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River Cruise Companies Comparison
Found this website that should help those wanting to do a river cruise and looking for some information comparing several of the companies;

River Cruise Reviews, Viking River Cruises vs. Uniworld River Cruises

I was disappointed that they glaringly omitted both Avalon Waterways, which in my opinion is better than Viking, and Scenic Tours, which is a very nice luxury company similar to Tauck.

So if you're thinking about doing a river cruise, which I highly recommend as they are absolutely wonderful, enjoy the information they provided, but please do not exclude both Avalon Waterways and Scenic Tours from your consideration as they are both excellent.

And as always, if you want more information or assistance with your river cruise, talk to your agent as they can be invaluable in helping you pick the best one for you.


felix_the_cat May 28th, 2014 09:20 PM

River Cruises are wonderful. My husband and I enjoyed ours with Uniworld before he passed away. I will go again.

I have just placed a group of AMAWaterways for the spring of 2015.
It's 7 days with post of 4. If anyone wants any information, just let me know.

A feature of AMAWaterways, they do have single cabins and sell them without the usual markup. They only have so many per cruise but they do have the French balconies under this rate. Just something to think about for those who travel single.

bluedanubeholidays December 26th, 2014 06:33 AM

River cruises are great because you will enjoy your vacation in most of Europe destinations. A river cruises consist of fairly a lot in your fare. You’re perhaps paying for the whole thing up front as an alternative of in two halves like on a distinctive ocean cruise, but just like a luxury sailing, there is to determine the relaxation that comes from knowing the wine you take pleasure in at lunch won’t cost you a dime on most river cruise lines.

That's why there are river cruises reviews to inform travelers to Europe know which one offers excellent services and great discounts.

FrankScholden October 5th, 2016 04:42 AM

Hi Pete (and all!),

I have just found this forum and it seems to be a great resource so far, I have already spent a fair bit of time researching.

Firstly Pete, thanks for the great comparison article. River Cruise Advisor has many great pieces of content like this.

I do have a question which you might be able to answer; my wife and I are looking to go on our first cruise, and have been looking at the different comparisons of companies and cruises that are out there that go along the Rhine. I am finding it is quite a task to bring it all together between reviews, cruise company reviews and then cruise itineraries - and on top of it all, we are wanting a list of Danube-only cruises to choose from, as we particularly want to visit Budapest and Vienna again.

So far I have found the lists from the individual cruise companies, which sort of defeats the purpose of having them all in one place. I have found this website so far which has been a big help, as it has most of the big companies listed that run cruises on the Danube The 10 Best Danube River Cruises with 16 Reviews - TourRadar , although they don't seem to have many reviews on all their cruises (these are easily sourced elsewhere though).

Does anyone know of any other places where I can find a list of Danube-only cruises in one place?

Frank October 5th, 2016 03:58 PM

That seems like a decent research site, but you definitely don't want to book online - best to talk to your agent and have them do the research for you and help you narrow down your choices.

Most people look at prices and don't compare amenities or quality, so don't get too hung up on price. As with ocean cruises, it's important to find the best cruise for you given your requirements, budget, and lifestyle. And remember, the one that advertises the most, is always the cheapest for a reason.

The obvious ones, in my order of preference from top to bottom would be;


After finding out about a new one that just began service 2 years ago, I would also add Emerald Waterways among the top two. One good thing about them is that all gratuities are included in the price, which is a budget saver. And right now, they're offering free airfare (and it really is free).

Now, keep in mind that a few companies will advertise 'free' airfare, but when asked what the price is without the 'free' airfare, the cruise price is lower. So, if the airfare is free, then how come the price of the cruise is less if you don't want the airfare? Remember, 'free' is not necessarily free.

Reviews are good, but everyone is different and what you like they may not necessarily like and vice versa.

Lastly, while you really want to do solely a Danube River cruise, it may be better to look at others that would include 'mostly' the Danube River. You really need to consider starting and ending points when it comes to your airfare.


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