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luv2tru May 14th, 2007 03:16 PM

Kids Programs: Disney vs Carnival and Royal Carb
Just got back from Disney Wonder. My 5 year old love it. I felt very comfortable leaving her in the kids program. Security was top notch.

Want to go on another cruise, but maybe Royal Carb or Carnival. How do the kids programs compare to disney? Also, are there any extra charges with Royal or Carnival?

Donna May 14th, 2007 09:06 PM

I know the kids love the program on Royal Caribbean and no, no extra charge. You may want to tip the people there though.

lfgaynor May 15th, 2007 02:54 PM

Frankly, you picked my top three choices of youth programs: Disney, RCI and Carnival. (Not necessarily in that order!) You can't go wrong on any of them.

Smooth sailing,
Luisa Frey Gaynor
Family Cruise Editor

luv2tru May 17th, 2007 08:32 PM


appy111 May 19th, 2007 08:56 PM

We did a cruise with Carnival (The Glory), with our 2 yr old....The kids program did not cost any thing extra. Our daughter LOVED the Camp Carnival. I also tipping if you were happy with them.

Have fun!

kimbo May 21st, 2007 02:47 PM

we have done carnival and disney. Hmmm, how do you compare the two??? You simply can't. Disney just goes above and beyond your expectations. While carnival's program was great and my daughter screamed with joy :D everytime she went to the kids camp (carnival glory).......Disney had the best kids program. But rest assure, your daughter will have a great time in carnival's program too.

appy111 May 21st, 2007 08:11 PM

The reason we went with Carnival was becuase of the price (Disney was double of Carnival's price) and the age of my daughter. Disney wont take two yr olds in their daycare programs. We wanted some time to ourselves. We went on a shore excursion and we saw some of the shows while she was in the Camp Carnival. She loved every minute that she was there.
Take care,

lfgaynor May 22nd, 2007 10:55 AM

Note that Disney is one of the few lines (Costa too) that doesn't charge an hourly group babysitting fee past 10 p.m. Most other lines charge about $5 per hour per child after 10 p.m. until about 1 to 3 a.m. Disney's nursery for infants through 3 year olds, charges an hourly fee for trained nannies.

Luisa Frey Gaynor
Family Cruise Editor

frenchyc May 26th, 2007 11:37 AM

This is exactly the topic that I was looking for, but I am interested in hearing about more than just the children's programs. What about other things to do on the ship with your toddler?

My toddler (who will be two when we go on a cruise) LOVES the water and I understand that there are restrictions with babies that aren't toilet trained in cruise ship pools. What cruise ships have good pools (not just water spraying around) that my toddler can enjoy?

My other question is I wonder is if Disney is worth the extra cost for the other amenities on the ship and on Castaway Cay that our toddler will enjoy more (such as more kid oriented evening shows)?

And my last question is that Carnival has often struck me as more of a cheesy, not so classy vegas style ship. Is this true? Because we are cruising for my 30th birthday, I would definitely like a little adult style luxury and class as well.

I would love to hear other parents thoughts on those three questions. Thank you so much!

luv2tru May 28th, 2007 09:02 PM

I loved the Disney cruise but, I would wait until the kid was 3, because you have to pay extra for 2 and younger in babysitting. The pools were ok on Disney, it was my 3 cruise and I have never been that impressed with any cruise pools. There was only a splash area for kids still in diapers. Would I go on a Disney cruise again, yes but it would have to be a great deal. There is alot for the kids, but not alot for the adults. That is why I booked my next cruise with Carnival. As I understand it, Carnival has a good Camp Carnival and adult activties.

Hope that helps.

lfgaynor May 30th, 2007 12:51 PM

Disney has the only pool that has a separate infiltration system (part of the Mickey pool -- I think one of the ears) for babies in diapers. All the other lines post signs that kids in diapers can't use the pools.

True, you have to pay an hourly fee on Disney for kids under 3 or those who aren't potty trained yet, to use the nursery. However, Disney, Carnival and NCL are the only lines taking kids under 3 years in any kind of group babysitting or programming. NCL and Carnival take kids two years and older in their youth program for free. All the other lines (RCI, Princess, etc) only take those 3 yrs. and older.

Luisa Frey Gaynor
Family Cruise Editor

frenchyc May 31st, 2007 02:50 AM

Thanks so much for the bits of advice! I've decided to go with Disney because of the pool and it seems to be the perfect mix of family friendly and luxury (it will also be my 30th birthday that we will be celebrating).

lfgaynor June 4th, 2007 11:52 AM

Great choice! Disney is more of a splurge but great for little ones. Make sure you sign up for any hours you want your child to attend Flounder's Reef nursery as soon as you embark. (Hourly fee for nursery, but well worth it!) And yes, the stage shows are very child friendly. Disney Dreams showcases all the major Disney characters that little kids love.


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