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Kuki April 22nd, 2008 08:20 AM

Newly adjusted cover charges for Restaurants
The prices listed below are NEW effective for those boarding the next cruise.

I'm on the Jade, and these take effect for those boarding tomorrow. I am assuming these changes are fleetwide - if not I'll report that later this evening.

Le Bistro: $15 per person - DOWN from $20 PP
Cagney’s: $20 per person - DOWN from $25 PP
Jasmine Garden & Shabu Shabu: $15 per person - unchanged
Sushi: $15 per person - unchanged
Teppanyaki: $25 per person - unchanged
Papa’s Italian: $10 per person - unchanged
Le Bistro Brunch: $15 per person

Also, FYI, cover charge for children under 12 is half the cover charge. And between 5:30 and 7 P.M. each evening there is 2 for 1 cover charge specials.

The cost included restaurants remain unchanged: Grand Pacific Dining Room, Aizar Dining Room, Paniolo’s Tapas & Salsa Restaurant, Blue Lagoon, and the Garden Café/Kid’s Café, and Great Outdoors, as well as the Action Station evenings in the Garden Café.

beenie weenie April 22nd, 2008 08:55 AM

I have to respectfully disagree
Kuki. Sorry please don't shoot the messenger, someone has given you some incorrect information regarding the current/previous prices. Nothing has gone down in price, and actually if the new pricing they gave you is correct, and I understand they have already raised the prices on some of their other ships, then it will have increased in three of the onboard restaurants.
Here are the prices from our November Pearl cruise, I am referring back to the dailies, these were the same as the prices we paid at surcharge restaurants on the Sun in March 2007 as well and our recent Spirit cruise. Until recently there has never been a charge for the Italian restuarant. I will be more than glad to forward you a copy of our dailies, but I can tell you I am 100% certain the past pricing NCL has provided to you is incorrect, and none of the restaurants have gone down in price. I am not saying the restaurants are not worth extra $$$, but someone has made an error if they are saying they are lowering the prices in the speciality restaurants.

Le Bistro: $15 per person - SAME November:$15
Cagney’s: $20 per person - SAME November $20
Jasmine Garden & Shabu Shabu: $15 per person - UP $5 November $10
Sushi: $15 per person - SAME November $15
Teppanyaki: $25 per person - UP $5 November $20
Papa’s Italian: $10 per person - UP $10 November: NO CHARGE
Le Bistro Brunch: $15 per person November: previously unavailable

Also regarding children under 12, previously there was no charge if the child ordered from the childrens menu. A couple of weeks ago they attempted to charge full price for the kids, but when I questioned it, the gentleman I spoke to said it was up to the discretion of the manager on duty whether or not they charged for the children or not.

Kuki April 22nd, 2008 09:55 AM

Beenie... I was going by the prices I noted during THIS cruise. We dined in the specialty restaurants, as noted in the Virtual Cruise Report. When those prices were put into effect I can't say...but they were what was being charged on this cruise.

From your cruise in Nov. , it appears they may have raised the prices on some of those restaurants after you cruised.... and it seems have reconsidered their pricing policies. Don't ask me LOL

I know last spring when I sailed on the Jewel Mama's Kitchen had no cover charge, so obviously things changed between spring and your November cruise.

beenie weenie April 22nd, 2008 10:13 AM

We just cruised the Spirit two weeks ago and the prices were the same as November's Pearl cruise as well. I used the Pearl as an example though because it was the same class of ship with more similar facilities.

I wonder if that was what that ship was charging when it was part of NCLA. Not sure but one thing that has been pretty consistent fleet wide are the prices in the speciality restaurants since we first cruised NCL in January 2005. Perhaps they've been doing some market research on the Jade lately. Things are changing rapidly with NCL since Apollo has entered the picture. I have to say I felt strongly service quality had improved on our last cruise when compared to our November Pearl cruise, and for the most part the Pearl's service was pretty decent.

Prices are creeping up though. Fuel surcharge has increased to $9 per day on NCL. Restaurants are increasing. Lots of daily activities for an extra charge, some have a lot of value. If they have the Martini tasting on the Jade and you can hold your liquor, it is a bargain at $15 pp. We had a ball, made great friends there, but unfortunately I cannot hang with the big dogs. We went to a few of these "tastings" scheduled throughout our two week repo cruise on the Spirit. The first time we "tasted" (drank) 6 martinis, the second one we "tasted" (drank) 7 martinis and the third one we had eight... I had to go to bed... it was not pretty. But they just tasted so good and went down so smooth. I am sure with your vast knowledge of the bar business, you will absolutely nail the martini trivia.

Hope you are having fun! Wish I was there.

jefarl April 22nd, 2008 11:20 AM

I'm not sure about the other restaurants but here is the response I got from NCL on two changes from FREE to cover charge on the Dawn_

"Effective 4/20 sailing on the Dawn the Italian and Tex-mex restaurant will have cover charge of $ 10.00 per person."

Kuki April 22nd, 2008 05:24 PM

Onboard the Jade with me now are the Director of Public Relations, and Manager of Public Relations.

I asked about this briefly again tonight prior to dinner. It was explained to me that Jade pricing was indeed different. The pricing I quoted as existing earlier were put in place along with the Freestyle 2.0 upgrades.

The "new pricing" I quoted is what has been settled on now, and will be effective on the next cruise. And will be the norm on all ships, as they make the switchover to Freestyle 2.0.

I'll once again go over these pricing policies, and policies on the cost included restaurants in France, where we'll be meeting with other NCL Executives. I'll get to the bottom of it, with a complete list :)

beenie weenie April 22nd, 2008 05:39 PM

Thanks Kuki! We'll look forward to hearing from you.

shoreguy April 22nd, 2008 09:56 PM


Originally Posted by beenie weenie
Thanks Kuki! We'll look forward to hearing from you.

Kuki has it right as usual. Even this week on the Gem the first to increase or add fees suddenly no more surcharge for Tex Mex.

beenie weenie April 22nd, 2008 10:21 PM

Sorry but I never saw Kuki mention TexMex did he? I am pretty sure Kuki is saying that the Jades pricing was different than the rest of the NCL ships to start with, which is why it may have initially seemed as though prices were decreasing, but in fact in the big picture when they implement these new prices across the board, it will actually mean pricing increases in several of the restaurants on most of the ships regardless of what they do with TexMex.

I knew they had started increasing prices in some of the restaurants on the Gem, which is why Kuki's post and the prices didn't jibe, especially to say prices went down, perhaps they did only on the Jade, but not on any other ship, given the pricing he posted.

Oh BTW Kuki, I went by your NOLA hotel and checked it out as you requested, It's in a fine area, looks nice. People at the front desk were very friendly. But they wouldn't let me have a room key so I could try out the bed for ya.

Delft April 25th, 2008 03:47 AM

ON NCL GEM we did not pay cover charges for Tex Mex or Italian in January 08. I personally would not eat at Papas if they did charge, it was OK but not great. We all liked Tex Mex a great deal, but again I wont pay extra for food . We did go to Cagneys and that for sure was not worth it, and I say clearly food is very subjective but we were in age ranges from 17 to 70 in a rather large group and we all said that the main dinning room offered better than what we had. It was a nice and lovely time , but not so that I would pay again, but glad we tried it and then we have made our own decision.

nmnita April 25th, 2008 09:29 AM

From what Shoreguy and Kuki have said and what I have read on other threads in the past few days, some of the ships added sur charges or upped the previous charges and may be re-adjusting. Even if you sailed a month ago don't assume the price you paid for XXX restaurant is what you would pay today. With all the changes and 2.0 I think is is best for us to play the waiting game. It may take them another few months to decide what prices are appropriate for what dining venues and what the market will bare.

Nita :roll:

BigE11378 April 26th, 2008 11:00 AM

i have emailed the ship coordinators to ask what the cost is per ship per restaraunt

Kuki April 26th, 2008 11:04 AM

I spoke with Colin Veitch about this yesterday. The pricing policies will be in a state of some fluctuation over the next short while, while they "play" with the pricing to try and gauge their response.

The plan is to charge $10 in the Tex Mex for a time on some ships. If the reaction is negative it'll disappear.

The spin (if you are a cynic and want to judge it that way?) is to see optimum use of all restaurants onboard, and lower the chance of line ups at any.

They'll judge success by that criteria...and pricing will reflect what works best to achieve that goal.

BigE11378 April 26th, 2008 11:09 AM

even paying a bit extra in some of the restaraunts is worth it versus the cost of other cruise lines. you still spend less on NCL

tigger34 April 29th, 2008 04:15 PM

I agree with BigE. We spent $30 per person on Celebrity. I also heard they have an unlimited sushi menu for $10 per person. I haven't sailed with them for a long time, can any of you confirm this?
Thanks! :D

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