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Meghan Pearsall November 22nd, 2003 02:05 PM

Sit n Stroll Stroller?

We will be flying from the east coast to San Diego with our two year old. I am trying to save space as I am sure our cabin will be small. I found something called the sit n stroll stroller which is an FAA approved car seat that converts into a stroller and also can be a booster seat. Has anyone seen/tried this and how much room in the cabin would it take up?

If all goes well on this cruise, I wouldn't mind paying for it if it works well and we can use it again and again.


Luisa November 24th, 2003 10:03 AM

Re: Sit n Stroll Stroller?
I've seen others with that stroller and there are plusses and minuses. THe plus is that you don't have to haul a car seat with you throughout the airport, etc. The minus is that the stroller then is a bit large to fit into a cruise ship cabin, since it's wide enough to be a car seat. We usually take a small fold up stroller (has an awning to keep the sun out, etc.) so that we can store it in the entrance way to our cabin. Sometimes we'll keep it folded up in the hallway but some cruise lines don't like the hallways being blocked...
Hope this helps?!?
Smooth sailing,
Luisa Frey Gaynor
Family Cruise Editor

Meghan Pearsall November 24th, 2003 12:10 PM

Re: Re: Sit n Stroll Stroller?
Yes, you have been so helpful! Do you think a regular car seat is a better idea then? The airlines are telling us we have to fly with one since she will be 2 yrs. so it will be in tow with us regardless. I am trying to be the most space economical and appreciate your thougts.

Kara November 24th, 2003 12:24 PM

Re: Re: Re: Sit n Stroll Stroller?
You don't need the carseat on the airplane. We fly with our 2 year old all the time and just strap her right in the seat.

cruisequeen November 24th, 2003 03:02 PM

Re: Re: Re: Re: Sit n Stroll Stroller?
You should use a car seat on the plane. You don't drive your car with your child not in a carseat - why would you do it on a plane? If you hit any type of turbulence your child will not be protected in a plane seat. The adult seat belt could hurt internal organs. This is the same reason you do not use an adult seat belt on a child in a car.

To the original poster:
I have a sit'n stroll on order for my child. I'll be taking that along with an umbrella stroller on our upcoming cruise. I'd rather stroll my child thru the airport than carry a car seat! I'll check the umbrella stroller.

christine fischer November 25th, 2003 11:40 AM

Re: Sit n Stroll Stroller?
Our pediatrician told us to always use a car seat on the plane in case of turbulance, etc but also gave us a great bit of advice: it keeps your toddler from asking to get out of their seat. It's not easy to haul the car seat around at the airport (we bought a bag w/ a shoulder strap at The Right Start), but once we get it installed on the plane w/ our daughter in it we tell her it's just like the car - you have to be buckled while in motion. It has worked like a charm (just make sure you follow the same rule by using the restroom beforehand so you won't need to leave your seat).

The cruise line will store the car seat for you, you don't have to keep it in your room.

In the past we've used our light weight stroller and been pleased. You really need the canopy in sunny ports! (This year our dilemna is that we now have a baby and a toddler and only want to bring one stroller so we got a new lightweight stroller that we can attach the infant seat to.) I've seen people in the airport strap their regular car seats to regular strollers but ours was always too wide to fit in the stroller. Check to see if your's will fit. If it does (and you can secure it) you've got the best of both worlds - a stroller, a car seat and no need to lug the car seat on your shoulder.

Good luck!

Meghan Pearsall November 25th, 2003 12:07 PM

Re: Re: Sit n Stroll Stroller?
Thanks for all your thoughts and advice. The sit n stroll does come with a sunshade and it seems like it might be the easiest thing overall. That way, I can also use it in cabs in port (hopefully) and through the streets as well. Maybe there will be some good deals on the 2003 models once 2004 gets here.

I have my fingers crossed she will fall asleep in the carseat on the plane and I wouldn't be comfortable flying without one. Thanks again!

CMD December 28th, 2003 07:02 PM

Re: Sit n Stroll Stroller?
I am a certified car seat technician and we NEVER fly without a car seat for my daughter, even when she was under 2yo (she's 2.5 now). The issues regarding turbulence are VERY real and the comments about keeping your child happy and strapped in their seat for the duration of the trip are very true in my experience.

We've taken two trips by air to date and will be cruising in January w/ her and will be flying to FL. Each time she slept like a rock on the plane rides. This past October we flew to Orlando and on the trip home she was the ONLY child over 2 in a car seat and also the ONLY one to sleep the entire ride.

The Sit n Stroll is a decent option. It covers both stroller and car seat in one fell swoop...however like most things that do double duty it doesn't do either very well. It can be heavy and sometimes a bit too bulky to use in many instances.

Using your car seat from home is definitely a very good option. It's your seat, you know how to install it well and your child is used to it. We have a Britax seat which is on the large side and have a Samsonite Micromover luggage cart that has built in bungees and folds up small enough to put in dd's backpack diaper bag. We also have a lightweight stroller that is a breeze to use in the airport. It is a bit of a challenge to get everything through the line to check the luggage (for longer trips like a cruise) but once it's checked it's very easy. One of us takes the stroller w/ dd and the other pulls the carseat on the mover. We even put some carryons inside the seat.

I wanted to add this VERY good link to info about flying with a carseat....



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kahliasmom January 2nd, 2004 04:19 PM

Re: Sit n Stroll Stroller?
I have a two year old, she will be 3 in April and I didn't realize that I should use a car seat in the airplane. My travel agent never said anything to me about it to me. The TA is my parents age, who also like my TA are from a time when child seats weren't used and view the regulations regarding them as an inconveinence more than anything else. Now I am going to take my carseat but I am just wondering how I can make carrying that huge thing around more conveinent. My daughter and I will be traveling alone and will be meeting my parents in PR. I want to bring a stroller also, my parents insist that they will carry her and how often will we need the stroller they ask. But even if she doesn't get in it it is conveinent because I can put my bags on it. I have a cheap umbrella stroller but want it to survive the trip. How can I prepare it so it doesn't get damaged en route? Thanks for the link about air travel and child safety. I am obsessed about her safety in the car, but can't believe I didn't think much about it on the plane. Thanks for any information you can give.

pg. January 2nd, 2004 05:00 PM

Re: Sit n Stroll Stroller?
Very good points here, but good luck using your carseats in most ports. most taxis don't even have seat belts, and the tour buses never have that we've seen.
I still say consider the booster type carseats for kids over two. There are so many on the market that if you check around you should be able to find a safe , smaller version that is very transportable.Good luck and happy cruising,soon the kids will be big and these concerns will be far away!

Luisa January 5th, 2004 11:15 AM

Re: Sit n Stroll Stroller?
To Kahlias mom:
Yes, traveling with a car seat and a child alone is difficult. Since she's 3, she can probably walk in the airport and you can perch the car seat on top of the stroller and put your carry on in the basket under the stroller. We use an umbrella stroller that has a sun awning and also a basket to store things -- my two year old has been on 4 cruises already and it has worked very well for us.
Smooth sailing,
Luisa Frey Gaynor
Family Cruise Editor

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