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brandy May 15th, 2004 08:13 PM

total extra cost alaskan cruise
i am going on a cruise to Alaska and have read everything I can about the
Norwegian Sun....I can't find anything that mentions a total of extra charges...
Don 't have a clue how much money to expect to spend....any comments?

Luanne May 15th, 2004 08:45 PM

Re: total extra cost alaskan cruise
We were on the Norwegian Sun a couple of years ago. Really had a good time. Like most cruislines, you can expect to pay extra for pop and drinks, gambling, BINGO, sounvenirs, photos from ship's photographer, shore excursions, tips, and if you go to any of the restaurants that have a cover charge. The two main dining rooms are free, the buffet, Pacific Heights, and I think someone said Los Rambles or something like that is free. Any spa treatments you will have to pay for. So it depends on what you plan to do. We are not drinkers or gamblers. We play some BINGO so our spending is relatively less than most.

pop is about $1.75 a can and other drinks vary. The tip that is added on your charge will be $70 per person. The cover charges in the restarants vary between $10-15 per person I think. The Ginza Restarant with the teppenyaki is higher as you pay a-la-carte I think there.

Hope this helps.

newmexico Nita May 15th, 2004 09:21 PM

Re: total extra cost alaskan cruise
Luanne covered most of the costs. Of course you will be taking some excursions. Whether you use the ship or not there will be extra costs. We have found booking on our own is less expensive and much more personal. Extra charges per day, we figure about $100 for the two of us. This can vary depending on your life style, but the $100 seems to cover a little gambling, a specialty restaurant a couple of times, a bottle of wine with dinner and a few more drinks through out the day. It doesn't cover the tours, souveniors or spa treatments. Unless you are big drinkers I would figure about $1000.00 extra plus the cost of the tours. That should more than cover the expenses,but again everyone has his/her own ideas.


TBear_Cub May 16th, 2004 07:22 AM

Re: total extra cost alaskan cruise
Hi Brandy,

I've copied this from the NCL website. Hope it helps. Alaska shore excursions are really expensive, so this is where you really need to plan. NCL has a price list for their shore excursions on their website. Here's the excerpt from NCL:

What does my cruise fare include?

Your cruise fare entitles you to accommodations, meals and entertainment aboard ship. Certain specialty restaurants are available with either nominal cover charges or fixed price menus and la carte pricing in addition to the standard dining program. Items of a personal nature are not included, such as alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, spa treatments, certain specialty exercise classes, laundry, photographs, casino, ship-to-shore phone, e-mail, Internet, fax and Shore Excursions (including all Dive In programs). Government taxes and fees are also not included.

Dennis B May 16th, 2004 11:12 AM

Re: total extra cost alaskan cruise
Just finished a cruise on the Sun - so this should be up to date:

tips - $10.00 per day added to your statement
pop - $1.50 per can + 15% tip
Pop card - unlimited pop $28.75
Internet - $3.95 per email - be careful there is an admin fee the first time you use it - other packages will be available on board
Yoga classes - $5.00 but workout gym is free
All liquor will have a 15% tip added - be careful it also has a place on the bill to add a tip - this caused some confusion with the older cruisers on my cruise as they didn't realize that one was already added.
Hope this further helps you and enjoy your cruise to alaska.


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