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DeniseToAlaska July 4th, 2002 09:28 PM

Hey Lynn!
I'm back from my Carnival Spirit trip and had to post here first!

Thank you for the welcome, it made it to me all the way out in Alaska, you're incredible! The casino supervisor came over and said Lynn said to say hello. Wow!

The casino was wonderful, as you'll see in my review, which should be up in a few days. It's submitted, they just need to check it.

I played blackjack every night except the first, and closed down the casino almost every night. We had late-seating dinner and my cabin-mate is an early riser, so she went off to bed and I went off to see my dealers! It was so fun! The dealers are fascinating, fun, personable, and quite a change from the stone-faced Vegas dealers. The other passengers were in vacation mode and we all just had a blast, with frequent clapping, cheering and some light-hearted groaning. ;) I learned more about ship-board life from them than from everyone. I'd suggest to everyone to at least go play a few hands at a table. They'll show you how.

I was also up early every morning, not wanting to miss anything, so I'm exhausted (averaged 4 hours a night sleep for 7 days), but I just had to tell you how much fun it is. It's not at all like Vegas gambling. It's a party!

Oh, I won quite a bit of money too. Shhh....

Your people really took good care of me, except for informing me I'd drank my whole cruise worth of free drinks the first night. hehe. No, I really did. But Andrew (casino supervisor) said I'd used my points up, and for a few minutes I thought I'd used up all of my Ocean Players points! How embarassing. I asked to speak with him and cleared it up. Phew. If you play high enough hands for long enough, they'll give you some points for free drinks. I had doubles of expensive brandy all night the first night. Oops!

No more Vegas for me, just cruising. We're all getting together again Saturday to plan our next cruise!

Oh, the other stuff was great too, but I'll post about that elsewhere. ;)

Special thanks to Andrew, Tim, James, Theresa, Vesco and a few others I forget. Blame the drink-and-sink card. ;)


Lynn D July 7th, 2002 09:51 PM

Re: Hey Lynn!
Hi Denise!

I'm actually just back from my vacation as well, which is why I didn't see your post until tonight. I'm glad to hear you had such a good time and that you're already planning the next!

Good job on winning! Guess my puppies will not get bisquits this week! lol

Thanks for the post!


carol July 13th, 2002 11:44 AM

Re: Hey Lynn!
Glad to hear the cruise you were on gave you a free drink. I sailed on the Costa Atlantica and play 25 or 50.00 a hand at the blackjack table, yet had to pay over 2.00 for a small bottle of water! Was in the casino all 7 nights yet was never even offered a complimentary bottle of water. Go figure!

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