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Paul Motter March 27th, 2009 09:53 AM

independent tour providers
NOTE: CruiseMates has decided to let posts about independent tour providers stay up on a trial basis since more people are looking for independent tour guides these days.

Ideally, we are mostly looking for independent recommendations from people who have used the services of a tour provider.

If you own a tour service, we ask you not to POST original "new topic" posts about your service, but if someone asks a question such as this one, you can REPLY to it.


We will continue this policy for as long as we feel it is working. If the systems becomes abused by tour providers, if we get spammed, if we see what appear to fake recommendations (we can tell) or if we see it getting too many negative posts between tour operators we will discontinue these posts.

But for now, tour operators, you have a chance to reply to people looking for tours so please use our system wisely and do not abuse it, and you have a good thing going for you.

RudyTourByVan May 8th, 2009 11:25 PM

Pleas allow to introduce on my own!
Hola Señor Paul Motter!

My name is Rudy Fregoso, I work as professional independent tour guide in Acapulco, I have been doing my job passionately for 30 years and I love it so much that I would do it for less... just do not tell anybody! LOL!

I happened to have been lucky enough to find this great site and I congratulate you and I congratulate me for it´s existence, the travelers have the opportunity of finding many more choices in their benefit and I have the chance to reach customers I could not reach otherwise. You can rest assured Señor Paul that I am a reliable person, a professional and honest tour guide if I could send you a replica of my credentials (bonded by the government) it will help me a great deal. I have not found the way to do it though.
I have tried to follow religiously the posting rules, I have all intentions to follow the policies of the site, if by ignorance I happened to do otherwise please Señor Motter let me know and I will correct that mistake instantly!
If you ever get to come to my locality, please let me know! It will be a pleasure being of some help either to you or persons of the staff!
Muchas Gracias y Hasta Luego!

"Let me take you under our wing"
Save, Reliable, Licensed & Insured

Jiffymom August 27th, 2009 10:09 AM

I would prefer to use ship tours. I know they will get us back to the ship on time but do to the age restrictions ( probably because of their insurance) I usually book outside so my daughter 7 can swim with dolphins, horse back ride lots of other fun excursions that RCCL says you must be 10 be 12.

StormKat September 1st, 2009 11:04 PM

While in Cabo a few years ago. we were whale watching with a ship's vendor and saw people snorkling in a dangerous area with an independent vendor. There's also lots of rumors about being stranded.

We were also on a ship-booked excursion in another Mexican port and we did not return to the ship until an hour after sail time. The captain elected to wait for us since the six of us were the ship's responsibility. (We did have the honor of an ovation from the balconies when we arrived!)

On the other hand, we have had some wonderful land tours, catering to our personal whims, with independant operators. My advice would be to book with the ship if the excursion has any potential physical hazards. Also, know what your "Plan B" is if the operator cannot, for some reason, return you to your ship. If the operator says he can return you to the ship by 3:00 when sail-time is 4:00, that would be too close for comfort.

First time visitors to foreign ports should probably book through the cruise lines until you get to know your ports. It costs a little more but those vendors have been thoroughly vetted since the cruise lines cannot afford the publicity of injured (or worse) passengers.

PebblesofBedrock December 18th, 2009 06:58 AM

Cruise Tours are much safer
To me it is worth the few extra dollars to go through the cruise line to book my excursions. Each time I have ventured into the independant operators I have had a bad experience; broken down transportation, near capsize and just plain bad tours. Since we are in port for such a short time there is no "next day" or "redo" if you have a bad tour so to me it isn't worth the risk to say a little money.

quilinguis December 29th, 2009 06:24 PM

Acapulco Tour Guide Elvira Rodriguez
My name is Elvira Rodriguez and work as tour guide in Acapulco. I am a certified tour guide by the tourism department of Mexico and work with the group of authorized tour guides by the ship terminal at Acapulco, we offer the same tours as the agencies and probably and I should say a personalized service, we offer a variety of tours to give to the tourists a wide opportunity to choose among them to make of their visit the most unforgettable guided experience. If proof of credential is required, please let me know where or how to send them.
Ive been tour guide since age of 18 years, my father is a tour guide too, so you can see where this passion for tourists come from, I went to Canada, Montreal to learn French, and at my return the wonders of working with tourist open a new horizon. Ive have the opportunity to work with groups doing a 20-25 days tour to south Mexico, beginning the tour in Mexico City and ending it in Cancun. Recently, I came back from Atlanta, Georgia, where I was living for 13 years.
I always try my best to follow the guidelines and procedures, so if by any chance i make a mistake, please point it up and I will correct it!
Acapulco Sun and Sand

katlady December 30th, 2009 10:04 AM

Elvira make a good point if you book an independent tour guide make certain they are certified. I know in italy if a tour guide is not certified he/she can be arrest during the tour that then you are stranded some where without a tour guide.:shock: I'm not sure that Mexico is as strict.:confused: Still a certified guide has experience and knowledge the uncertified peron may not have.

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