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Caddy928 November 29th, 2002 07:21 PM

Mini suites Help
We've book a mini suite on emerald deck on the Grand. TA told me we would be offered another mini suite on a different deck. I've been looking at the deck plans and reading the boards. Seems the mini suite balconies are open to the decks above. The ones on emerald deck don't look that way. Are these more private? Do they get sunlight? Would you move if offered?

rita November 30th, 2002 08:39 AM

Re: Mini suites Help
We traveled on the Grand in August and were in an AB mini suite on the Dolphin Deck. We loved it ! Yes, they are exposed to the cabins above but we never had a problem with privacy. Most who book a balcony cabin enjoy their privacy and respect the privacy of others. We really enjoyed the Dolphin Deck, which is the lowest deck, becaus we could sit on our balconies and enyoy the ocean, almost at eye level, without any obstruction.

I can't provide any info on the balconies on the other decks but can tell you we really enjoyed ours! We too had reservations about the balcony being open to all above but truly never had a problem even though the Grand was filled to capacity.

Feel free to email me if you would like more info.

Most of all, enjoy! It's a great cruise.

Nyree December 1st, 2002 06:00 AM

Re: Mini suites Help
Hi Caddy

The Emerald deck mini-suites balconies are totally private and are the only mini-suites that are - you are just below Dolphin deck but no-one can look down on you. Never been, but have booked E729 for next year after reading these boards (there are lots of messages about these AD mini-suites on the Cruise Critic board) - E728 & E729 have almost double size balconies :o)


Karen & Lamar December 3rd, 2002 10:17 PM

Re: Re: Mini suites Help
We had cabin D115, a minisuite very well forward, Dolphin Deck. The balcony was open to above (people leaning over the rail on their Caribe deck balconies could see us -- not that we were interesting enough to cause someone to lean over their rail for a better look!). This was not a problem for us. The was no "roof" to prevent sun. But, of course, on average, each side of the ship is shaded by the ship itself for almost half of the day. We have, on a previous cruise, had a balcony on Caribe Deck, which is half covered, half open (a double sized balcony). While I enjoyed having the extra shade on Caribe, I had no privacy problems on Dolphin.
I can remember walking in front of several balconies (now, that WOULD be more of a privacy issue) on the Emerald Deck -- I think these were in the forward part of the ship. The "promenade" walking deck, while for the most part actually on the Promenade deck, goes up stairs to the Emerald Deck in the forward end of the ship. You will want to check your deck plan on this, as I do not know if these cabins were regular balcony cabins or minisuites on Emerald.

Mermaid December 5th, 2002 06:17 AM

Re: Re: Mini suites Help
Karen, I was going to comment on exactly the same thing you said about the balconies on Emerald deck. I walked by those balconies (and their occupants) also. I would prefer to have a balcony open to the sky than one of those I think.

Caddy928 December 5th, 2002 08:32 PM

Re: Re: Re: Mini suites Help
The mini suites on Emerald extend the same length as the Dolphin deck above. It's the other rooms on Emerald that are exposed to people walking by. I've pretty much decided to keep the room unless I get an upgrade to a suite. Thanks for all your help. 51 days to go!

Heidilsing December 20th, 2002 05:08 PM

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mini suites Help
Lido Aloha and Baha are the only decks that are not tiered. The balcony's are directly over each other. (which is good for privacy) We were on the Lido deck thinking we would have sun, but we didn't. So paying for a BA catagory was no better than a BD catagory. In fact after getting into a bit of whether coming home, I would have prefered to be a bit lower in the ship.

I'm not as familiar with the premium type sweets though. I did however book the Grand Suite on the Golden for next year. Any thought on that on?


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