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robh July 26th, 2010 10:49 PM

Victoria BC Ogden Point Cafe: WiFi Access Popularity or Bottleneck
WiFi access in areas not an Internet Cafe.

As mentioned in my earlier post about a great place to go for a java / tea, meals near the ships in Victoria BC Canada , only five minutes walk, is the local Ogden Point Cafe. :D

Ogden Point Cafe and Dive Centre - Victoria B.C. Canada
As a courtesy they provide free WiFi access to customers if you request the password at the cashier when purchasing your drinks or food. This password is normally changed on a weekly basis.
A lot of ship`s crew come in to use this access, which is nice to see for all of us and to encourage but what has become evident to my view is the Cafe being taken advantage of when no food or drink is purchased by folks sitting at tables by themselves.
Tonight (July 24, 2010) we had three ships docked (HA, Princess, NCL), arrived about 7pm and when I dropped by at 9pm aside from a long lineup to get food , java, almost every table was occupied by visiting crew with their laptop open and no food or drink bought . The problem I see is that as crew from different ships do not know each other then they do not sit with each other leaving a table with 2 - 3 empty chairs. The other problem is the Cafe needs to make money as it is a Cafe, not an Internet Cafe.
It would sound like the Ogden Point Port Authority need to consider to provide free WiFi access for crew and an area off the ship. If the crew visits the Cafe then they should be good customers and purchase an item and share tables otherwise all visitors off the ships and locals will not be able to enjoy the Ogden Point Cafe if it looks occupied when in fact it was not.

In fact given most crew now communicate via WiFi on their precious free time when in port it would be a good perk for the ships to provide this service to their crew on the ship or perhaps for local Internet Service Providers and cruise companies providing a shore connection while in port. Certainly we know what a revenue generator Internet access is for cruise ships while at sea using Satellite communication.
Thoughts!! :?:

This is my humble observation of what happens in busy times with good weather, not all the time but perhaps some type of WiFi access protocol rules are needed when using a free service in a Cafe.
It is a fine balance of making visitors including crew welcomed to our area of the cruise world so we might enjoy and learn of our different cultural mixes.
My observation.


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