it) that determines which sort you end up with.

For the coach from London Victoria, allow up to 3 hours, and for the return trip to Heathrow, you are talking of up to 2 hours. Plus 15 minutes for the taxi at this end. So remember to build that into your flight time plans.

Also although it is listed on their website, I have NEVER seen a National Express coach at the cruise ship terminal, the one you are going to get will bring you into Coach Station, Harbour Parade.


erikhag April 24th, 2009 06:50 AM

We have now booked tickets to Southampton with National Express. The cost for two was a little more than 30 pound.

The bad thing is that we have to take the 7.15 bus from Victoria Coach Station, a little early but the next bus will arrive in Southampton later than we want! (We are leaving a Sunday so the buses aren't very frequent.) We will arrive at the Coach Station, Harbour Parade, 9.25 and assume that we then can get something to eat and drink somewhere before we take a taxi to the cruise terminal. Maybe we can walk if the weather is fine? (It's only a 5-night cruise so we will not have very much luggage, we are planning to keep all luggage as carry on when we fly back to Sweden.)

What's the best option for our trip to Heathrow after the cruise? Do we have to book a specific time if we wants to use National Express then too our can we just buy tickets which are valid on any bus? Is it easy to get bus tickets on the Coach Station for a bus which leave the station in a short time? Are there many buses from Southampton to Heathrow? How much will they cost?

We can use NCLs transfer to Heathrow but don't like that that might mean that we have to leave to ship extra early! Will the time to get through customs be short since we are members on the European Union (which I assume that most passengers on this cruise will be, I guess that it's not mostly Americans on this cruise which we are used to) or is it just one line for everybody?

erikhag May 16th, 2009 04:47 AM

Any suggestions for the bustickets from Southampton to Heathrow?

kandajones May 23rd, 2009 05:53 PM

hi Erik, firstly apologies, we've been on travels followed by a training course, so I have only just got back to read your message.

The coaches run just about every hour from Southampton Central. They are usually 2/3rds full, so you can buy a ticket from the office next to the pick up point (below the Asda shop in West QuayRetail Park - 5 minutes taxi ride from the terminal) but these can be more expensive than buying online at your insurance should cover this if the ship is late & you have to buy replacement tickets. the Nat Express booking process will also assume you want their £1 insurance unless you deselect it.

Hope this helps with the planning, feel free to add more questions, or PM us if needed,

have a great weekend,

Alan & Katrina

erikhag May 31st, 2009 11:44 AM

Thanks! I knew that you should go away so I didn't expected a quick answer but hoped to get one before I left, I saw your answer yesterday when I was back home again...

We first though that we should buy tickets when we got of the ship but changed our mind and booked them when we were still on the ship and we were happy that we did that because the bus was full! (It was the 10.30 bus last Friday.)

We had a Penthouse and our meetingtime for prioritydebarkation was 9.45 and 10.05 we were on the coachstation!

kandajones May 31st, 2009 05:10 PM

Hi Erik and "welcome home", although you no doubt wish you were still at sea. We hope you had a great time, and look forward to hearing about the ship & your cruise, either on this site, or via a PM.

Apart from the very full coach on the way back, did everything else work out ok for you?

best wishes & speak soon,

Alan & Katrina

erikhag June 1st, 2009 08:21 AM

I will defenitely be back with comments about the ship and the cruise on this site, or in a PM if there is something special you are interested in.

First I have to take care of a small issue I had, look on my Onboard Credit thread.

Your recent cruise was on P&O, right? If yes, was it on the ship we saw in Southampton when we arrived last Friday?

kandajones June 1st, 2009 06:45 PM

Woah, that's bad news about the obc, definitely sounds as if the gentle approach may yield more satisfactory results. Make sure you provide as much info as you can, booking dates, TA, payment dates, any original details on the 'pocket money' days, and good luck with it.

I am not sure which ship was in on Friday, we were on P&O's Oriana, which was back in port today having just returned from the Med, so definitely not that one.

It is going to be fun later this year, we are expecting 5 large ships in on 2 occaisions. It will be VERY busy, hopefully Southampton will provide plenty of adverts to the passengers to try & capture some tourism money, the passengers usually just turn up & set sail on the same day.

Speak soon,

Alan & Katrina

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