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MIKE March 23rd, 2001 10:00 PM

Scuba/Snorkeling Question
This is probably a stupid question... but here goes!

What does one do with their passport/cruise ID etc when doing underwater activities. Are there lockers at the beaches... or the cruise terminal?

Are their water proof hip packs that you can buy to protect your ID? I've looked and haven't seen any.

My wife and I are taking our 1st cruise on the Ocean Princess on 4/8 and have booked a few Discover Scuba and Snorkeling excursions... we 're just not sure what to do with our valuables for these water activities.

All comments appreciated!


michael March 24th, 2001 02:03 PM

Re: Scuba/Snorkeling Question
Mike, we are leaving tomorrow morning on the Ocean Princess. We are also doing some snorkelling and went to a diving shop and purchased a watertight small flat waist pack for passport, money, credit cards etc. We did not think it would be a good idea to leave that stuff on the beach. Still have not really figured out what to do with the camera. I hope that you get some more answers to your question today, so that I get a chance to read them also. Enjoy.

Debbie March 24th, 2001 02:03 PM

Re: Scuba/Snorkeling Question
We brought one of those waterproof fanny bags which really work, although we try and keep the contents down to a minimum just our cruise cards and enough money for the day we have never taken our passports out with us always left them in the safe in the cabin. To be on the safe side you could always put money etc in a small plastic bag tie a knot in the top so it is air tight and then put it in a waterproof fanny pack, or try it out at home put it in the sink to check it does not leak before your cruise, hope you have a great time.

aerotd March 26th, 2001 10:07 AM

Re: Scuba/Snorkeling Question
CAUTION! If you are doing any SCUBA diving be sure to get a waterproof container at a real dive shop. The water pressure will cause any other type of waterproof bag to leak when you dive. If all you are doing is snorkeling I bet any type of waterproof bag would be fine for credit cards, ID, money, etc. But I would not bring an expensive camera anywhere near the water. We always only take an ID, some cash, and maybe a credit card with us. No need to carry passports or anything of real value that can't easily be replaced. Besides, water won't hurt cash or plastic cards. The best type of waterproof bag we have used is a small platis box that has rubber seals all around the egdes and can be tied to your clothing or hooked onto your scuba gear. They are available at any dive shop. We've also used the clear plastic bag type bag that is like a heavy duty ziploc that then folds down several times at the opening and velco's shut. This works great on out boat but, I don't know if it would leak if pulled under water very far. Have a GREAT time. You will LOVE SCUBA.

Bob March 27th, 2001 07:21 AM

Re: Scuba/Snorkeling Question
leave your passport in the cabin, only carry your cruise card and a bit of money. You can get waterproof containers just about anwhere that sells "beach stuff". Get the kind wthat has the "clamps"

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