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Toranut1997 June 13th, 2006 05:06 PM


We were supposed to sail this Friday, the 16th, on the Nautica from Istanbul to Athens -- with extensions at both ends. We booked this trip in August of last year. Today, Oceania called and BUMPED US!!!!!!!!

They said they overboioked the trip and we were out. Apparently it doesn't matter how early you book or pay --- just that you are a repeat client. Yes, we will receive a 100% refund, and we will receive a 50% discount (they say) on a future cruise -- but I don't trust them and will never EVER book with them again.

We had received our documents and everything, and were so excited about this trip. Curse you, Oceania!!!!

P.S. The fellow at the travel agency said this had happened twice in the last few months with Oceania -- no other line. Let the buyer beware!!!!!

Mike M June 13th, 2006 05:26 PM

Three days before the cruise is ridiculous and I would consider a refund and a 50% off coupon for compensation less than equitable, even though it is within their rights to do it.

What are they doing about air, hotels and other expenses or did you book them through Oceania and are they including that in the refund? I would be raising some pointed complaints and specific requests for compensation with Oceania Customer Service and Del Rio on this one.

Work with your agent to make sure that you receive equitable compensation.

Take care,

Irish Shark June 13th, 2006 05:58 PM

I agree with Mike. On our next cruise, I have $5000 of non-cruise related expense all prepaid and nonrefundable.

I would be on the phone with the TA and Oceania demanding that they put you back on. Let them bump somebody else who booked after the ship was sold out.

Toranut1997 June 13th, 2006 07:15 PM

Thanks for the supportive responses. I plan to complain to high heaven about this. In the mean time, we managed to book a trip (completely different!!!) with Holland America for a similar time period. Normally this would be a hugely anticipated trip -- now it is a consolation prize! I am grateful to travel at all, tho, and we will enjoy the alternative trip.

Toranut1997 June 14th, 2006 11:24 PM

After many twists, turns and phone efforts, comes the following (from

Hello everyone. I was out of town today, just got home and read the posts.
I became aware of the issue this afternoon and I probably don't know all the facts YET.

For now let me say this, whatever the facts are, we blew it BIG time!
The company obviously handled this situation wrong, without sensitivity and not very smartly.

My sincere apologies, not just to Seesick and Toranut97, but to all our guests who may now be worried about their upcoming cruises.

This is the first time, that I can recall, having had an oversold problem lead to us having to ask guests to consider alternatives. If indeed our employees tried to involuntarily "move" guests, let me tell you that it was wrong to do so, that this is not our policy, will never be our policy and I will make certain that a repeat never happens again. If we did have an oversold situation, which by the way, I agree should not happen 7 days prior to sail date, we should have asked for volunteers and offered compensation sufficient to motivate some to take the offer. In this manner, it is the guest's decision to take the alternative, not the cruise lines.

In the meantime, I would like to address the rest of my post to Seesick and Toranut 97.

Seesick, I'm happy to learn that the family is going on your planned cruise. I will personally see to it that we add a $500 Shipboard credit to each person's onboard account to spend as they see fit as a small token of our sincere apologies for the stress we put your family through the last 48 hours or so.

Toranut97: I want you on our ships!! If we told you we have your cabin, then go and enjoy the Greek Isles and I will refund you whatever you paid HAL. If HAL later reimburses you, you can keep the windfall as compensation for the stress we put you through. You will also receive a $500 per person Shipboard credit to spend onboard.

Again, my sincerest apologies to all. You have my assurances, that something like this will never happen again.


This is from Mr. Del Rio, president of Oceania. We are more than okeased, and expect to make our long awaited trip. Hooray!!! Thanks, supportiuve friends.


Mike M June 15th, 2006 12:32 AM


I am glad that this worked out and that you finally had a resolution but I am sorry it took some blood, sweat and tears to make it happen.

I also commend Frank Del Rio for doing the right thing and stepping to the plate and doing the right thing and correcting the situation and offering you a very equitable compensation for your stress and their problem.

Take care,

cruiztime June 4th, 2007 07:18 PM

It's nice to know that Frank DelRio is a man who does the right thing.

We are sailing on Oceania for the first time in March 2008 and I know we will enjoy our cruise. Frank gets a 10 in my book. We have sailed on the R4 before in Tahiti and we loved the ship.

Really looking forward to sailing with Oceania and Thanks Frank for being the leader that you are - much success with your new ships.

William V. August 9th, 2007 02:53 PM

:-? :cry: :x We took this same cruise. Count you're blessings and NEVER CRUISE WITH OCEANIA unless you like being RUDELY treated and WASTING money! Our cabin was very NOISY and we could see the light from next door coming in around the wall. We had the SMALLEST shower I've ever seen - 14" wide! We had brown water coming out all the time. We got food POISONING. When we went down to mention it to the doctor we were billed $150.00. The food was very inconstant. The "country club casual" was facistly enforced and really meant you didn't have to wear a tie. Absolutely the WORST tendering service we've ever encountered. Sometimes over and hour and a half to get off the boat. When we docked we docked furthest out. NO shuttle help. NO signs. NO water. NO help...The tenders BROKE down. The AC on the bus went out - 110 degrees inside! Oceania dissuades kids but they are there anyway and have absolutely nothing to do so they end up roving in gangs and being disruptive - can't blame them. Even though the ships are small and have a high crew to passenger ratio the design really creates choke points like the Pool (very very small), the gym, the spa. They were all very crowed and INACCESIBLE. NO public space fore or aft to watch the sunset (only the bar or restaurant, indoors with SMOKE and NOISE) - you have to RENT a cabana for hundreds of dollars! Through it all we tried to raise our concerns with the management and were treated like treasonous FOOLS. Their attitude was as if nothing could possible be WRONG with Oceania. To top it off it was very very hot on the whole trip.

Sorry you missed Istanbul (great), Venice (try not to go in July or Aug.) and Almafi. It was a great itenerary and we loved the places we say - but magic (as it should have been) it wasn't. I would highly recommend going on say Princess for half the price or spending a little more for a true luxury line.

Good luck.

Ron n Jon February 29th, 2008 07:50 PM

William V., we have encountered each other on other forms and I hope we can prevent resorting to name calling and innunedo on this posting, for I really would like to comments on some of the charges made about Oceania. Obviously you had a very unpleasant cruise but we cannot understand the basics of some of your complaints. And no, we are not Oceania employees.

You talk of hot and uncomfortable. If anything on the Amazon tour we wished they had turned down the air conditioning especially in the dinning room. On the other hand, a bus' air conditioning breaking down is hardly Oceania's fault as this can happen on any line. When you speak of smoke, we assume you mean passenger's smoking and I'm sure you will agree that there is no other line that curtails smoking more than Oceania. We sure did appreciate the smoke free ship especially the Casino. One can choke to death on other lines. As to the two small smoking areas permissible on Oceania we avoided them like the plague that they are.

The small shower I will give you and I am a big man. But brown water? Not in our 27-day venture with them. And we were on the Amazon... A fellow passenger who tripped and fell on one of our excursions was treated by the ship doctor and his bill ended up being but a hand shake.

Not all personal cruise are fun nor meet expectations. It has happened to us. But it is important to keep it in persprctive and lay the blame where it truly belongs. Yes, in some cases it's the cruise line itself. In others it the fellow passengers. But sometimes when thing don't go as planned, the personal problems escalate and suddenly the shortcomings becomes the fault the carrier.

Oceania is not nor could not be the cruise line to end all cruise lines. But it has presented an alternative to the crowded and hectic cruises offered by others. I wish that you had had a better journey but whatever the pitfalls that were presented to you, surely the carrier was not tottaly at fault.

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