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adr612 June 25th, 2004 07:09 PM

Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
Hi there - we are booked to gp from LA to Sydney on the Sapphire Princess. We have a balcony cabin on the Lido deck - does anybody know if these balconies are 'private' or not? Also we are looking at getting married at sea - has anybody done this on this ship or have any advice?

Many thanks,

Jim&Lou August 2nd, 2004 12:49 AM

Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
Hi ADR612,

Yes these cabins do have private balconies, they're not overlooked - but I've been told that the balconies are smaller than on the Caribe and and Dolphin decks. The Dolphin deck does have overlooked balconies.

We're on this cruise on a Lido deck balcony cabin as well - if you manage to find out any more information I would love to hear it as well.



Harry Martin August 2nd, 2004 11:56 AM

Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
We stayed on the Lido deck on the Diamond (Sapphire's sister). It's a fantastic location! It was so easy to pop out to the pool or buffet restaurant.

The balcony will be totally private, so no worries there, and it is smaller than ones on Caribe and Dolphin.

We had an inside cabin, so that's all teh info I can offer.

We LOVED the Diamond ... loved all the choices for restaurants with Anytime Dining. That's why we are going back Oct 30th.

Regarding the wedding, check the princess web site -- I bet they have some info.


Jane_Marlow August 2nd, 2004 03:22 PM

Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
I have checked out the marriage packages. Princess can give you the's a different company. Best price is $1800 and it goes up from there.

They sent me the website with all the information. I decided against it, as I don't want all the extras involved.

Levi's Mom August 5th, 2004 11:45 PM

Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
We are on the Sapphire on the 8/22 cruise to Alaska with a Lido deck cabin. I'll try to remember to let you know when we come back about the balcony and it's size/privacy/etc. Do you have a room number yet?

Jim&Lou August 6th, 2004 03:41 AM

Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
Hi Levi's Mom,

We're in cabin L232....any information would be appreciated.


adr612 August 6th, 2004 06:14 AM

Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
Hi there Levi's Mum - we are in L259. Sounds like they will be private balconies on this level. We've booked our wedding on the ship and cannot wait! We won't have any family/relatives on the ship at the time, but will be catching up with them later on the cruise. Hopefully will be a very stress-free wedding :-) Any nfo on your cruise/cabn would be much apprecated.

Hope you have a great time!

Andrew and Julie

Levi's Mom August 6th, 2004 10:08 PM

Re: Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
Andrew, Julie and Jim - I've got your cabin numbers noted and will see if I can make friends with the people in them on our cruise :) and get pics. But I will certainly take pics of ours. We return on August 29 so will try to get the info to you as soon after that as I can. We have relatives staying with us here in Seattle for a couple of days after the cruise so it may be later than week. But I'll report in! Let me know if there are any other spots you'd like pictures of or info. It's our first cruise so I expect I'll be wandering all over the ship...lost....but having fun!!


Jim&Lou August 7th, 2004 08:29 PM

Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
Hi Levi's Mom,

Are you taking Personal Choice or Traditional dining? I'd be interested to know how it goes either way.

At the moment we're in for Traditional, but we're leaning towards switching to Personal Choice, any information you could give either way would be great.



Levi's Mom August 8th, 2004 12:41 AM

Re: Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
We took traditional dining - we're going with some friends but not doing the same excursions etc as they are, and are not even on the same deck, so we'll meet up over dinner to compare notes. They are with a group of their friends and we just sort of tagged along.

We've got the second seating - which will probably mean I'll be ready to go to sleep soon as we're done eating !!!

Will let you know what we think.


Levi's Mom September 1st, 2004 09:06 PM

Re: Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
Andrew and Julie and Jim and Lou: We are back from our Sapphire cruise to Alaska and our Lido deck cabin. It was wonderful and we loved being on the Lido deck. No noise at all from the decks above, balcony totally covered and I would recommend these cabins ... it was great being on the same deck as the Horizon court and we were only one set of stairs below the deck that leads to the top of the bridge. Easy to get out and up there - all the cabins are the same...and there was plenty of room...suitcases fit under the least mine did. The showers are a bit small but managed just fine. It was a bit of a walk to the aft elevators to the traditional dining room but that was okay...I think we wore off the desserts!! We were the farthest cabin forward on the Lido deck so it was never noisy....

The ship is stunning and it was a wonderful week. Trying to figure out how soon we can go again! Right now we're thinking of northern Europe and St Petersburg! But I'd settle for Alaska anytime.

Let me know if you've got any other questions.


Cory September 2nd, 2004 05:34 PM

Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
Wow we're also booked on the Nov22, 30 day cruise.

HAve you counted the days at sea, there are 16.

We have an inside cabin, too late for a balcony.

What do u think of all the days at sea.

Comments please.


dalwhitt September 3rd, 2004 09:09 PM

Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies

I have a question about traditional dining vs. Personal Choice. I have a group of about 26, I'm assuming that I have to take traditional dining if we all want to eat together, right? Or can I make reservations for that larger of a group?

adr612 September 6th, 2004 03:58 PM

Re: Re: Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
Hi Linda, many thanks for the information. Glad you enjoyed your trip. It sounds lke the Lido deck will be great! We are getting married on this cruise so another reason to look forward to it :-)

Did you feel much movement on this deck (i.e ship rocking, etc?)

Andrew and Julie

Levi's Mom September 6th, 2004 09:17 PM

Re: Re: Re: Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
The only time we felt much motion was on the sea day back from Skagway (Friday) We had near gale force winds and it was very noticeable. But then I am prone to be motionsick. I had the patch and was taking meclyzine also..spent most of the day resting...But otherwise it was wonderful - I would not hesitate to book the Lido cabins again...the view is great, it's convenient and the hallways are not as long...we loved it.

The even numbered cabins are on the port side, odd numbers on starboard.

Let me know if you have any other questions. And congrats on the wedding...


Eliza October 29th, 2004 01:17 AM

Re: Sapphire Princess Lido Deck Balconies
Have fun on your trip! I was on the Sapphire last week on a 10-day to Mexico and i really didn't want to leave. Spa was just amazing. I was seasick for the first 4 days, it was my first cruise but i'm ready to go again. 'Just booked a 15-day Panama Canal on the Coral on April 27 2005.

The Sapphire was just amazing. Have a great time! Lemme know if you have questions. I had an outside cabin on Emerald deck 8.


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