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Turtlemichael June 5th, 2004 11:33 PM

A sea Virgin
Hi all

My partner and I are thinking of doing our first cruise. We're looking at the Galaxy and being part of the Pied Piper Group out of Rome to hte Greek Islands August 23.

My problem is that I have information overload and many fears . If I want to book a vacation in a resort, I do some research,, book it, enjoy 95% of it and have a good vacation. With my first cruise there seem to be so many variables and opinions.

I hear that on Galaxy I might need an air mattress because theirs are paper thin, that the food is good and bad, that I'll be tipping for mediocre service (being an Aussie I hate tipping anyway!), that my cabin, unless I sell the house, will be marginally bigger than a postage stamp, that its verandah will be like a porthole because of "overhang", (Premium Ocean-view Stateroom with veranda), that if I smuggle on a bottle of my Scotch I'll be thrown in the brig. But its my Scoth and a free world. 5 star resorts make their money from booze but dont ban me if i have a bottle of my own in the room. I won't go on! I'm getting too poetic!

I'm afraid I'll be overwhelmed by afflurent straights with whom I have nothing in common.

So can someone convince me? I want to do it (I feel like the apprehension before I had sex for the first time!!!) but have these fears. Why do so many seem to love it? What are the attractions of a seaborne vacation compared with a week of pampering, at similar price, in a large suite in a top class resort.



Harry Martin June 6th, 2004 04:05 PM

Re: A sea Virgin

I think the biggest variable is the distinct feeling of being at sea. It's just wonderful. Also, you unpack once, and your "hotel" moves with you to different ports.

On reviews, you need to read between the lines -- some people will complain about anything.

You will read over and over again here how people take one cruise, and they are hooked. It's the truth. My first was in 2000, and I am now up to nearly 16.

I say give it a try and see how much you enjoy it.


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