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john_galt August 27th, 2012 08:39 AM

Crochete/Knitting Cruise to Alaska
My dear wife is pushing for a crochete or knitting cruise to Alaska. Has anyone been on one of these craft cruises? Pros/Cons?

Trip August 27th, 2012 10:42 AM

I design jewelry,and I often wondered if I would ever book a beading cruise. In theory, the idea sounds good, but, you are putting 2 things you love against each other, and it will be a different cruise during the daytime, and the one who doesn't participate, has to adjust being alone.

Class schedules can be difficult, when you also want to just veg in the sun, so for me, if I thought of doing one, I would book with a woman who had the same interest. My hubby would not be happy with me booking one, and running off to classes.

Sistersolo September 2nd, 2012 09:27 PM

I was on a cruise about a year ago which had a knitting craft class aboard. There were about two dozen women who had booked it through an organizer, with one instructor and her helper. She offered a series of four "workshops" on specific topics over the course of the 7-day cruise. I think that each of them was presented twice. I remember that one of them was on creating a beaded scarf without pre-stringing all the beads. Just about all of the women had brought along a project of their own, though, and the instructor was no help at all on anything except her presentation topics. I know this because many of them would congregate in a corner of the library during spare moments, and help each other. I was not part of the group but wound up helping a woman who was trying to make socks for the first time.

I've found that most ships will schedule an unhosted needleworkers get-together if anyone asks them to. There always seems to be at least a dozen people who are happy to chat while they work, and are more than willing to share patterns and assistance. There's really no need to pay extra for a hosted craft class on knitting.

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