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jules September 18th, 2000 10:48 AM

Rotterdam VI
Booked for 12/10/00 and have a cabin on the Promenade deck. TA says the windows are 1-way glass and was just wondering if anyone has been on this ship on this deck -- just how much privacy can we expect? Have never had a cabin where window overlooked deck before. (Was hoping for a cabin w/balcony but booked too late :>( but hoping for a cancellation...)

Stevesan September 20th, 2000 04:06 PM

RE: Rotterdam VI
Sailed the RVI last year in cabin 3314. The windows are truly one way during the day. I've heard it said that it's possible to see thru at night. I'm not voyeur enough to have tried this, though. Just keep the drapes closed after dark. We liked the lower promenade deck I wasn't noisy, and it is convenient to be able to step outside for a breath of air or a jaunt around deck.

jules September 21st, 2000 09:45 AM

RE: Rotterdam VI
Thanks, Stevesan, will have to remember to close the curtains at night! Looks like we'll be just above where you were -- 3413 -- can't wait for December!!

Stevesan September 25th, 2000 08:03 PM

RE: Rotterdam VI
Have a good trip. BTW - look at the RVI deck plans. 3413 is also on the lower promenade deck, starboard side, aft. Next cruise you might consider checking out the I category cabins on this deck. They are outside, but priced as inside due to obstructed view. 3413 is Cat D, has a partial view, and is priced six categories higher. I like an outside - they're a bit larger (197 sg ft vs 182), have a tub, but most important, you get daylight and are not in a cave 24 hours. So If you don't care about the view (you can't see out with the beds together, anyway), you can get an I category quite a bit cheaper.

seagoingJLW September 30th, 2000 02:37 PM

RE: Rotterdam VI
I haven't yet been on the RotterdamVI. (Iam sailing on her for 22 days beginning 11/17/01.) On the Statendam class ships I always book on promenade deck. I like to run outside and check the weather. You cannot see into the cabins at all. I have gone out after asking my husband to put all the lights on. You still cannot see inside.

Kate November 5th, 2000 11:31 AM

RE: Rotterdam VI
AAARRRGGGHHH...someone else knows my "secret". I have always booked these obstructed view cabins on HAL since my first travel agent told me about them. They are wonderful !!! You get all the advantages of outside for an inside price. The biggest selling point for us was that the bathrooms are larger since they include the tub. Doesn't give you that feeling that you are showering in a phone booth.

And as everyone wlse has already said, during the day you cannot see into these cabins, but keep the drapes closed at night. You will have a fantastic time no matter what when you sail on HAL.


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