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OklaCruiserMom December 30th, 2011 12:19 PM

Single parents cruising with kids...
((I previously posted this on a different board. Looking for additional input here.))

Hello all. I have been planning and looking forward to our family cruise in May for almost a year now. See, in theory this cruise is for the kids- their graduation from high school and all. Don't believe it for a minute. This is something ** I ** wanted to do, and the idea came along at just the right moment. Graduation was the perfect occasion and we were able to plan it.

I am an obsessive planner and I was able to get my hands on some Cruise Compasses from the same ship and itinerary that we're sailing, and start looking at some of the things I want to do. I chose the ship mainly for Chicago, I would love to dine at the Samba Grill, I'd love to go to Rita's Fiesta, I'd like to go to one or two of the singles events, and there are even a few excursions I might have done (Downhill Trek in St. Martin)... IF I weren't traveling with a crew of children who: don't need to see/hear certain things on a stage, don't like a lot of meat or Mexican Food, can't drink, and wouldn't know what do do with a Downhill Trek if it bit them.

So whaddaya do? I'd like to hear from other single parents who have cruised with their kids, who have had to decide if their offspring would feel all abandoned if you left them in the cabin for an evening and did your own thing.

Note: Yes, two of the kids in question are 18, but one of them is developmentally delayed and acts more like 14 much of the time. Their younger brother is adventurous and might like to try some of these things with me, but due to his age, certain scheduling constraints would be put on specialty dining venues like Samba Grill, etc., and due to his ADHD and possible bipolar disorder, he might or might not do well in social settings like Adventure Ocean.

Also, the delayed one and the younger bro tend to fight a lot when left alone and I would hate to be called to my cabin from the Traffic Light singles party to explain to security why there are Volume issues and Death Threats seeping out from under my cabin door.

But hey. Maybe I'm fretting over nothing- maybe the excitement and novelty of being on a cruise would delay any fighting that they might otherwise do, but I can't be sure.


ETA: I definitely wouldn't let them run amok all over the ship; they would be confined to watching tv in the cabin if I chose to do something by myself.

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