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Bruce Chafkin October 25th, 2004 02:45 AM

NCL Corporate Changes

Recently, some of the biggest corporate changes in NCL History happened. But NCL did not publicly report them and nobody else seemed to notice.
A few months ago, the Senior Vice President of Marine Operations for NCL suddenly disappeared from the NCL Corproate Offices. He was not replaced.

A few weeks ago the Senior Vice President for Hotel Operations left the company without notice. He had come from Star Cruises and was responsible for the Freestyle Cruising concept. He was not replaced.

About the same time a new face appeared in the Corporate office - in a newly created position.

Mr Bill Hamlin, after many years experience with American Container Ship companies, is now in charge of all Marine and Hotel Operations for NCL, Orient Line, and NCL America. According to an NCL Memo, Mr. Hamlin has graduated high school, attended several colleges but did not graduate, and has no Cruise Line experience.

I can`t wait to see what he does with the POA problems.
Sometimes an outsider has a clearer view of problems than the veterans down in the trenches.

We can help him out. As with all NCL email addresses, his is formed from his first initial plus his last name.
It should be

Lets welcome him to the fold.

duh8ball October 25th, 2004 10:08 AM

Re: NCL Corporate Changes
Actually nobody disappeared. The Senior Vice President of Marine Operations retired with 8 months notice, and the Senior Vice President for Hotel Operations went back to the parent company with 2 months notice. There was a consolidation of some duties and there is still a position that is currently being recruited for.
Mr Hamlin's experiences and successes in the shipping industry have positioned him perfectly for his new duties at NCL.
It doesn't seem to me that there is any conspiracy or hidden agenda in any of this news. In fact these changes along with the (gasp!) unannounced creation and filling of the position of Chief Information Officer are just changes that every large corporation go through as they adapt to the changing marketplace. No company is compelled to release that kind of information.
Just as a side note I contacted the public relations departments of HAL, RCCL, NCL and Carnival here is what they stated:
HAL - does not release any press releases regarding personnel issues
NCL - Same as HAL
Carnival - Will release information only when there is a formal inquiry
RCCL - Has made 7 "senior level management changes/revisions" in the last 10 months.

Maybe we ought to get Mel Gibson involved...we could make a movie and call it Conspiracy Theory 2 - Munity on the High Seas..............

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