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Kuki September 17th, 2001 02:52 PM

Golden Princess in Med being escorted
This is an update from friends how are presently on the Golden Princess in the med.
we are well - left Istanbul last night - WE ARE BEING ESCORTED BY ITALIAN WARSHIPS - stopping in Athens to let 400 pax off on charter flights - then we will make a dash to Barcelona - Princess doing an excellent jobs - ships services are also excellent - we were told that the transatlantic will go as scheduled - we don't believe that - things change by the hour - Capt keeping us informed - we are hoping Golden will head straight for Ft. Laud when we leave Barcelona - we feel comfortable and safe but anxious to get home - finally getting CNN so we know everything that is happening - hope all of you are well - will keep in touch

Donna September 17th, 2001 08:05 PM

Re: Golden Princess in Med being escorted
Thanks for that update from trb, hope she gets home safely. Its unfortunate that the cruise is changing the itinary, but better safe than sorry, glad everything else on Golden is fine.

Tuesday Chat Host

dsawyer September 18th, 2001 06:46 AM

Re: Golden Princess in Med being escorted
Thanks, Kuki,
I am so surprised that no one has picked up on this posting. Why do you suppose that war ships are escorting The Golden Princess? Is war imminent or is the threat of terrorism so high that The state of Italy must send warships to protect this ship? Any clues? Are other cruise ships around the world being protected or just The Golden? Thanks for the posting.

John F September 18th, 2001 09:42 AM

Re: Golden Princess in Med being escorted
Hi Kuki, Thanks for posting the latest info from the Golden. I quess Priscilla and myself are lucky in the long run that we did not make it over to Istanbul last week. We certainly hope everyone one on board now gets home safely. It sure sounds like Princess is trying to done a good job of taking care of it's passengers. We are already rebooked on the Golden "Med." cruise for next 06/07/02. Hope you guys make it down here to Florida this week for your upcoming cruises. John & Priscilla

cruisin'dj September 18th, 2001 01:23 PM

Re: Golden Princess in Med being escorted
in light of the events of 9/11, it appears everyone, that is all countries, are doing their best to protect and assure that citizens and visitors are safe. based on what happened to the "uss cole" , i think an escort is a prudent move. being a veteren member of the law enforcement community, however, i can say with certainty that the reason the trade center and pentagon were targeted on 9/11 is because of what they represented POLITICALLY. these were symbols of the united states. a cruise ship, particularly one of british registry, with a multi national crew and passenger makeup, does not hold this distinction. while it is prudent to take every precaution, including the warship escort, i believe we are very safe aboard a cruise ship.also keep in mind that if we let these people dictate or change our travel plans, they have, in a sense, won a victory.
go and enjoy a cruise, and keep strong in the fact that we must never, ever, let an evil few impact the freedoms of the many.
cruisin' dj

Kuki September 18th, 2001 04:07 PM

Re: Golden Princess in Med being escorted
The Golden is the only one I've heard of being escorted, but I can't be sure, of course. It may be because the ship left from Istanbul, but from what I understand the escort is strictly precautionary.
Below is another update I received from our friends onboard today.

All is well on Golden - even had a formal night -large group flew out last night on charter from Athens - still a large group from previous cruise who used independent arrangements and Princess is not able to get them out - will try to get them out from Barcelona -we expect to arrive in BCN on 9/20 and leave 9/25 - according to purser's office the transatlantic will go as scheduled - services on ship are excellent - some people are whinning about missing ports - whole ship is on personal choice which is working very well for us - food and entertainment are very good - we are the best moving hotel in the world - we keep watching CNN & BBC so we know what is happening at home - weather is beautiful and the seas are very calm - hope all of you are well -

dsawyer September 18th, 2001 08:50 PM

Re: Golden Princess in Med being escorted
Thanks, Kuki for all your updates. We all want to know how our favorite cruiselines are handling this crisis. It sounds as if Princess is doing just fine. Thanks, again.

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