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TW August 16th, 2005 09:54 AM

NCL Dream
NCL Dream is limping along! They need to be doing damage control, taking care of there customers. These people are not getting what they paid for and NCL needs to be treating these people with the highest level of customer service. Without these people, there customers, NCL is out of buisness!

newmexicoNita August 16th, 2005 11:39 AM

Re: NCL Dream
TW, as I understand it, not only is NCL allowing anyone to cancel up to the last minute with no penalties they have been giving on board credits or certificates for $200 and $300 per cabin. Just read a similar complaint about Celebrity about missing a port on a TA cruise and no compensation was offered. I am glad I have no clients sailing the Dream between now and the end of the Alaskan season, am glad I am not, but I think NCL is handlin the situation about as well as they can. What would you suggest they do? It is a tough one to answer: I am happy being a TA and would not want to be part of the upper management at NCL right now. NMNita

LM August 16th, 2005 12:43 PM

Re: NCL Dream
We are going on the Dream on the Sept. 1. Do you know if one or two engines are down at this time?

newmexicoNita August 16th, 2005 01:41 PM

Re: NCL Dream
LM, anything you read on here is pretty much second hand or better known as hearsay. As of right now it appears 2 engines are down. Again that is based on what we have heard which often isn't completely accurate no matter what anyone says. Good luck and hopefully those who are on the ship now will start reporting something. On another thread the only word from cruisers on the Dream (and only a few) things are going smoothly and everyone is having fun. What does that mean? Beats me!!!


JL August 16th, 2005 03:24 PM

Re: Re: NCL Dream
things are not going well on the ship....there is a blog which lists many people who hated this ship on the past few cruises...if you can cancel...take the money and was a horrible cruise...with hundreds of people wanting their money back.....2 engines out....many systems out!!!!

GreggH August 16th, 2005 03:29 PM

Re: Re: NCL Dream
Nita, you are a marrvelous apologist for NCL. And perhaps you and your clients are getting special treatment from NCL. But I can assure you that no one we met on the July 21 sailing got any $200-$300 credit. In fact, as I mentioned on another thread, over 100 people signed a petition asking for a mere $50 credit, as had been offered to passengers on a previous sailing. To date NCL has not responded to the petition. And after sending a letter of complaint to NCL Customer Relations two weeks ago, NCL has yet to even acknowledge receipt. I fully agree with TW that NCL has a public relations problem on their hands that they refuse to deal with.

Our party had a great time on the Dream and, as Latitudes members and veterans of at least half a dozen NCL cruises in the last couple of years, we would love to sail them again. But they are truly dropping the ball on this issue, and we are unlikely to sail NCL again if they ignore us. Rather than relying on travel agents as their only source of communication with potential passengers, NCL had full contact information for everyone who filled out the pre-sailing information form and could easily have sent us an email or phoned. They could also have passed out information on itinerary changes at check-in, in staterooms or in the daily newsletter -- not waited until passengers heard about the problems from other passengers.

KimJack August 16th, 2005 05:21 PM

Re: NCL Dream
I have to agree that NCL appears to be dropping the ball on this latest problem with the Dream. We sailed on her a year ago this month (Baltic), and had a great time. Only one of the engines was giving them trouble at the time, but it was barely noticeable and failed to interfere with our enjoyment in any way. We made all the scheduled ports, although several of the sailings in early summer '04 had missed Tallinn. I'm sorry that NCL isn't handling the Alaska situation up to the expectations of the passengers. That can only worsen their already-damaged PR problems.


newmexicoNita August 16th, 2005 06:14 PM

Re: NCL Dream
Greg, I do believe you about those who sailed the July cruises: I was referring to those who got off the ship last week. I should have made myself clear. As for my clients, I have been lucky and have not had a single client affected by this fianco. All the clients I had sailing Alaska this summer opt to spend more money for less days and cruise on the Sun. I have no one sailing any Alaskan ports from now til the end of the season, thank goodness. My reasoning and I realize I am coming accross like a total NCL supporter no matter what, is everyone is between a rock and a hard spot. We can all say NCL isn't doing enough, but when the question comes up: what should they do, no one seems to have an answer. I hear over and over, we can't cancel because the other lines are for less days and more money? Hello, that should tell us all something.

At least you have come out with a positve statement and are making some sense. You said you still had a great time. As I said, please do not think I have no compassion or think NCL is 100%right, I just don't know what else they can do. I have watched similar situations with other lines and the result is about the same: lots of unhappy cruisers, no real answers. let's just hope they put the ship into dry dock soon.


JL August 16th, 2005 07:47 PM

Re: NCL Dream


read this blog

gardencat August 17th, 2005 05:00 PM

Re: NCL Dream
As I said, please do not think I have no compassion or think NCL is 100%right, I just don't know what else they can do.

I haven't been reading or posting on this board for a while but I came over today to see if anyone here had more up to date news on the situation with the Dream and when I read NewMexicoNita's post I had to respond to that question.

What could NCL do?

They could start by telling their customers the truth, or at least some close approximation to it ,instead of keeping them in the dark until the very last minute when their chances of making other plans is nil.

They could offer their customers the choice of cancelling this cruise (which has become something totally different than what the customers signed up for) or if that doesn't work for the customer ,due to air and vacation schedules, offer them a reasonable on board credit as some compensation for having their cruise so drastically changed.

They could keep their Customer service agents informed so that the can give consistant and at least mostly correct answers to questions when customers call.

And last, NCL could try to form some policy for dealing with this type of situation in an organized manner. Some people, (NMN for instance) always seem to jump into threads like this to tell everyone that cruise ships miss ports and have mechanical problems all the time and if you are going to cruise you should just accept that is part of the deal. In that case, shouldn't the cruise line also be aware of the frequent occurances of this nature and have some system in place to handle it.

Apart from the disappointment of missing out on major parts of the cruise you book, it is , to me, unacceptable that people who call customer service seem to get mis-information most of the time. I also think that the way NCL has handled compensation for this situation is bound to annoy customers. In fact I find it hard to see how they could have managed to annoy customers more than to make it seem like the compebnsation they get is some sort of crap shoot: This group gets $200 per cabin, this group gets $50 per person, this group gets the chance to cancel but no compensation if they go and on and on.

I have to ask what the heck is NCL thinking?

newmexicoNita August 17th, 2005 07:24 PM

Re: NCL Dream
gardencat, I

know we have differed many times, but never have either of us referred to the other with personal insults. I do defend NCL but I am not claiming they are perfect. My referance to other lines can be found by checking the Celebrity thread on "the other" web posted just today. Same complaint, ship had mechanical problems, should have known about it, missed a port because of it and all that was offered was a lousy open bar for awhile. This is my only point. It happens on all lines, do I necessarily think it is right? NO, but it happens and cruisers are just as unhappy regardless of what lines. What can be done, I have no idea. I am just thankful I am not in top management for any of these lines. Your referrance to customer service is very true; again, this is not just a problem with NCL, again how much information management can give to these reps I do not know.

I have been very lucky, I have yet to have a serious problem with any cruise and have cruised 18 times i think (lost count) As for customer service problems, as a TA, only 1 line has given me trouble; mostly it has been rudeness, but sometimes it has gone beyond that. Will I cruise this line? I might, do I recommend it, sometimes and do I see it? sure I do.

I do feel NCL is lacking in the PR dept.


Barb Nahoumi August 18th, 2005 07:56 AM

Re: NCL Dream
The mechanical problems on the Dream are obviously worstening. NCL needs to put this ship in dry dock , repair or replace the malfunctioning systems ASAP.

Perhaps Star cruises could loan NCL a replacement ship while the repairs are underway. They aquired Super Star Leo (now NCL Spirit) when the POA accident occurred.

NCL's customer relations staff must learn to deal with passengers as people, not commodities. If they don't, there are other cruiselines with similar itineraries.

It would be to their advantage to compensate cruisers, then lose them to competition.

David Starkey August 18th, 2005 08:04 AM

Re: NCL Dream
Merchanical problems on the Dream are not new and have been ongoing for a couple of years. She either need to really be fixed or leave the fleet. Passengers don't deserve this again and agian.
If NCL can't really fix her....get rid of her. They have made more than enough money off her.

Formerfuzz August 18th, 2005 08:23 AM

Re: NCL Dream
I have ten friends sailing on her in November from Houston. I have not discussed this with them yet. , We could cancel now without penalty but to rebook on Princess or RCCL would be an additional $200 pp. My wife & I are thinking of just sailing her and hoping for a good time. I know the SEA dropped Cancun on an occasion or two due to weather, and the Dream may do the same if more time is nedded to reach Houston in. Any thoughts?

Jbart August 18th, 2005 04:10 PM

Re: Re: NCL Dream
Hello..we were on the August 1st sailing (?) of the Dream....and was NO credit given...JB

newmexicoNita August 18th, 2005 05:38 PM

Re: NCL Dream
Former, I would hold off for awhile to see if she is going into dry dock and what the lastest reports are. There are a couple of things to remember here: 1-if 2 engines are still out come Sept and nothing is going to be done anyone would want to cancel: 2-those who are the most upset are the ones who always scream the loudest. l an not saying I woudn't do the same, but there are many who have cruised the Dream in Alaska who have been able to roll with the punches. No matter how you feel I would hold off for a couple of weeks. Keep us informed and regardless of who you cruise have a wonderful experience. NMNita

Formerfuzz August 19th, 2005 08:24 AM

Re: NCL Dream
We have decided to roll with it. For what we paid for this cruise we can be flexible. Thanks for your input.

David Starkey August 19th, 2005 01:11 PM

Re: NCL Dream
A bargin isn't a bargin if your vacation doesn't deliver a decent cruise. Yes I have cruised a couple that I wished I hadn't. My vacation time and $$ were waisted.
I have heard some people say all cruises are"good". They havn't had the "luck" yet to be victims of a bad voyage.
I wish no one bad luck.....but not every ship out there delivers a good cruise(some ships just seem to repeat the same problems.),

dee L August 19th, 2005 07:41 PM

Re: Re: Re: NCL Dream
I also sailed on the Dream on July 21 and contacted NCL by phone and mail, with no satisfaction. We should at least receive the same credit as those passengers on the previous sailing ($50). Does NCL have to pay port charges even if the ship skips the port (Sitka)? Seems it is advantageous to NCL to skip a port---
Carnival had to delay sailing for one day on one cruise I booked because of hurricane warnings and we each received $100 credit. And that was weather related---not the cruise line's fault.
We enjoyed the cruise but Sitka was especially important to us and feel we were treated unfairly Wish I had read these reviews before booking.

newmexicoNita August 20th, 2005 10:54 AM

Re: NCL Dream
Dee, I don't beleive they do pay port charges, but I also don't think any ship on any line would skip a port for reasons like that. They would be crazy to do such a thing, especially right now with everyone looking for compensation. I agree with you about the $50. NCL may feel as long as clients were offered the chance to cancel they do not need to re-emburse. I do not agree. As for Carnival and the 1 day delay; that is a little different, your cruise was cut short by one day. If this was the situation on the Dream I too would expect something, but missing a port does not automatically make us entitled to a rebate, if you are paying for 7 days and only get a 6 day cruise that is different. NMNita

Cynda H August 21st, 2005 09:48 AM

Re: NCL Dream
My parents are on the Dream currently, to arrive back in Seattle Monday morning...they've checked in three or four times...I know they missed one port, didnt ask if they had missed any others...but they seem to be having a great time...rolling with it I guess...I'll report more when they're back home !

Have not heard them mention anything about onboard credit either....

newmexicoNita August 21st, 2005 12:11 PM

Re: NCL Dream
We will be waiting to hear the report.

newmexicoNita August 21st, 2005 03:18 PM

Re: NCL Dream
Brandon, personal attacks are not necessary or particularlly wanted and you are personally attacking. Not only me but my integrity. I am sure you have many loyal clients and I can assure you I have never and I mean never had a client that has been unhappy with my services. I am totally objective when it comes to what I sell, I am the first one to give an opinion of a line if asked, but I do not favor one over the other unless my clients ask for my views. I do listen closely to my clients reports when they return from cruises or any other vacation for that matter. As for having trouble dealing with any line, it must be the luck of the draw. I have had problems with another line over and over. I do not, however come on public boards and name the line and do I sell? I sure do. She is very popular and I have clients who put her at the top of their list. In all fairness, the line I am referring to seems to be easier for me now than a few years ago. You mention what commission NCL pays your company, I do not think this is a subject that needs to be discussed on this or any other board.

I do want to make something clear, I am not judging your way of selling travel as I would like to think most agents are honest and caring, please do not judge me without knowing more than you think you do.


American Pride August 21st, 2005 03:47 PM

Re: NCL Dream
From Seatrade Insider:

Norwegian Dream update
Norwegian Dream is proceeding with its revised Alaska itineraries from Seattle as the company hopes to fix an engine problem while en route. The glitch has slowed the ship for a number of cruises, with customers notified in advance of the need to drop Sitka from the port lineup in order to keep the schedule.
The on-going problem, which is affecting one engine, was caused when a connecting rod came out of the side of the engine block, NCL spokeswoman Susan Robison told Seatrade Insider. This caused the crankshaft to bend and damaged a camshaft. 'We are awaiting repair on the camshaft,' Robison said.

'We are trying to fix the problem as we go,' she added. 'If we can't then we will have to go to drydock but it looks good that we will be able to fix as we go.'

Seatrade Insider earlier reported that the problem had been fixed and erroneously said Sitka was back on the schedule. Actually, it was a separate glitch that cropped up on the last cruise that was repaired. That glitch and other factors, including a tour bus breakdown in Prince Rupert, had caused Norwegian Dream to arrive late back into Seattle last week, necessitating the need to drop Ketchikan on the current sailing.

Customers on that cruise had been given the option to cancel penalty-free; those who sailed are receiving a $300 per cabin shipboard credit.

American Pride August 21st, 2005 03:57 PM

Re: NCL Dream
Additionally I agree with Nita....there is no room on these boards for personal attacks. If a person has a bad review then post it, if a perosn has a good review then post it. As a travel agent you get the opinions of your clients and rightfully as a good business person you should support your clients, but as a proffesional you should also draw the line at attacking someones credibility just because they disagree with you. Mr Marsh you would gain a whole lot more credibility relaying your own recent personal experiences on NCL than by spewing at others who post on this board.

newmexicoNita August 21st, 2005 04:04 PM

Re: NCL Dream
Brian, you are correct, I do side with the cruie lines most of the time. I have not sided with them totally when it comes to the Dream with the exception of saying "what more can they do"? yes, the ship is a disaster at this time, did I sell it this summer no and partly because the few times I mentioned it my clients were taken back by the lower price and questioned me: I was honest with them. Did I sell the Sea a lot, you bet? Why because for the price it was a great deal as long as the clients knew she was older and the cabins were dinky. I try very hard, as I said to match my clients to what would be best for them. If I have someone who wants to go to Vegas for a few days, i know they are motel, not hotel people and don't care about the glitz and dazzle I put them downtown. If, on the otherhand they have money and like 1st class it's the newer properties on the strip; same with Hawaii, those who want the best and the beach would probably get me to suggest Hilton Hawaiin Village; those who want to golf and relax, but don't want the best would be just as happy off the beach. I don't know if the difference in our selling attitude is due to where we live, how long we have been in the business, how many times each of us has personally traveled or what. Now you are saying I do not give full disclosure? What would you possibly mean by that? Full disclosure as to commissions, of course not, our agency get about the same from all cruise lines. I often book Vegas tour, Disney tours, etc where my commission is peanuts, but my clients get the same service. If you are talking full disclosure as to resorts and cruise ships that isn't totally true. I have yet to give my personal preferences unless asked. If a client were to ask me the difference between RCI and NCL I would most likely say, 1st it does depend on the ship, but more than anything freestyle. The difference in RCI and Celebrity; upscale and a bit of snobbery compared to not quite the service but a more relaxed atmosphere. I would like to think you could respect my views as I respect yours but obviously this can not be the case. As for my selling techniques driving clients to the internet, I believe again, that is your opinion and probably totally uncalled for. My understanding of these boards; we are here to give opinions, sometimes not agreeing at all and to have some fun while doing so. I learn from comments and suggestions as well as knowing others learn from my experiences gained from traveling the world. If you have been reading my post all over the boards as you say (even though I only post on two boards) and totally disagree with my views feel free to email me, but please leave the persaonal insults out of this.


Brandon_Marsh August 21st, 2005 06:10 PM

Re: NCL Dream
What you see as a personal attack I see as an opportunity to be fair and equitable. many people who post here are not travel industry professionals and do not have the the benefit or misfortune of dealing with the cruise lines on a daily basis. So when a person uses the title of travel agent and starts posting "opinions" on this site and others people may give that information more weight than other postings. I view my comments here as an opportunity to balance out the comments you have made about this particular cruise line. All is not well with NCL. The Dream is just the most recent incident. They are in fact very difficult to deal with when problems arise and they do have a long history of customer service issues. As for the NCL Employee, American Pride his comment, " Mr Marsh you would gain a whole lot more credibility relaying your own recent personal experiences on NCL than by spewing at others who post on this board" I will say to you, My comments are very much related to my personal experiences with NCL. Most every single thing I mentioned in all of my posts are related to my experience in dealing with NCL on behalf of my clients. As for my personal experience with NCL. I have sailed 2 times and both of those were adequate. Nothing more than adequate. I found the service to be marignal at best. The ship was well maintained and the food was edible. Not really the "dream" (no pun intended) vacation I want to sell my clients.

Brandon_Marsh August 21st, 2005 06:54 PM

Re: NCL Dream
as far as emailing you if I disagree with your views....thats a bit like giving you immunity against prosecution for being involved in a hit and run accident or doing a drive by shooting. Am I to belive that you should be able to post whatever you like here with absolute immunity against being questioned regarding your motivation and or credibility? This is not the first instance of you getting into a pissing match over your comments in defense of the cruise lines. And you always seem to take the victim stance when someone vehemently disagrees with you. Its like the bully who finally gets called to the carpet and then starts crying they are being picked on.

Fern August 21st, 2005 07:12 PM

Re: NCL Dream
Cheap Floosie and/or Brandon (,

If you knew which cruiseline AmericanPride worked for, why did you ask him to "disclose" that information? Anyone who reads this board even semi-regularly knows that he works for NCL. I happen to enjoy reading his posts. We haven't even been on NCL yet, but I'm not at all worried.

I've read many of NMNita's posts (on this and another site) and don't find that she's "defending" any cruiseline. She just tells it like it is. Even I, as a "mere" cruiser, know that the cruiselines can change almost anything without any compensation. If they allow you to cancel with no penalty or give a credit, that's great IMO. I've read the fine print.

I do know that the TA we used for our first cruises was not at all interested in booking our next cruise on NCL. I found another TA, much like Nita who, after talking with me was more than happy to book our cruise. We are very informal, easygoing people. If this cruise is a disaster (and I don't expect it to be) then I will have learned something.

Right now I wouldn't book the Dream, but after it's drydocked, I wouldn't have any problem booking it.

Post Edited (08-22-05 08:37)

American Pride August 21st, 2005 07:20 PM

Re: NCL Dream
Nope, I've never hid who I worked for. And I'll also tell you in the 18 years I've been at sea I've worked for all of the "big 3" cruise lines. I've also heard identical complaints about all 3. I have tried to be fair, I have critisized my company when they needed to be. However, in this thread, I'm not really taking issue with who's right and who's wrong. The Dream is broke, it's getting fixed. they missed ports, people were compensated, end of story. I am taking issue with, yes I'll say it again, spewing personal attacks against people who post. Now if you would have spit out the same stuff against someone on the other side of the story I would have said the same thing. Bottom line is people have experiences good and bad, people have opinions good and bad. I dont believe the owners of this board set it up for you to pop in here and belittle someone because their opinion differes from yours. State your case, prove your case, let others make up their minds.Enough said *poof* be gone........

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