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jesslch November 29th, 2002 07:14 PM

Help! 10:30 pm lifeboat drill with baby!
We are sailing on Celebrity's Constellation out of San Juan in two weeks. We just found out the lifeboat drill is at 10:30 pm. The ship sails at 11 pm. Will it be a problem for my husband to go to the drill alone while I stay in the cabin with the sleeping baby? Or will we be forced to wake the baby up and drag her to the drill? Any suggestions on how to handle this are appreciated. It will be a long day of travel for my 14 month old daughter and a 10:30 pm wake up seems miserable.



PS: leaving her with a sitter isn't an option. I won't leave her with someone I don't know.

Thorn November 30th, 2002 01:51 PM

Re: Help! 10:30 pm lifeboat drill with baby!

I sympathize. I have a 21 month old. We just got back from our 2nd cruise and she did better this time with the drill. We brought her pacifier, juice and let her pick which toy to bring to keep her occupied.

Since the drill is at 10:30 PM you might ask if you can do a "make up" drill at a different time. On the ship that we were on some people missed the drill (due to their planes getting in late) and they had they make it up the next day. I believe it is a requirement that all passengers do the drill.

I highly recommend bringing a fold up stroller. I bought onewhich was sturdier than the cheap $20.00 umbrella ones but not as big as my car seat combo one. BabiesRUS has a nice selection. I used it on both cruises and it was a life saver. We used it on the shore excursions and sometimes just to walk around the ship with her. Maybe if they force you to do the drill you could put her to sleep in the stroller and wheel her up to the drill. Just a thought.

Oh one other the dining rooms, try to find a corner table. We found that was best especially when we were in the more formal resturants. My DH and I would "corner" her by putting her in chair between us. This worked out great because if she got out of her chair she just sat on the floor and didn't disturb other (well not too much...LOL!).

Have a great trip. I hope this helps!

Rose, Guy and Ariana

Luisa December 2nd, 2002 10:01 AM

Re: Re: Help! 10:30 pm lifeboat drill with baby!
Sounds like you've gotten good advice already. I would ask the purser's desk if it's okay if just your husband attends the lifeboat drill -- it's a ridiculous hour to have a drill even for adults! Or you could just have your husband attend and when they call out your cabin number to take attendance he could say that you're both there (they only ask one person in your party to say "here" and to state how many people are in your group.) However, don't let them know that I suggested it!?! Make sure, however, that you do have an infant's life vest in your cabin -- you can request it from your cabin steward.
If you haven't already, read the articles I've written on this site about cruising with an infant. We took my son last year on two cruises when he was 7 and 10 months old and we had great times.
Smooth sailing,
Luisa Frey Gaynor
Family Cruise Editor

jesslch December 28th, 2002 07:20 PM

Re: Help! 10:30 pm lifeboat drill with baby!
Well, everything worked out fine. My husband went to the drill and I stayed in the cabin with the baby. She slept through the whole event. Our room was never checked nor was attendance taken at the drill itself. My husband filled me in on all the drill details afterwards.

Luisa December 30th, 2002 09:16 AM

Re: Re: Help! 10:30 pm lifeboat drill with baby!
I'm glad to hear that it all worked out well. I find 10:30 even too late for myself let alone children to attend! How did things work out with the baby for the rest of the cruise? Did you get a private babysitter at all? It'd be great to hear more details.
Smooth sailing,
Luisa Frey Gaynor
Family Cruise Editor

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