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Lainey March 12th, 2003 12:29 PM

Flight with 2-yr. old
I've never flown with a toddler before and don't knw what to expect. She does not drink from a bottle and is too young to chew on gum (she won't even suck a candy - she always wants to bite it!). Any suggestions how to make the flight easy on her, her ears...and the other passengers???


PapaBill March 12th, 2003 01:37 PM

Re: Flight with 2-yr. old
You could send the child ahead on another flight with your spouse or maybe a grandparent, or consider leaving her home locked in a closet. Since neither of those are going to work, I suggest a few things. First, book the child a seat.Her own seat. The lap thing is not going to work. Pack a carry on,(she is entitled to one too) with all kinds of diversions. Whatever she likes, crayons , stickers, books, stuffed animals etc. Have plenty of diversionary materials. Pack snacks , juice boxes , milk etc. whatever you allow her to eat and drink. Make it a variety. Consider purchasing a portable DVD player (with head phones) . Two movies and the flight is over. If not that, a portable tape or cd player with Sesame Street Music, nursery rhymes, Kids Bop, stories on tape etc. New books to read or old favorates. A small blanket, it can get cold on a plane.
No bottle or gum to chew to ease ear pain? Put water or juice in a sippy cup(even if she has outgrown them) . Works just like a bottle for clearing the ear pressure. Make it a game.
I also suggest tranquillizers. Not for the child, but for you, your spouse and the 12 closest passengers. (just kidding, or maybe I'm not)
I Think she will surprise you . The "adventure" of being on the plane will occupy her as well.
One last thought. When she pulls at your sleeves saying Mommy or Daddy, answer her the first time and every time. Having sat near children on hundreds of flights the usual difference between "good " kids and "bad" kids was in the attention they got from their parents.Nothing is worse than sitting near a kid saying Mommy a 100 times while Mommy is plugged into earphones and watching a movie.
Have a wonderful time. Two year olds are a joy.

Luisa March 13th, 2003 08:59 AM

Re: Re: Flight with 2-yr. old
Dear Lainey:
I agree with all the Papa Bill suggested. I have a nine year old who's been flying and cruising since she was 8 months old and she's a better flyer than in the car. She learned the routine of flying early and I always packed lots to keep her busy. I now have a toddler (18 months) who has flown a number of times already. He loves to eat so I pack lots of cheerios, etc. to keep him happy. He too doesn't take a bottle so we have a few sippy cups ready for take off and landing. (Chewing on snacks helps the ears too.)
Relax -- it'll be fine. Any chance the flight is around when your child usually naps? That helps too.
Smooth sailing,
Luisa Frey Gaynor
Family Cruise Editor

LisaK March 13th, 2003 10:19 AM

Re: Re: Re: Flight with 2-yr. old
if you schedule your flight around her nap time that would be a huge help, bring her favorite blankie or animal for nap time. Dress her in comfy clothing.

AmyinVail March 27th, 2003 12:06 PM

Re: Flight with 2-yr. old
I'll be flying with our then 8 month old next month. I've done a ton of research on this and I've found the coolest thing. They're called "earlplanes" they are ear plugs that some how filter out pressure??? I don't know if they work or not, but Im going to purchase a pair just in case!!


PapaBill March 28th, 2003 11:11 AM

Re: Re: Flight with 2-yr. old
For the 8 month old , the best thing to equalize ear pressure will be a bottle or sippy cup.
It works even better than chewing gum for adults. As they suck on the nipplw, their ears will "pop" just like an adults do.

RDC April 8th, 2003 07:00 PM

Re: Re: Re: Flight with 2-yr. old
I think you'll find that most people that are around you and your family will feel worse for you than for themselves if your child does cry. Every so often you get a person that either doesn't have kids or forgets what it was like, but most people are helpful and are just glad that it's you and and not them that are dealing with it!!

People should remember to "not see through people, but see people through". It's a long story but a great saying!

Happy cruising (&flying).

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