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Paul Rodgers May 30th, 2004 11:30 AM

Pill or Patch?????
This site has been great for alot of really good advice about cruising. Marc and I are already using alot of the ideas you're shared with us. One last question. Does anyone have any experience or advice about motion sickness? I've heard pros and cons on the patch versus the pill. Any thoughts?

Harry Martin June 2nd, 2004 02:03 PM

Re: Pill or Patch?????

I swear by Bonine. I just take one every morning and have no problem. (Usually on the last sea day, I take a second in the afternoon 'cause the ship is moving pretty fast.

I have seen people use the patch, but I had such luck with Bonine from the get-go that I stayed with it.


Paul Rodgers June 2nd, 2004 02:29 PM

Re: Pill or Patch?????
Thanks for the feedback. I think we're gonna go with the Bonine too.

Harry Martin June 2nd, 2004 02:34 PM

Re: Pill or Patch?????
I have to take one every day. Art is fine without it, except if the seas are choppy. Then I shoot one down hsi throat like a horse pill!

Buy the chewable kind -- much more convenient than the small amount you save with the generic brand. I also take 'em for tours because of the winding roads and bus rides, too.


Jerry and Kirk June 2nd, 2004 08:46 PM

Re: Re: Pill or Patch?????
Wait! There's one more option, Sea-Band:

"The Sea-Band operates by exerting pressure on the acupressure point (called the Nei-Kuan Point) on each wrist. It takes only a few minutes to become effective. The Sea-Band provides effective relief from all forms of Travel Sickness without causing drowsiness or other side effects." About $8 for the pair in drug stores.

I bought these wrist bands for my partner (on the word of a friend who swears by them) hoping that it might help his serious vertigo problem since all medications designed for vertigo have been ineffective. Sadly, he had to remove them after the first day because he started it itch, I suppose he was allergic to the fabric??? In the days when I took sea sick meds I much prefered the patch because of less side effects. Pill meds always seemed to have warnings not to drink alcohol. Well who wants to go on a cruise and not have a liquor type drink (except AAer's of course) that's no fun! I also experienced drowsiness with pills and that's no fun either! Maybe medications (pill form) have changed over the years, I don't really know. Perhaps someone will write in and let everyone know if Sea-Band really works. Good luck!

Jerry and Kirk

gbb0131 June 3rd, 2004 09:27 AM

Re: Pill or Patch?????
I've used both Bonine & Dramamine (non drowsy) and both work great for me. I take one pill each day. I've never used the patch because my bro-in-law who is a dr said if the pills work then don't worry about the patch.

I've seen lots of people use the bands. My step-niese uses them for car travel.

keysguy June 11th, 2004 10:23 AM

Re: Pill or Patch?????
My experience that motion sickness really isn't too much off a problem unless the seas are REALLY crappy.

Bonine is probably the most benine of the motion sickness pills, and the Sea bands do work for most people.

Some advice I heard about the patches is to cut the center out of them, because they deliver so higgh a dose of medication, many people I have talked to have some side effects from the patch itself. As with any mediction, use the mildest form first, then progress to the heavy duty stuff, after all if a box of bonine for 5 bucks will work, why spend 50 bucks on the patches??

Also, as a "homeo-pathic" (no puns intended, sorry) resoloution, try a product containing ginger. Ginger ale really doesnt have much ginger in it, but you can get a drink mix, kind of like tea, called "ginger Punch". It has Ginger, sugar and lemon in it, and you mix a cup pof this and viola', no more motion sickness (oh, you do have to drink it).

ANyway, has worked for a lot of people I know, I used to captain a small (41') sailboat, and when someone got sick, this did the trick.

Hope this helps!

Happy Cruising!


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