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Todd R July 25th, 2003 01:37 PM

Norway compensation for cancelled cruises
Ok, so here's a question for the group.

We were booked on the Norway in October 2003 and subsequently (like all ohters) our sailing was cancelled.

NCL is offering full refund, of course! Plus $50 per person on-board credit (OBC).

Here's the catch - in order to qualify for the OBC you have to re-book on NCL by 30SEP03. BUT - they are not taking currently taking bookings on the Norway for any sailings.

What to do? We only want to go on NCL's Norway and are not interested in their other ships.

So, as it stands, we have no use for their generous offer of $50 OBC, per person!

Chuck Palm July 25th, 2003 02:44 PM

Re: Norway compensation for cancelled cruises
You can get a $200 discount coupon on many cruise lines in "The Entertainment Book."
This includes Princess, NCL, and others. Throw or give your $50 coupons away or use them to line the bird cage. That $50 gift with the limitations and restrictions is only given to encourage you to book with N.C.L. sooner rather than later. If they were trying to make ammends, they simply would have given you a couple of checks for $50 each to cover your inconvenience or vouchers that had some longevity for use on the Norway. But that would have cost THEM money and time.

Also you might try calling a supervisor and explaining your plight. If they are smart and really care about their customers they will extend the vouture to meet your needs, not theirs. If they do not extend the expiration date on the certificates, that will be very telling to you about whether or not you wish to cruise with them in the future.

I'd be very interested to see how a supervisor, not a phone clerk responds to your request. I think a lot of other cruise mates would too!

Nita July 25th, 2003 04:59 PM

Re: Norway compensation for cancelled cruises
Todd, we were disappointed to learn we had to book by Sept 30th as well, so are just going to forget our $50 on board credit for now. Darn. As for the entertainment book discounts Chuck is speaking of, these normally can be used only when booking brochure prices, no one does that . Most of us can get better deals off the internet or from your TA if they are large volume bookers on any particular line.


Chuck Palm July 25th, 2003 06:30 PM

Re: Re: Norway compensation for cancelled cruises
Actually Nita, I've been told that before, and after a few phone calls, the coupon was accepted, all be it with not too much enthusiasm.

In fact I am in the process of booking the 11-21-04 sailing of the Star. I was told by the discount agent that I use often, that he would accept the coupon. My only problem is the 2003 coupons expire 12-31-03 so I may have to wait and book in a month or so after the new coupons come out for the 2004 Entertainment Books. $200 is worth the wait on an eight night sailing.

Nita is the Star going to be refitted with a casino for the Mexico sailings? I loved this new itinerary that included an evening stay an Acapulco and also a visit to Ixtapa/Zijuatanejo, which are both ports I have not seen. This is a great itinerary for an eight night cruise. My best friends live in P.V. so I can visit them and it's a longer than usual stay in Cabo, maybe we'll have time to do something a little for fun this time.
I hope I'll like the Star more than the Dream, at least I'm hopeful.

Lee and Kelli July 25th, 2003 10:37 PM

Re: Norway compensation for cancelled cruises
Hi everyone... We booked the Star for 10/20/04. I agree the itinery is just excellent.
We cruised on the Norway last year and had a chance to book again, while on the
cruise, for this year. I am glad we did not and I hope she will sail again in the future.
I noted some people mentioning a "coupon book"????? How can a person get
one??? We have paid our deposit, 800.00 on the Star. Can we use a coupon book
towards final payment???? Looking forward to the STAR. They will be putting a
casino in the Star so I can contribute some money to offest there operating costs!!

Lee and Kelli..

Todd R July 26th, 2003 03:23 PM

Re: Re: Norway compensation for cancelled cruises
The coupon being refererd to here is from "The Entertainment" book. The books are sold as fundraisers by schools and other non-profit organisations in the Fall, each year. Or, you could go on-line to - but as Nita said, most TA's will not initially accept the coupon for 'discounted' fares. Maybe with a little puching you will have success.

On another note, I went back to the on-line TA we purchased out replacement cruise from. In this case, we re-booked on Princess. I was asking if they could go to Princess, explain our situation (displaced Norway pasenger, changing lines and itineraries, and not able to benefit from NCL's "compensation") and this is what they came back with:


"We have spoken to Princess as well as other cruiselines about seeing if they wanted to do anything special to get the business of the Norway passengers, and unfortunately they are not able to do anything special. The only thing that may be able to happen is if the price goes down on the vacation you purchased, we may be able to request an upgrade or onboard credit. I am sorry about this."


Has anyone else who has rebooked on another line had success or is this a common occurance?

Nita July 27th, 2003 10:43 AM

Re: Norway compensation for cancelled cruises
Chuck, I have been told the Star will add a casino. I sure hope so, DH would rather there be no casino. He's a craps player but doesn't play on the ship and I am a slots player; play too much on the ship. NMNita

Luanne July 27th, 2003 05:21 PM

Re: Norway compensation for cancelled cruises
Does anyone know if the casino will be added before the 2004 Alaska runs on the Star or if they will wait for the Mexican Riviera? I would have a better chance of getting my brother on the Alaska cruise with a casino, but we want the Star's itinerary. I keep telling him he will be too busy with glaciers and wildlife to worry about missing a casino and he's not too sure about that. Thanks, Luanne

Luanne July 27th, 2003 05:35 PM

Re: Norway compensation for cancelled cruises
I guess I found the answer myself by reading some old news releases on the NCL website. They will put the casino in after leaving Hawaii so it looks like there will be a casino for the Alaska sailing which will be nice for those who want a casino.

Thanks anyway, Luanne

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