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annecamp March 29th, 2009 06:13 PM

35 day cruise
My husband and I are thinking of going on the 35 day South American cruise. Are concerned that it may be to-o-o long. Any comments?

Ron March 29th, 2009 09:03 PM

First of all, I would ask what type cruises you have taken before --any 10-12-14 day cruises and if so, how did you like those? If you have and enjoyed the longer 12-14 day cruises, then most likely you would enjoy a 35 day cruise.
I would love to take a cruise around South America and don't think 30-35 days would be a bore at all. Only problem with us right now is being able to take the time to do it---but we keep it on our to do list !
Relax and enjoy--time flies when you're having fun ! :)

debbir34 March 30th, 2009 11:51 PM

Hello Annecamp,
My husband and I took a 28 day cruise a few years ago and are leaving this week on a 26 day cruise. We were a bit concerned when we took the 28 day cruise that it would be to long and if we would get a bit tired of it but we LOVED it..... didn't want it to end after that 28 days. We are very much looking forward to our upcoming one!!!

I would highly reccommend taking the 35 day cruise.

kryos April 2nd, 2009 09:12 AM

Re: 35 day cruise

Originally Posted by annecamp
My husband and I are thinking of going on the 35 day South American cruise. Are concerned that it may be to-o-o long. Any comments?

Oh, no ... no ... no. Too short maybe, but never, even too long!

I did a 35 day cruise on the Statendam last September/October and it was just heavenly. Unlike a "normal" seven or ten-day cruise, the whole environment onboard the ship is one that invites relaxation, lots of hours that you just wile away the time. The passenger population also tends to be a bit more friendly. You'll find yourself looking forward to running into the same people in the various venues around the ship, knowing that a good conversation, and perhaps a few laughs, are just around the corner. With short cruises, people are way too preoccupied with seeing everything and doing everything that they can pack into seven days. They really don't go out of their way to be particularly friendly when you meet up with them around the ship. Chances are they are with their own groups of family and friends and since they only have a short number of days, naturally they want to spend that time exclusively with that group. On a longer cruise you get a lot of people who want to meet others and want to get to know a bit about them. It's a really friendly, inviting environment.

The ship too is different. There are certain things offered, such as special balls and activities, that are just not offered on the shorter cruises due to lack of time. Let's face it, on a seven-day cruise, it's all about the ports. There will generally be at least three of them, most likely four, so there really isn't enough time to offer a lot of special tours and activities onboard. On a longer cruise, you have more sea days and the opportunity to take advantage of a lot more around the ship. It makes for a much nicer cruise.

I guess I would have to say that you have to try a longer cruise to really see if you enjoy it. Some people are just not cut out for a lot of sea days in a row, and if that's the case, a longer cruise could begin to get on their nerves after a while. I know that on my 35 day cruise, we had six days at sea returning from Nuka Hiva to San Diego at the end and I have to admit that there were some people onboard who were getting downright antsy. The cruise was pretty much over, so they just wanted to be off the boat.

Give a long cruise a try. Just don't expect it to be anything like a shorter one. In my opinion, you will find it to be far superior to your shorter cruises, and if you're like me, you'll want to do longer cruises exclusively from that point out.

Blue skies ...


richstacy April 3rd, 2009 01:56 PM

My wife and I have been on three thirty day plus cruises, two of them on HAL ships and one around South America, including Antarctica on the Ryndam.

We loved them all. We were never bored in the slightest and looked forward to the adventure of every new day, every port and every sail-away! we enjoyed the relaxation of the days at sea and the chance to rest up for the next port. Holland ships are delightful -- giving the feeling of real ships rather than floating amusement parks. They have great food, and service with a smile, the best afloat IMHO. On long cruises like that they will include some knowedgable lecturers on the history and culture of the region that will greatly enhance the entire experience. This rather than climbing rock walls is what cruising is all about :!:

I guarantee you will not regret it :!: Bon Voyage :D

billbelt April 30th, 2009 04:27 PM

South American Cruise For 35 Days
My posting may be a little late --if so sorry. We just returned from a 38 day crusie around South America. We started in Rio and ended in Seattle. We would take that same crusie again howver get off in San Diego as opposed to Seattle. That leg is really not worth the extra days as you stop only in Victoria. The ports where we stopped were all excellant.The 38 days passed quickly in spite of the many illinesses we had aboard the Ameterdam. (You can chcek this put on the internet at Vessel Sanitation Program).Our cruise ended just as the swine flu situtation was happening. I bring this up as I had failed to check the sanitation history on cruise ships having sanitation issues. The Amsterdam has had its problems.The ship is reported to be in dry dock at this time. Perhaps with some cleaning and updating the ship can get back to sailing where this will not be a problem. We can't say enough about the ports and the people we met in those port citiys. This was excellant. Also I want to add a word about safety and crime. Don't believe everything you read in the news media about the horrific crimes taking place in some of these areas. Just by using some common sense and taking some precautions you will be OK.

Gil Serique May 15th, 2009 04:15 PM

It certainly depends on the vessel and crew. You will meet a lot of nice people. Most that I met in my hometown were quite knowledgeable and entertaining.

Go for it!

enjoy you cruise!!

Gil Serique

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