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Topper October 10th, 2000 07:11 PM

Cozumel Shore Excursions - HELP!

Has anyone done any of the following:

1) Yachting to Dunns's River Falls, OR
2) Catamaran Cruise & Dunn's River Falls

Which is better - the difference in price is $32/person - is it worth it? Are either
worth doing at all?

3) Tulum, Lost Civilization of Mayans

My concern about Tulum is that it takes up the entire day. Is a trip to the ruins worth the time investment? Have friends sailing with us who want to do it - but we're not too sure. Help - feedback welcome.

luvtocruise October 11th, 2000 02:53 PM

RE: Cozumel Shore Excursions - HELP!
Can't comment on the trips to Dunn River Falls except that I have been to the falls and would never go back. As to Tulum, GO!! I realize that is an entire day with alot of time spent on the bus, but I loved it. The ruins were so amazing. I would love to see them again!!!!

cathyjane October 11th, 2000 09:48 PM

RE: Cozumel Shore Excursions - HELP!
Haven't done Dunn's River Falls, but would like to since it's my last name. We have done the Ruins at Tulum. It is a fairly long bus ride and they stop at a little roadside tourist trap to try and sell you their goods. We made a pretty good deal on a hand made tablecloth. The bathrooms, which you need by the time they make the stop are deplorable, you would be better off finding a tree.
The Ruins are pretty fascinating, the day we were there it sprinkled pretty much the whole time we were there but it was still a part of history you won't experience in too many places. The view from the highest point overlooking the ocean is the most beautiful water I've experienced.
Before the ride back we had lunch at a little mall area where the buses unload and is obviously authentic Mexican, which is great if you like that kind of food, of which I do.
My take, I'm glad we did it once but I don't think I would revisit it. Do it once, you won't regret it!!

norm October 14th, 2000 12:54 AM

RE: Cozumel Shore Excursions - HELP!

In Ocho Rios, I highly recommend the shore excursion that combines a tour of Prospect Plantation with the visit to Dunn's River Falls. Prospect Plantation is really fascinating. The terrain is quite rugged (Jamaica's Blue Ridge, which exceeds 6300 feet above sea level, is higher than Mount Washington!), so there's quite a science to the way in which they plant crops in various altitude zones. Be sure to wear your swimsuit under your street clothes and to brng along a towel from the ship and a pair of Surfwalkers (available at most major sporting goods stores) to climb the Dunn's River Falls, too! It's not a particularly difficult climb, so long as you have the right shoes. One woman who did it was 99 years old. The tour also includes a brief shopping stop, where you might want to pick up some Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee since it's a great souvenir for your coffee-drinking friends.

In Cozumel, I could go either way with the trip to Tulum. It's a fascinating trip, but it does consume the whole day. If you opt to take that trip, be sure that each person in your party has a large bottle of water and drinks regularly as you tour the ruins, as the area tends to be quite warm (90's) even in the middle of winter.

If you opt not to go to Tulum, the tour which combines the Mexican Folkloric Show in San Miguel de Cozumel with a visit to the Mayan ruins at San Gervasio is a great alternative that consumes much less of the day. The ruins at San Gervasio are not anywhere near as extensive as the ruins at Tulum, but they are much more significant because the island of Cozumel is a holy place in the Mayan religion.


Carolyn October 21st, 2000 10:07 AM

RE: Cozumel Shore Excursions - HELP!
We did the Trimaran Cruise to Dunn's River Falls in 1999 (Sea Princess) and loved it. Even though the weather was not the greatest. It was windy, cool and rainy so the trip was pretty rocky. Climbing the falls was lots of fun with everybody holding hands to help everybody get up. The guides were great, they would take your camera & shoot pictures for you at certain places. The trip back to the ship was a good party time with music, dancing & rum punch to drink. The trimaran crew really got everybody going. I recommend this trip.

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