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Linda Drumm November 13th, 2004 07:00 PM

Has anyone been to Sundowners or Fosters Bay Resort? I have heard of these but want to know more about them. Alaso when they say West End Beach is that a specific beach or a general area? Is Roatan the best place to buy vanilla? Also do all the taxis take you for the day or just one way? Is it 20.00 a person or 20.00 a cab for all day?

cruiser1999 November 13th, 2004 10:58 PM

Re: Roatan
Here's how the taxis work:
When you get off the ship, you will be BOMBARDED with taxi drivers offering to take you to the "most beautiful beach" for $15US per person one-way. If you walk past them and follow the road to the right, the price will drop. We were offered a trip to the "beautiful beaches" for $15US per person round trip. We passed on that and walked into downtown Coxen Hole. At the intersection by the internet cafe we bargained with a taxi driver to take BOTH of us to West End for $5US. Hang on.. it's a crazy ride!
I've heard of some taxi drivers staying with you and taking you where ever you need to go for $20-30 per day. When we were ready to go back to the ship. we again bargained with a driver in West End to take us back for $6US.
We went from $60 for the round trip to $11. Interesting.

arbie December 2nd, 2004 01:40 PM

Re: Roatan
What is there to do inh Roatan? Just a beach? Is there good bazar shopping - local native stuff?

Mike Fast December 2nd, 2004 07:45 PM

Re: Roatan
Yes, there is good shopping just a short walk from the ship. We were there last December and it seems like woodwork is their specialty.

Remy December 5th, 2004 04:09 PM

Re: Roatan
We were at Fosters a couple years ago. Family owned, very laid back resort area, don't expect luxury, but you can expect very polite and attentive attitude. There was an outdoor bar area where we had a pretty good hamburger. They had shrimp french fries stuff like that. very cheap local Cheap beer! The no seeums on the beach were kinda bad so we stayed in the water most of the time. They picked us up and took us back when we asked. it was not too expensive, can't remember exactly but a nice private beach. One local came to beg, but the youngest female family member chased him away.LOL! People come to dive and snorkle, so yes the beach is about all there is to do. Pretty poor island. Nice people tho, English is the language. Don't let the fenced in area at the pier (if its still there) scare you, venture out. I think they had every bus and car on the island to meet the ship for tours. We were told school gets let out on ship days, don't know if thats true or not.

Going sailin' this weeken December 11th, 2004 08:54 PM

Re: Roatan
Hire Victor Bodden for the $25.00 per person all day if he's available - you can reach him at: - we did 2 weeks ago on the Dream.

Give him a day or 2 to respond as he checks email only once in a while due to the cost!

He'll be your all day - take you to the best private snorkel area and shopping at local grocery and dive shops......great tour, service and you can trust him with your life and stuff................

Tim - Springfield, MA area

jules December 21st, 2004 02:31 PM

Re: Roatan
We just returned from Roatan, Honoduras, which we enjoyed more than Cozumel, Cancun and Costa Maya, Mexico.
Yes, you will be bombarded by taxi drivers when you get off the ship, but do turn right and walk into town. The further away you get from the crowd of taxi drivers, the cheaper it is. Beware of the pimps and prostitutes on the streets. If you get past the intersection just before Warren's, expect to have an armed policeman follow you to make certain that the locals aren't giving you trouble.
At the pier, the taxi service wanted $20 per person, but we managed to swing $8 for two people for a tour of the entire island. We tipped the driver because he stayed with us the entire day and took us exactly where we wanted to go without trying to get us into particular shops where he'd get a kickback.
As for the shopping, you'll do better to bargain with the street vendors near the pier. We purchased Honduran mahogany jars, candy dishes, honey jars and shot glasses/serving trays for $5 apiece from a middle-aged woman and her young sons on the left side of the street. In the shops and most of the more official looking street vendors, those items sold for $15 to $35 apiece, and the proprietors were not willing to negotiate lower than a third of the price.
The items we purchased in Honduras were better and cheaper than what we could negotiate for in Mexico.

jmrubins December 22nd, 2004 11:15 AM

Re: Roatan
Has anyone had experience with Bay Islands Beach Resort - Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras:
A 44 acre all inclusive resort on Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras. We offer scuba diving, technical diving including nitrox, trimix and custom gas blending, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and land packages. Family and children's programs available year-round.

Boat Snorkelers $55 per person

Two boat snorkels on Roatan's spectacular reef
Enjoy lunch on the beach in Deep Ted's Bar & Grille
Relax in the hammocks
Includes transportation between the ship and the resort
Includes tanks and weights.
Additional dive gear rental available.

They claim: Dive with the resort that wrote the book on the Bay Islands.
Lonely Planet Guide to Diving and Snorkeling in the Bay Islands,
By Cam O'Brien, resort owner and David Behrens, BIBR Guest.
Email us to buy an autographed book

jmrubins December 22nd, 2004 11:36 AM

Re: Roatan
The link below shows a picture of the sign at the dock with the various posted prices for different taxi tours of Roatan.

Jim Rubins
Napa, CA

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