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al heinlein March 7th, 2003 04:45 PM

unhappy campers
*****, *****, *****! cant you all accept that what makes you happy doesnt apply to the rest of the world? ncl bashers, ncl lovers, coffee haters, coffee lovers, freestyle, traditional, blah, blah, blah! do some research, READ the brochures, LOOK at the deck plans! ive been on 33 cruises on 9 different lines and dont have a bad thing to say about 1 of them. do us all a favor and stay home or at least off the boards, they are NOT here for you to whine, be constructive and keep in mind that the cruise you are on DOES NOT revolve around YOUR personal preferences! (there, i feel better!)

Ron March 7th, 2003 11:25 PM

Re: unhappy campers
But Al, daahhling--- don't you know that well traveled people ALWAYS complain ???
( just kidding ) I really do understand.

Suki March 7th, 2003 11:31 PM

Re: unhappy campers
You are SO RIGHT!

I am so sick of people who book on price only - many of them don't even know the name of the ship they're booked on and as for the Line, '"what's that?".

Like you, we've been on many many cruises and never yet have we been even minimally as 'teed off' as many so called 'unhappy campers'.......maybe better called 'professional nit-pickers' who have no time to enjoy anything.

Get a brochure, read it, question your (hopefully) cruise experienced TA, read some more and go from there - never lose sight of the fact that your likes and dislikes are yours!

Mirish March 8th, 2003 07:02 AM

Re: Re: unhappy campers
Boy, do I agree! It seems some people can't be happy unless they are *****ing! I wonder if they realize how much happier if they would be if they changed their attitude. (I know the rest of us would be a lot happier!)

Ron March 8th, 2003 05:59 PM

Re: unhappy campers
Nitpicker---- one who picks nits.
Nitpickers are everywhere. They are on a continual hunt for nits to pick. Nitpickers are unhappy if they can't find any nits and will go to the extreme of manufacturing their own nits so thy can then nitpick with joy.

I think the nitpickers should have a cruise for nitpickers only. Wouldn't it be fun to see
a boatload of nitpickers on formal night???
But what would happen if the captain and all the staff on a nitpickers cruise were all nitpickers themselves ???

God, I need a cruise--come on September.

Don G March 8th, 2003 08:22 PM

Re: unhappy campers
Some of the happiest cruisers we've encountered stood behind us boarding Sovereign of the Seas for a three night weekend cruise.

From what we could ascertain (they had a head start) they had either booked or been invited late the night before. Several men and women of uncertain ages wearing rather fashonable shorts, shirts and sandals walked aboard with us, went straight to the pool bar, and stayed there.

For three days. In the same clothes. It appeared they ate at the pool grill and slept (or whatever) in the lounge chairs. I assume they had a room somewhere but they didn't seem to use it. They remembered us (we couldn't help but remember them, they were wearing the same clothes) as we left the ship, said they had a great time, ought to do it again.

Makes me think the rest of us make too much out of this cruising thing.

al heinlein March 8th, 2003 09:19 PM

Re: Re: unhappy campers
thanks for the support guys! i really just had TOO much reading all the complaints, now tonight im reading about all the people schlepping cases of soda aboard because they cant live a week without a pepsi! try the iced tea, its free and better for you! now that the airlines are enforcing weight restrictions and charging extra they will be the next targets for abuse. personally i cant even comprehend lugging heavy 6 packs through airports and security, my clothes weigh enough as it is! next cruise in 29 days on ncl wind 10 day hawaii, then veendam 11/15 happy sails to you, until we meet again!

Ron March 8th, 2003 09:35 PM

Re: unhappy campers
Al, I would rather pay for whatever I wanted aboard ship. The extra weight and trouble
of sneaking soda and beer aboard wouldn't be worth it to me.
I still think the cruise lines will eventually solve this problem by including the costs of ALL drinks in the cost of the cruise. But you know what---most people will then think they are getting a real deal--all drinks included !!

Hope you have a great cruise to Hawaii.

Dizy March 9th, 2003 08:37 AM

Re: unhappy campers
Oh, Al you are so right.

Look at the people who book a Guarantee cabin at the cheapest price and then scream when they don't get upgraded to a Verandah cabin. How about the rest of us who paid top dollar for those Verandah cabins!

Then as you mentioned the group that want to schlepp cases of their favorite soda or water on board. Are they crazy to want to carry all that plus their luggage? On another board there was a thread about bringing bottled water on board and I asked why they wanted to do this and was thoroughly flamed for asking the question. The water on the ship is probably safer than that bottled stuff.

Another question I asked on this same board was "Why are Americans reluctant to carry Passports", (being a Canadian we always carry a Passport), they all jumped down my throat and said:

1. They never needed one before
2. they weren't going to pay the money for one, etc. etc.

Now many of the Caribbean countries are requiring Passports and everyone is in a panic to get one. The day will come when US citizens will have to have a Passport to get into Canada. Our Canadian Government warned all travellers this past weekend to make sure they had Passports - it is winter break where I live.

On one of our cruises, we were not able to get into Puerto Rico as the buoys were out of place due to a storm and the Coast Guard would not come out and replace them. I spoke to a lady on board the ship who was furious that we were not going in - said she had booked the cruise only because she wanted to see PR. Well, how much are you going to see in a few hours! She went on and on and on and complained to everyone. Turns out that our Captain made the right decision as the ships that were in port didn't get out of PR for a couple of days.

Just wish the whiners and complainers would go away! We have been on 40 cruises, all with HAL, and I really can't remember one complaint. On our very first cruise AC wasn't working half the time, we missed 2 ports as they had a crew on re-tubing the boilers, put into Curacao for 2 days and had a wonderful time. So much so, that we booked our next cruise when we got home and have just kept going.

Suki March 9th, 2003 04:39 PM

Re: unhappy campers
DonG - you're right on too.......can't understand how people can pack so much - seems to me they must spend all their time changing outfits.

Even on a 14+ day cruise I seldom have more than 2 pairs of shorts, a cotton skirt and 1 pair of casual slacks, mix and match tops for sea and shore days. I've never felt out of place or improperly dressed....and NEVER has anyone commented 'you wore that yesterday'.

Informal and Formal nights as equally easy - mix and match. Goes for guys too but skip the skirt - add pants!

We never ever have more that one bag each.

Don G March 9th, 2003 07:20 PM

Re: unhappy campers
Caribbean cruise - one pair of shorts, clean shirt for each evening, shoes that don't require socks, underwear optional. Eat at the dirty shirt buffet, sit in back during the show, make a barstool at the pool your home.

Now...figure out which on your next cruise is me.

al heinlein March 9th, 2003 10:19 PM

Re: Re: unhappy campers
Dizy, again in response to the lady that wanted to see P.R. if she READ her BROCHURE she would have known that the cruise line has the right to substitute ports, skip them, or even substitute another SHIP! it just kills me when these people get back and complain about the location of their cabin, if they checked the DECK PLAN they would see that they are under the disco or the galley sinks!(happened to me on one of my first cruises, R.I.P. Meridian). i would have said to her, "you go GAL!"(get a life)

Dizy March 10th, 2003 07:12 AM

Re: unhappy campers
Al - you are so right. Not only did we miss PR on that cruise, we also missed Half Moon Cay. You should have heard her and some others screaming about this.

We are just happy to be on the ship and if we miss an island, we'll try again on another cruise.

Post Edited (03-12-03 06:39)

wendyandbarry March 11th, 2003 11:07 AM

Re: unhappy campers
"do us all a favor and stay home or at least off the boards, they are NOT here for you to whine, be constructive and keep in mind that the cruise you are on DOES NOT revolve around YOUR personal preferences! (there, i feel better!)"

Yes Please, do not even whine about the whiner's, and please do not let us know that the ship is going downhill, or that they have changed, or are now charging for things.

None of us have a right to say anything, that others do not like to hear.(sic)


" I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it"

sail7seas March 11th, 2003 08:10 PM

Re: unhappy campers
We were on that cruise with Dizy.....13 days out of New York to the Caribbean. We HAD A FABULOUS TIME. I still remember that the Guest Relations Manager was Meagan.....that poor girl was so harrassed, screamed at, threatened and and and....she literally ran for cover. We happened to pass her in a corridor late one evening and she was almost in tears from the torture.

But, when she saw us, she complimented my husband on his tan and my dear darling seeing the state she was in., said to her...."Meagan, Thank you for providing us with the most wonderful weather we have ever enjoyed in the Caribbean and it is wonderful to plant myself at the pool. I don't care if this ship ever docks." I thought for sure she was going to kiss him! We were delighted to find her joining us for dinner a few days later.

I have never seen such a boatload of moaning, complaining, miserable people....they simply were not able to lay back and enjoy that gorgeous ship and all the crew was doing to appease everyone.

Sure we had wanted to go to Half Moon Cay and San Juan and I think they also cancelled Santo Domingo as I remember it.....Big deal.....we didn't go. So what! We were on a gorgeous ship in glorious weather and had a wonderful cruise.

Ron March 11th, 2003 09:00 PM

Re: unhappy campers
Wendy/Barry---perhaps you have misunderstood the whole thread. It wasn't about information such as you mention---people were talking about the chronic complainers that are always on the gripe about something. If bad weather or some unforseen circumstance makes it adviseable to miss a port or alter course, then why complain?

If people don't want to stand in long lines at the airport and at ship embarkation, don't complain about the cruiseline, chalk it up to tighter security and go on.
If people don't want to purchase that coke for $1.50, then drink tea, juice, coffee, punch, etc. that is free. Don't spend all week whinning about the cokes.

I saw a lady on a Carnival cruise complain all week to everyone who she thought would listen because she had wanted to go to the WESTERN Caribbean, not the Eastern route. All she had to do was look in the brochure to get the correct week for the Eastern route so it could only be her fault but everyone in earshot had to listen.

These are a few of the things I think most of us were getting at.
Good useful information is always desired.

al heinlein March 12th, 2003 11:02 AM

Re: Re: unhappy campers
i just remembered a good one! this past december an old dowager sitting at our table ordered fish for dinner, VERY WELL DONE. when it arrived she complained to the waiter that it was not to her liking and that all the food was terrible, then she TASTED it and proclaimed it to be the best fish she ever ate! this was on the Norway 12/15/02, Windward dining room, so if you're out there you know who you are RED! she eventually realized the rest of us were sick of listening to it and did us a favor by switching tables! halleleujah!

wendyandbarry March 12th, 2003 11:41 AM

Re: Re: unhappy campers
Hi Ron
My post should not be misunderstood, what I was saying was that we all WHINE, even I do it.
If we whine about the whiner, then who is the whiner, and who is the whinie.



Sorry Al

Post Edited (03-12-03 12:56)

Don G March 12th, 2003 03:37 PM

Re: unhappy campers
The opposite of whiner is the well endowed (in every sense) 90 year old widow at our table who brought her 70 year old freshly widowed friend to show her how it is done. I found them fascinating, my wife took notes.

On one ship, a $100 credit was given to every man, woman and child when it was so rough the tenders refused to come alongside. One couple got an extra $100 for their new born. A lounge full of people with a hundred bucks burning a hole in their pockets can have one hell of a party.

Whiners seem to be in their element at the table when you are captive. My quotient must be low because it isn't long before they stop whining about their circumstances and start whining about being around me.

wendyandbarry March 12th, 2003 04:09 PM

Re: Re: unhappy campers

That was good Don


Suki March 13th, 2003 09:46 PM

Re: unhappy campers
We had chronic complainers at our table for 8 - after 4 nights enough was enough - we 6 got together and made a plan.

We assembled early and were seated when the complainers arrived. Laying down our menus we all looked up, smiled and chorused "now we can hear today's problems". For a moment they just stared then turned and walked out. We were never bothered again.

thoth March 14th, 2003 11:26 AM

Re: unhappy campers
hay *****ing isa free speech right! I pay my money and can treat those crewmembers like crap if i wish. Who told them they are as good as I am? besides they give me plenty of reasons to complain... . take that wine steward. I like moselle wines in green bottles and he brings me a Rineland wine in a brown bottle. Brown bottles destoy the contour of the wine. not only that but this brown bottled wine was grown on the west side of the river and i only drink wines grown on the East bank. One time I ordered a 1993 allemand and this dude brings a 1992. A 92!!! Can you beleive it ??? Way too fruity that was.
At the formal ball, I wanted black caviar and what do they have? RED caviar!!! At dinner I hear this "it's not on the menu" excuse. They offer me 35 soups and none will do, therefore I tell the boy go in the back and prepare me some Oxtail and leek soup. What do you mean by " not available"? At the coffee shop I always get Choclate mint sprinkles, well one time they ran out! They had chocolate sprinkles and they had mint sprinkles and suggested that I combine the two. The nerve!!! The cabin stewards get to the point to where they refuse to run errends for me. One time I told the boy do run upstairs again and check the hot-tub to see if it is crowded. He did that the first 7 times and payed me no mind the second day on. Another time the bloke was late with my bucket of ice 5 MINUTES and made some lame excuse about a leaking pipe and water on the floor in another stateroom. Oh yes one time i was laying out and my bum got num and had a bit of an itch. Since i am a couch potato I am unable to scatch my oun bum, I told the drinks waiter to give me a scratch. he said that if i desired a buttocks message that i needed to pay for one in the spa!
And the ports of call.... Mexico Everyone speaks in this broken English down there.
Why don't the cruiselines do something about the heat on the beaches in the caribbean? In Nassau it rained the whole day nobody did nothing to stop that rain.

al heinlein March 15th, 2003 09:05 PM

Re: Re: unhappy campers
thanks guys, it was fun to see people pick up the ball and run with it! i had some good laughs, now lets see what i can bring back from hawaii 4/4 Nor. Wind! later, al

Shatwil March 16th, 2003 04:56 PM

Re: Re: Re: unhappy campers
After reading all the messages, and ours was one of them. We are the couple who wanted to brings some sodas for our room. We certainly don't look at it as "schlepping" as you put it. We are driving to Florida, so we don't have to lug them through an airport. I don't understand the big deal, and why it would affect your life. We are non drinkers and just wanted to have some sodas in our room which has a refrigerator. Live and let live.

Don G March 16th, 2003 05:49 PM

Re: unhappy campers
We always bring a couple bottles of coke and a couple empty bottles to fill with water to keep in the refrig. Not trying to put one over on the management, just easier to have a chilled bottle of coke or water available.

DL March 18th, 2003 04:01 PM

Re: unhappy campers
Hey thoth. I take that back. I was off base with that comment. Sorry.

thoth March 18th, 2003 11:37 PM

Why so Mean?
Why are you people so mean???? What did I do to you people??? NOTHING!!!
I do not understand why people get on the internet and act the way they do.

thoth March 18th, 2003 11:50 PM

Why so Mean?
Why are you people so mean???? What did I do to you people??? NOTHING!!!
I do not understand why people get on the internet and act the way they do.

GLRounds March 19th, 2003 12:44 AM

Re: Why so Mean?
thoth writes:

". On the subject of over one's head, perhaps I was a being a bit too cerebral for you limited comprehension. then again the name "none of your business" is just the unequivocal product of an enlightened mind. Did you have to stay up ALL night to create this handle? One petty, little, smallish suggestion.......Webster's instant speller might help you. Misspelling "none of your business" is an obvious indication of a phonetic deficiency."

Then thoth writes in a following post:

"Why are you people so mean???? What did I do to you people??? NOTHING!!!
I do not understand why people get on the internet and act the way they do."

Incidentally, phonics has nothing to do with spelling, only pronunciation. And words that are not spelled correctly are NOT typos, they are incorrectly spelled words !

"enlightened mind" were actually complimenting the poster! I don't think that was your intention. <wide grin>


thoth March 19th, 2003 07:22 PM

Re: unhappy campers
First, this WHOLE thread has gotten way off the subject of cruise vacations. It was not me who orginated this "over one's head" statement, however I do feel that it was my right to defend myself.In other words, it was NOT me who initiated the contemptible exchange. I first posted some remarks that some of you found silly, BUT I never attacked anyone by name.See "*****ing is first amendment right". You can call it an inside joke, but it really was harmless . For the record, I posted the JOKE for myself and not for anyone else. when "none of your business'" posted the "over your head" remark they in turn set themselves up for a retort of wits. My point is that if anyone desires a "over your head" putdown contest, I will frequently win.
When I said "enlightened mind" that was something that we call SARCASM.
Talk about over one's head.
About cruice ships, I LOVE the kind of people that I meet on board. HAL seems to attract very classy folks, many of them representing an older and more genteel generation. Problem is that I am a younger person who has never been overly impressed with my peer generation. Take the internet for example, one can post all the kind words they wish and few care. But when they use infammatory and vulgar wording, then an younger crowd is attracted. In turn I belittle crass posters, and when they rspond with four letter terms straight from MTV and I have won this battle of dispositions. Oh yes, when in company of the genteel, I too return the favor.

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