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Shadow April 16th, 2001 02:08 PM

Princess Patter
Does anyone know of any web site where they are posted ?

Nanatravel April 16th, 2001 03:39 PM

Re: Princess Patter
Not me. But I have the 3/18 week's copies from the Grand if you have any particular questions.

MacTarheel April 16th, 2001 04:08 PM

Re: Princess Patter
Hi Shadow...

I do not know of a Web site either, but also have the Princess Patters from the Grand Princess last week, April 8 - 15. I too will be happy to answer questions or scan a paritcular issue that you may need.

Bob "MacTarheel"

RTK April 16th, 2001 09:18 PM

Re: Princess Patter
Dear Bob,

Glad to hear that someone kept their Princess Patters.

My wife and I are going on the Grand June 10th and we will be renewing our wedding vows. Did the Patters tell you what day the renewals are held? I think I've read that they are held on Monday? Any set time?

I've enjoyed reading your posts and love that "Love Boat" music.

I'm trying to talk my wife into the Regatta on St. Maarten as it sounds like a lot of fun.

54 days and counting... Do you know how soon we should get our shore excursion booklet?

Thanks for any info...


MacTarheel April 17th, 2001 08:20 AM

Re: Princess Patter
Hi Bob... (what a GREAT name!)

Congratulations on the renewal of your wedding vows. In honor of you and your wife, I'm playing a song that was played at our wedding almost twenty-nine years ago. In answer to your questions, since the weddings and vows renewals are private ceremonies, they are not announced in the Patter. However, my wife and I remember seeing a large group of couples near the chapel late Friday (at sea day) afternoon as we were waiting to go to first seating dinner. They even had the hall blocked off. One of the cruise director's staff was there wearing a corsage and when I inquired, she said they we performing the renewal of vows. I do not know if this is a set procedure or if it changes weekly. The chapel and the flowers were really beautiful. They appeared to be busy all week with weddings. It's really a nice option for those wanting to be married on the cruise.

I booked our cruise late, so we received our ticket package including the excursion information about twelve days before our cruise. I booked the regatta online and the tickets were on the desk in our stateroom when we arrived. Please try to talk your wife into the yacht race (see the attached flyer). It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience and sooooo much fun. You can go shopping or snorkeling in many places, but this adventure is available in only a couple of locations in the world. My wife is slightly prone to sea sickness and she took a Bonine tablet that morning and had no problems. She really loved it too. You do not have to know anything about sailing. The crew of three handle all of the technical chores. The passenger crew provide the manual labor. You can participate as much or as little you wish, but I encourage you to join in.

Thanks for the kind words about my messages. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask here or write privately.

Bob "MacTarheel"

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Leslie April 17th, 2001 08:21 AM

Re: Princess Patter
This link is a great site by a former cruiser on the Grand. They posted some Patters here.


brownspointer April 17th, 2001 01:45 PM

Re: Princess Patter
We just returned from the Sun Princess Panama Canal 4/5 - 4/15. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Helen April 17th, 2001 03:21 PM

Re: Princess Patter
McTarheel : Your music is wonderful, I hate to turn it off. It brightens my day. LOL Helen.l

RTK April 18th, 2001 07:06 AM

Re: Princess Patter
Dear Bob,

Thanks a lot for the reply.

The song "We've Only Just Begun" was my wife's wedding song to her 1st husband back in the 70's. We cracked up. We enjoyed a good laugh! We're both been married before and neither have any bitterness about them.

Thanks for the regatta. Looks like we might just try it.

We're still waiting for our shore excursion book to arrive before we make any commitment to any excursion. I've read the posts and the say we should be receiving them any day. It's down to 53 days till the cruise.

Thanks again.

MacTarheel April 18th, 2001 08:44 AM

Re: Princess Patter
Yo Bob....

Boy, is <u>MY</u> face <font size=+1 color=red>RED!!!!</font> I'm certainly glad that you and your wife have a good sense of humor and got a chuckle out of it. Actually, the version of this song is "We've Only Just Begun... The Second Time Around." <grins> Again, congatulations to you both.

I do hope that you will try the yacht races. Be sure to buy a t-shirt at the end.

the "other" Bob...

Bob "MacTarheel"

Nanatravel April 18th, 2001 01:23 PM

Re: Princess Patter
Bob, vows seem to be exchanged throughout the week. I know that these things need appointments, as a Bridal couple were put on a waiting list as the appointments were full and they were trying to book their wedding at least 4 months in advanceand were seeking an alternative on land, if they don't get a time slot on board. You may wish to have your TA contact the Wedding coordinator to check. Also, have them find out when your pre-cruise packet was mailed. Ours arrived direct from California about 63 days before sailing, right after final payment was made through TA. The America's Cup regetta and the Champagne Catamaran tours in St. Thomas seem to be the #1 tours for St. Martin and St. Thomas.
Bon Voyage

Dennis April 19th, 2001 08:36 PM

Re: Princess Patter
First time on these boards - how do I get the pics with this post?? thanks

MacTarheel April 19th, 2001 08:57 PM

Re: Princess Patter
Hi Dennis...

Welcome aboard. There is a blank line just above the text box that says "Attachment:" to the left and "Browse..." to the right. If you click on Browse, it will open a window to your hard drive. Simply select the picture (typically in the JPEG or ".jpg" file format) and click on it. It will automatically upload the photo from your hard drive to the Web page.

Important note... be sure the picture name does not contain any space or symbols, only letters and numbers. This Web site does not like file names with blanks in it.

I've attached a photo I took of the Grand Princess at St. Thomas last year.

Hope this helps.

Bob "MacTarheel"

Matt April 21st, 2001 01:35 AM

Re: Princess Patter
Song attachment was great! You sound like the adventerous type, so am I. My wife and I are on the Grand 5/6 (2nd time), think I saw that you are too. Let me know, maybe we can meet for a drink at the terrace pool when boarding.

MacTarheel April 21st, 2001 06:48 AM

Re: Princess Patter
Hi Matt!!!

Since you like the music, I'll play one for just for you and your bride.

Thanks for the "invite" to partake in a welcome aboard beverage. I would love to meet you and your wife in person. Unfortunately, I will not be joining you on the May 6 cruise, although I wish I were. We just completed our second cruise on the Grand on April 15 so it'll be about another year. The Grand is the only ship that we've repeated, and we are considering sailing her a third time next year on the Western Caribbean itinerary.

From the other posts on this board, particularly "grand: 5/6" topic, there are quite a few from this board joining you. Perhaps you could get together on the ship for your own mini-Cruisemates cruise. You might consider e-mailing them as well as posting a message at "Meet On Board" to make some connections. Please hoist a cool one for me.

Bob "MacTarheel"

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Shadow April 21st, 2001 10:47 AM

Re: Princess Patter
Thanks to all who replied.Your info was helpful.

Sharonbel April 25th, 2001 12:08 PM

Re: Princess Patter
I have tried to locate those photos of the decks on the luck...Is it I put in Mark269665 and nothing happened...could someone help me? We are going on the Grand 5/20....Can't wait

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