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Kendallkat2 January 29th, 2004 11:43 AM

Cruise Personalizer/Preferences
I noticed on the Cruise Personalizer a optional questionaire to fill out, called the "Passenger Cruise Preferences". Why would they ask these preferences? Is there a wet bar in the stateroom? If you select these preferences I assume you would get charged for them, correct? They ask you if you want a robe.... what's up with that?

I plan on bringing some of our favorite beverages to put in the refrigerator in the room. Is there going to be items in there already?

Thanks, Beth

Pea January 29th, 2004 12:41 PM

Re: Cruise Personalizer/Preferences
I figure that in the event that you get upgraded to a suite, they know what your preferences are for the first complimentary mini-bar/fridge set up. If you are in a suite, fruit is delivered to you, etc.

If you are in a regular cabin or a mini-suite, you do not get the complimentary set-up.


runt January 31st, 2004 06:36 PM

Re: Cruise Personalizer/Preferences
This will be our first cruise with Princess. But we have taken several others. Usually if there is a refrigerator in your room it will probably be stocked with soda, water and some juices. All of which you will be charged for if you use them. However if you don't intend to use them they will usually take them out for you if you brought your own soda or water. You're not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages (except wine which they charge an uncorking fee - sometimes up to $12 on some ships) so you're really better off buying wine on the ship. They also have a soda card if you don't drink alcohol which is really quite a good deal. You can drink all you want all week for one price which includes tips. We get it as we aren't coffee or tea drinkers either.

Pea January 31st, 2004 06:43 PM

Re: Cruise Personalizer/Preferences
On Princess, the fridge is not stocked unless you are in a suite (not a mini-suite).


CruzNut January 31st, 2004 10:16 PM

Re: Cruise Personalizer/Preferences
The fridge on Princess is actually cold (unlike RCL - when you put a glass of ice in it, it melts in no time at all ... with Princess they put the ice bucket in it and it stays as solid cubes). Princess usually has a bottle of water in the cabin and you can have the steward take it away. Yes, you can put your own soda, pop, etc. in the fridge and your own wine ... you are only charged the corkage charge on wine if you bring it to the dining room - not if you drink it in your cabin. As to the soda card, it's only good for fountain drinks (no cans or bottles) that you get at the bar.

As to the question about the robe ... you can always have the robe but you often have to ask for it ... no charge - and it's a very nice robe. One less thing to pack.

Filling out the Preferences neither means that you'll receive them nor be charged for them - they're running a survey ... no big deal. Guess if you're in a mini-suite you might get some of these things but have never had a mini-suite.

You also can have a bowl of fruit in your cabin - they'll have a form for you to fill out stating your preferences as to what (banana, apple, etc.) and it can be replinished by the steward ... this, too is free.

You'll love Princess - I do.

KenJohn February 1st, 2004 06:47 AM

Re: Cruise Personalizer/Preferences
No extras in mini-suites - only in suites.

Only possible extra serviceis that the bathrobe and a starter bowl of fruit are in the room (with a form for refills that you hang outside your room door with your room service breakfast order); i.e. you do not have to ask for these - but they are free anyway even if you do. There are wet bars in mini-suites and suites but not in staterooms.

Suites get complementary soft drink and beer in fridge and priority disembarkation if you have to use a tender and separate check-ins for embarkation.

Except for suites with free can drinks, all other fridges are empty other than for the ice bucket.

We did pay for a "grand occassion" package which we though was worth the price. We were not celebrating anything special (other than the fact that we were going on a great vacation). Really depends if you like all the little extras yourself, which we did, as to if this package is worth it. It includes
a) 2 new fluffy bathrobes (much thicker and nicer than the standard bathrobe) still wrap in its plastic cover which you take home with you
b) a bottle of Dom Perrignon champagne (was $100 on the room service menu)
c) a different choice of canapes, chocolate dipped strawberrys, pettit fours delivered to your cabin every evening around 5 pm - great if you are dining after 8pm
d) one free portrait picture and frame (both in the larger size option)
e) visit on the bridge (normally held on a sea day)
f) one champagne breakfast (you get the standard room service breakfast with half a bottle of Moet Chandon champagne - I did extra excited seeing a whole ice bucket coming in and was then dissappointed when i saw it was only half a bottle when I pulled it out of the ice. Still, at least we did not have a hangover all afternoon)

I would not put too much faith in the cruise personaliser information reaching the room steward. However make friedns with your room steward and you will get great service. Just remember that the more experience room stewards work where the more expensive rooms are. However, playing the game, if you decide to choose an inside room which is opposite a posh suite, you will still have the same experience room steward servicing your needs.

Have a great vacation

LindaE February 1st, 2004 11:54 AM

Re: Cruise Personalizer/Preferences
I think one other use for the preference questions might be for if your travel agent sends you a bottle of wine. Princess knows what you like, so you get your preference (red/white).

stan February 1st, 2004 12:32 PM

Re: Cruise Personalizer/Preferences
I just checked the Princess cruise book. The special occasion package is $135 and they do not mention the robes.

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