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gsulli December 5th, 2011 03:17 PM

1st Timers! Any Advice??
My husband and I are going on our first cruise. Taking Majesty of the Sea to the Bahamas. Any advice on must do's on the ship and in Nassau and Coco Cay. Good shopping (I hear you can get a pretty decent watch in Nassau), things to skip, etc. We are on a bit of a budget, so dolphin encounters at Atlantis are probably not an option... Thanks a bunch!!! :D

mazeke December 5th, 2011 05:11 PM

The Majesty was also our first cruise- she still holds special memories for us. A bit of advice- mark your luggage in a way that makes it stand out- I put braided strands of purple, orange, yellow, and green yarn on every piece of luggage.
Have a great time!

Trip December 5th, 2011 06:13 PM

I loved the Majesty,so much I sailed her twice....the atrium is beautiful! Check out this website. It may not be the dolpihin encounter, but, it's quite enjoyable. You can cheaply cab over, or take a water taxi..My vote is would be to take a cab/van.

The Dig Sunken Ruins | Atlantis Resort & Casino | Nassau, Bahamas

The most beautiful store in the Caribbean is, John Bull. Great leather goods, jewelry,and perfumes. There is building you will walk through off the pier, that has local crafts people seeling their wares. The shipping ares is steps away.

Bring along a power strip for all your elctronics, and, my suggestion would be to take your own hair dryer. Any more questions, we are here for you.

johnthed0g December 5th, 2011 06:44 PM

Do as much research as you can about the ship & the ports of call so you know what to expect, what you are expected to wear where & when. What choices you have on where to eat, are there drinks packages that save money or are they just not worth it...Most of all relax & don't worry, it's just a hotel that moves!

gsulli December 5th, 2011 09:19 PM

Thanks so much for the great advice. I'll definitely check out that website. If it weren't for these message boards, I wouldn't have known about bringing a power strip!
Has anyone cruised on Christmas? I'm a little worried that some places may not be open on the day we are in Nassau since it will be Christmas day...
Thanks again for the help! We are soooooooo excited!!!!!

Trip December 5th, 2011 09:35 PM

You will find in most ports, many shopkeepers stay open, because they are of other faiths. If I were you, I would shop early,and then do other things. Depending on how many ships are in, they might close a bit early.

Another thing to take along is a green garbage bag, to use as a hamper in the closet,and then to pack it, to go home.

Ask everything that pops into your head, we want to help!

LisaK December 6th, 2011 09:59 AM

Welcome to CruiseMates! I agree with Trip "The Dig" at Atlantis is a must do, it is AMAZING!!! just grab a cab or the water taxi. Its also fun to just walk the pier at Atlantis and just gwak at the huge yachts in the slips. Coco Cay is a beach party!

gsulli December 6th, 2011 02:24 PM

Well Im definitely going to do "The Dig". Should I book it now? I've read that sometimes its better to wait till you get there because there may be better deals being offered at the pier. I'm guessing with something at a place like Atlantis, their prices are going to be the same no matter what. Any thoughts? I'm trying to get as much out of this trip as possible... the 4th was our anniversary, the 18th is his b-day and then we will be on the trip for X-mas, so we are celebrating a lot on one trip.
Thanks again for the help!

Donna December 6th, 2011 07:28 PM

It is never a bad idea to pre-book, especially when you know you want to do that excursion. I didn't recall any people, other than the cruiseline excursion on the pier by the ship. I do believe too, that it would pretty much be the same price, but with the excursion, they are providing the bus over to Atlantis and the return trip. You can catch the bus back anytime you want, you can wonder around a good portion of the property, relax at the beach, gamble in their casino, etc.

Future Cruiser February 12th, 2012 08:42 PM

1. Have fun both on land and at sea.
2. Take digital pictures everywhere.
3. Buy souveneirs on and off the ship.
4. Relax - you are on vacation there!

These rules apply to all cruisers regardless of their ship, budget, and personalities.

Diusterios April 27th, 2012 07:52 PM

how do you do
I'm surprized, thanks!

lisacan May 16th, 2012 07:10 AM

Just chillout and enjoy life like never before. You will really love it and make sure you carry each and everything that will be needed by you.
Don't forget to update us after your trip. :D

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