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kiteflyer June 4th, 2007 12:05 PM

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Vancouver BC
Hi. Looking for some information. Has anyone stayed at the Holiday Inn Downtown & Suites? Flying in early to Vancouver before our cruise and this is the place we are staying. Any information will be helpful.

Thanks Kiteflyer[/quote]

mgades June 15th, 2007 12:37 AM

I have stayed there before and it’s quite nice, reasonably priced, clean and close to shopping too. There are also some pretty good sites if you have never been there before.

Good Choice! :D

kiteflyer June 15th, 2007 11:33 AM

Thanks for letting me know. I'd read some reviews about the place and wasn't sure if I wanted to stay there or not. We're staying there because my husband as points to use up.

Again thanks for the information.

Angelgal June 20th, 2007 02:39 AM

You will be happy at the Holiday Inn Downtown because it is close to the pier. Plus, the Vancouver Holiday Inns seem to me to be better than the American Holiday Inns. I would stay there if I could afford it.
I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on Hastings st. which is away from downtown. It was very nice and I stayed there for two nights after I had cruise one way to Vancouver. I prefer to be downtown.

You hotel will be nice and clean with a nice spacious room with a nice comfy bed. They have a nice continental breakfast.

kiteflyer June 20th, 2007 09:15 PM

Thanks Angelgal

After reading some reviews that didn't weren't very good, I was a little scared about staying there.

We fly into Vancouver on the 9th of July and start the cruise on the 11th of July. So we have a day and a half to check out Vancouver and enjoy ourselves.
Again thanks for the up date and have a great day. Kiteflyer

Angelgal June 21st, 2007 04:32 AM

I know how you feel about scary hotel reviews. But I did notice that the hotel is located right in the heart of Vancouver. You can request a room located facing the street and also located near the elevator so you don't have to walk a long hallway. The higher you are the more view you have of the city. I have fun taking the local buses for only $2.50 Canadian coins and they give you a transfer so you can take another bus. I have been several times to Vancouver. You must take a bus to the West side of Vancover on Robson st. which is considered the rich side of the city. It is very beautiful and the bus can take you all the way to Standley Park and the University. The buses are very spacious and fun to watch the people. I once had a bus driver take me everywhere on his bus and then he gave me a transfer to go back to my hotel.LOL.

There is a very large Mall named the Metro-Town in the community of Burnaby. They have a Holiday Inn located there too. The Holiday Inn shuttle may be able to take you to that Holiday Inn hotel and then you can find your way back to your hotel by bus.
If you plan to rent a car.... then you can just drive everywhere.

You must go eat at TIM HORTON'S coffee shop. They are located everywhere and they have great coffee and great donuts and pastries and great sandwiches and other foods. Affordable prices too.
They have them in the airport too.... when you fly home you can stop there to pack some snacks for your trip home.
I am going to be in Vancouver on Sept. 23rd to take the NCL STAR ship cruise down the coast to Los Angeles which is my home port. They are repositoning the ship.

One more thing... they say that Vancouver is getting ready for the Olympics so the streets are being improved and I noticed some of the Malls are being expanded. So you will notice a lot of street work being worked on and buildings being built.

The east side of town after you pass Main street is considered the poor side of Vancouver. I passed through that area on the bus. It was interesting seeing the street people. All cities have their homeless people.
I think my city of Los Angeles isn't any better.

Gas Town was no big deal. Just a bunch of expensive gift shops.

The best place to buy Canadian gifts is at the "Dollar Store or More". That is the name of the store. I bought some beautiful Canadian caps for $2.50 that were embroidered. I bought me a well made cap that said "Drama Queen".LOL.

I love Canada and I am so happy that I live in the west coast where it is so easy to visit Vancouver and Victoria.

Have lots of fun on your cruise and your visit to Vancouver. Luci

kiteflyer June 25th, 2007 01:22 PM

Thank you Luci for all the great information. I can't wait. It's only 14 days as of today ( Monday 6/25/07) before we fly out and I'm on vacation. We have street people even here in Green Bay, WI, so it will be nothing new. I see the same thing - street people, when I get into Madison for work.

Good coffee for a good price..heaven!

Hubby and I did about the same thing when we were in San Francisco- traveling about the city on the bus. Great way to see, and a cheap way as well. I've been doing my homework on the public transportation in Vancouver. With what you have told me and what I've read, it's going to be a great trip.

Take care, hearing about the wild fires out your way. That is the one thing we don't see much of here in Wisconsin; wild fires that is. Just cold and snow and icy covered roads during the winter.

Thanks again Kay

Angelgal June 25th, 2007 03:29 PM

Hi Kay, yes it is fun taking the local bus. You will see lots of nice Asians on the bus. The young ones offer their seats to the old people which is nice. Vancouver is a small city and it is so easy NOT to get lost.LOL. I think is is small compared to Los Angeles.
I heard there may be a $6.00 DAY BUS PASS. Ask your hotel about it. Also ask about the AIR-BUS that can take you to METRO TOWN MALL.
I think you will have to use the local buses too to get to the Mall.

I am glad you like the buses because you really get to see the local people. It is also a care free way of traveling.

The local people call Tim Horton's.... "Timmy's." I have a few friends in Vancouver too.

Are you cruising to Alaska? If your are... look for the discount booklets before you board the ship. Ask one of the vendors located inside the cruise port where the booklets are located. Get two of them. You can get free cans of salmon, free beautiful jewelry, etc. from the Alaskan stores in each town.
Also you can take a shuttle for a small fee to Wal-Mart in one of the towns. That is another way of getting a cheapy tour of the towns.


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