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Iguana September 26th, 2011 11:42 AM

Has anyone used HA's roomshare program?
HI, I am considering HA longer cruises an was wondering if anyone has used their 'roomshare/cabinmate' program? How'd it work out? Thanks

ruthlessboss September 26th, 2011 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by Iguana (Post 1394392)
HI, I am considering HA longer cruises an was wondering if anyone has used their 'roomshare/cabinmate' program? How'd it work out? Thanks

Wasn't aware they had that program. Most lines have backed away from these.

fun2cruiz September 26th, 2011 02:03 PM

Single Partners Program
Each Holland America ship hosts a Solo Travelers party for singles to meet each other early during their cruise. Solo travelers enjoy enriching activities with mixers, cocktail parties, games and more. In total, there are more than 40 activities to meet other singles including: exercise classes, enriching lectures (select departures), line dance class, wine tasting and cooking demonstrations, Team Trivia contests, the daily quiz, sports challenges and more. Many of the Single Partner Program guests have become fast friends and some even book future Holland America cruises together.
Guests can count on Holland America Line’s gracious staff and crew to create a shipboard atmosphere of camaraderie making it easy and fun to meet other solo travelers. On most cruises of 30 days or longer, onboard Social Hosts welcome single women guests to dinner and dancing. By advance request, special effort will be made to seat singles with other singles at dinner.

Single guests who agree to share a stateroom with another nonsmoking guest of the same sex pay only the per-person, double occupancy rate. (If a partner is not available, the guest will cruise solo at the agreed-upon double-occupancy fare.) Single guests who prefer not to share a stateroom may book a double stateroom for 150 to 200 percent of the double occupancy fare, depending on the cruise and stateroom category. This program applies to selected staterooms on all ships in the fleet. The Single Partner Program is not available on Grand Cruises (Grand World Voyage, South America & Antarctic Voyage and Mediterranean & North Africa Voyage).

Sistersolo September 26th, 2011 02:37 PM

Yes, I did it twice, but the last time was four years ago. At that time HAL charged 110% of whatever the currently-being-offered price was for a "K" inside cabin or an "F" outside cabin, for what they called their "single shared" program. They would attempt to match you with someone of the same gender AND approximate age, and if they did not, you got the cabin to yourself. I opted for inside both times; the first time I was paired with a woman 5 years younger than myself, and we wound up in a "C" outside. The second time I was not matched, so had the cabin to myself, but it stayed an inside.

Unfortunately about 2 years ago HAL changed the deal so that the whole thing is now based on the BROCHURE prices, which means that it is no longer a bargain.

Interestingly enough, on my last HAL cruise I stopped by the future cruise desk to check on whether I could book a cabin and specify my partner at a later date. At the time I was interested in a transatlantic being advertised at $899 inside. The agent suggested the single-shared instead, and said I was wrong about the pricing, that it would be based on K instead of N and would therefore be $949 (plus the extra 10%). Wrote it up for me and said the receipt would be delivered to my cabin. Which it was, the next day, with a sticky note on it saying the agent had been reading the wrong line on her computer; the tab was now $2884 ! Discounting for taxes and port fees, that is what it would have been based on the brochure price, just like I thought. Needless to say, I expressed my displeasure rather forcefully.

To wrap up the story: I was interested in that cruise because a couple months earlier a TA had sent out a "package" offer that included it, but which sold out in just 2 days. But shortly after I got home from the one above, the TA sent a note saying he had been given 20 more cabins; I quickly contacted someone I'd exchanged notes with here on Cruisemates, and we snabbled one. Turns out that through them, the base price of an inside would have been $799, and outside is $894.

earl September 26th, 2011 11:00 PM

I have use it 3 times . It went well each time but you have no privatcy.
I am a night person and my roommate went to bed early each night.
Thatwas sometimes a problem . It is cheaper but I would not do it again
On one cruise My nroom mate didn`t show up for the cruise. It was a very nice 14 day cruise , I had the room to my self!!

salbra January 19th, 2012 02:56 PM

hal roommate program

Originally Posted by Iguana (Post 1394392)
HI, I am considering HA longer cruises an was wondering if anyone has used their 'roomshare/cabinmate' program? How'd it work out? Thanks

didn't realize they had one. Where would I find it? I'm always looking for a cabinmate to cruise.

Sistersolo January 21st, 2012 12:17 PM

It's not particularly advertised, and may not be available on a particular cruise. Basically you have to ask about it; your TA can check and tell you what it would cost on a particular cruise.

gypsyken April 3rd, 2012 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by Iguana (Post 1394392)
HI, I am considering HA longer cruises an was wondering if anyone has used their 'roomshare/cabinmate' program? How'd it work out? Thanks

I just read this about Holland America's "Single Partner Program" on the Cruise Mates site: "[It] works like this; for those willing to share a stateroom with another traveler of the same gender, the Line will charge each the regular per person, double occupancy rate for the stateroom." THAT'S NOT TRUE. I've been corresponding with Richard Hunt of HA who quotes the lowest price for a full ocean view cabin on June 29 on the Amsterdam as $2859 plus $157.22 taxes/fees. That's more than the per person double occupancy fare for any full ocean view category listed on HA's website or elsewhere. Hunt doesn't reveal what category he's quoting a rate for, but it's clear that HA is imposing an additional charge for participating in the "Single Partner Program." I used the program on the Volendam a few years ago, when I did pay the "regular per person double occupancy rate."

aerospace April 3rd, 2012 08:03 PM

I inquired about a month ago for a 30day cruise double price was $1799, single $3500. Agent wanted me to pay brochure single price of like $8000 and then if they found me a cabinmate I'd be rebooked at the double price(which might be higher or lower then it was at the time).

I almost laughed at the guy but hung up instead.

Incidentally I think it is only offered on 2 Hal ships now. You can see which on VTG if you look up ship specs.

shantihhh August 10th, 2012 11:47 AM

It is cheaper to book the entire cabin for 1 compared to the higher price each if they pair you. Point of reference If they paired me cost was $6565 plus tax, if I booked the cabin paying double rate it was $5400. I questioned this and the guy laughs and says yes it's cheaper not to have us pair you.

So I booked it in hopes I can find someone to share. 30 day cruise Black Sea, Holy Lands, Ms Prisendam, Sept 17 your half would be just under $3000 including taxes.

suse August 18th, 2012 09:48 PM

I'd rather stay home than share a cabin with a complete stranger.

CRUISERUN August 19th, 2012 08:14 AM

I agree did it once it was a night mare never again

Iguana August 20th, 2012 07:10 PM

Hi, its been awhile since I posted this question, thanks for your replys. If its gonna cost more to single share with HAL, then whats the point?

As for the whole roomsharing thing in general... as of this posting I have roomshared with strangers I met an talked to intensively from this sites ads approx. 10 times. only 1 was female. I have had really great experiences so far. Cruised with one guy 3 times, couple guys 2 times, have 2 btb cruises planned with another I went with once already, and would travel with ANY of my former cruisemates again!

Yes there have been little glitches, but adults discuss and work those things out.

From my perspective, I think its absolutely key to communicate fully an to be respectful and considerate of each other. ASK important questions and let your views be known. These were NOT dates, but likeminded travelers who wanted to save money an go more often. I may get a bad egg, but so far I have had good roomies. And my travel companion pool has expanded quite a bit because of my open mind and willingness to compromise.

This Cruisemates site's ads has been a great help, AND has allowed me to cruise way more than I possibly could solo!

Thanks for everyones input here!

shantihhh August 22nd, 2012 02:54 PM

I was quoted a higher price than if I paid for the cabin totally! Explanation oh discounts don't count and we go to the brochure price. OK I can book a cabin for under $6,000 for this 30 day cruise, and if I do the share thing I pay close to $7,000, make sense? They said not really :-) Sounds weird to me and I am a 3 star Mariner recently widowed and thought it would save $$$ NOT

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