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Kummerle October 24th, 2006 02:36 PM

MSC Opera - Feb 16th Lots of Unanswered Questions
Hi all...hopefully we can get some of these past questions answered that would be helpful for upcoming travelers. We are the family of four cruising MSC Opera in Febraury thru West Indies, Dominican....have so many questions:

1. I see from past postings there are questions regarding drink packages? Are they available on MSC Opera? If so, what's included...alcohol/no alcohol...sodas/no sodas? Is there such a thing as "open bar card?"

2. Can you bring wine onboard? If so, is there a corking much?

3. What kind of electrical outlets are onboard...we're in the good ol' US so will we need adapter on Italian ship?

4. No ship excursions for us...any suggestions for unique/interesting/fun excursions to take outside of booking them thru MSC.

5. Renting cars at ports...any recommendations -- we've done this on other vacations (Cozomel, Playa) and loved it...?

6. Any zip line tours in San Juan, St. Maaten, Grenada, Barbados, St. Lucia, Tortola, Samana? Or any special excursion suggestions?

7. Food...we love lobster/crab/shrimp/clams/oysters and all shellfish...see lots of fish - but how often is there shellfish offered?

8. Midnight buffet - is it worth staying awake for?

9. More to ask later I'm sure....

Thanks for any replies...jak

slyre January 27th, 2007 05:00 PM

Great questions!
Those are great questions, I wish someone would reply since we're going on the same cruise and have never sailed with MSC before. I'm also wondering if you can brink alcohol in your luggage, or take duty-free purchased on board back to your cabin.

nlb1050 January 28th, 2007 11:12 AM

Some answers, of course we were on the Lirica but the Opera should have prteey much the same.

1. they had a soda deal of pay for 10 get 14, don't really know about the alcohol as we really don't drink while cruising.

2.Not really sure as we didn't try to bring any wine on board.

3. No adapters needed, but there are not a lot of outlets.

4. On St Lucia and Tortola we just got a taxi outside the terminal for about $30 pp for a 4 to 5 hour tour. We saw sites that the MSC tours didn't and still had time for some shopping after. They have people at the terminal that set you up. In St Lucia you needed at least 4 people for that price. In Tortola is was an open air bus with about 20 people. Both had stops for photo ops/small shopping. In Barbados, we got a taxi to Malibu beach, entrance to the beach was $5pp and for $5 more got a tour of the distalliery with samples after. The $5 is good for the day and you can arrang ewith the taxi driver for him to come back for you at a certain time. You can arrange for a tour of the island at the terminal. Went on MSC tours at other ports.

5. No idea.

6. Not sure. But in St Lucia it was a nice tour to the volcano, you can get a taxi that will take you there and wait if you want to bath in the spring or the sulphur bath.

7.Shell fish is ususlly in the app's at dinner. Only one night did they have shrimp cocktail and lobester.

8. Midnight buffet is different every night, A couple of nights they are passed hor derves in the lounges and casino. One night it includes a tour of the galley.

I hope this helps.

Over all we enjoyed the cruise, it definitely was different from what we are used too.

Hope you enjoy your cruise with MSC>

joybaby January 28th, 2007 08:16 PM

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