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Chris Mitchel March 8th, 2001 09:56 PM

Boo Hoo! No Coco Cay on Sovereign
Never Made it to Coco Cay Club
Just back from the Sovereign 3/4 sailing. Had a nice cruise overall but was a HUGE disappointment not to be able to make the port stop in Coco Cay. We had 2 days at sea. Just trying to get feedback from others in this 'club'
When did you sail?
What Ship?
Did RCCL do anything during or after your trip to compensate you for this missed port?
Would you recommend this ship to people knowing that the port stop of Coco Cay is often missed?
What do you think RCCL should do about this?
Did RCCL ever change the schedule of port calls to make the Coco Cay stop another day during your cruise?
I feel that RCCL should have an alternate port of call available for the Sovereign when the Coco Cay tendering is not possible.
I am not questioning the saftey issue of the tendering, I am not satisfied with the lack of preparation that RCCL showed on my trip, their revised schedule of an extra day at sea was not adequate. I don't think a 12 hour stop in Nassau on a 4 night cruise is an adequate experience, port charges of$99--just didn't sign up for a cruise to 'nowhere'!!!!
club members help me on this!!
Thanks \
Chris Mitchell

Denny March 9th, 2001 12:22 AM

Re: Boo Hoo! No Coco Cay on Sovereign
Was on the Sovereign in 1996 when it was 7 day eastern. When we boarded we were told we would not go to told Coco cay. Everyone on the ship received $100 shipboard credit. We were supposed to be in San Juan from 12 to 6, but stayed until midnite.

Donna March 9th, 2001 02:18 PM

Re: Boo Hoo! No Coco Cay on Sovereign
Hi Chris,
Just interested in what the reason was for not going to Coco Cay? I know how you feel, I actually look forward to these private island days, what a disappointment, sorry that happened to you :-( Was it just to rough??


Chris Mitchel March 9th, 2001 03:13 PM

Re: Boo Hoo! No Coco Cay on Sovereign
Yes, Donna, very rough seas in Nassau (Mon) so I was worried that the Coco Cay would be canceled the next morning...they gave out the Compass for Coco Cay that night which I think was to just make the passengers think they would go there (not to have grumpy passengers and loss of shipboard revenue that night ) Didn't announce the change in intinerary until 8:30 AM on the Coco Cay Day--
I emailed to RCCL from the ship that I felt I lost 50% of the cruise experience because of this far no response from them. The pursers desk handed me a card with an 800# to complain.
I would not go on this this ship again because of this limited port time cruise-which happens fairly often from the research I have made. Like you the island beach experience was what helped me choose RCCL oer the Carnival cruise... Bummer!!!!!
Chris Mitchell

Donna March 9th, 2001 04:02 PM

Re: Boo Hoo! No Coco Cay on Sovereign
Hi Chris,
Guess the captain was more worried about the passengers safety, it can be difficult using tenders when the seas are rough. I seem to remember getting an hour of free drinks for the missed port, but that was it. Unfortunately, it really isn't the fault of the cruiseline, but I know how disappointed you must of felt. Think the next best thing is to start the search for the next cruise and hope for the best! BTW, what did you do in Nassau? We're on Explorer in a few weeks and thinking about a trip over to Atlantis??? Did you go there and was it worth it? Lets just hope your next cruise hits all the ports, so far that only happened once to us, so good luck.


1930sTypes March 11th, 2001 06:16 PM

Re: Boo Hoo! No Coco Cay on Sovereign
Hi, Just returned today from a 3day-4nite trip on the "Sovereign" -- we were enjoyed a 7-day cruise on this ship about 6 years ago, and although the ship is a bit worn-out-looking now (13 years old) the food is still excellent, the staff superior, and we enjoyed our time aboard (cabins are still somewhat primitive compared to the newest ships). We went to the Atlantis at Nassau (DO NOT take the boat-taxi) -- a must see -- it is just about the most incredible complex you may see...Coco Cay we skipped -- too windy, too rough, and we are too jaded from too many "private islands" -- however, many went to the island and professed that it was a "blast". Things happen--high seas and high winds -- can't be helped by the cruise line -- any more questions? I'd be glad to answer...

merry March 12th, 2001 08:27 AM

Re: Boo Hoo! No Coco Cay on Sovereign

We were just in Nassau and went to Atlantis! Awesome complex, you just have to see it. Don't take the water taxi, it takes longer and they only run every half hour. If you arrive and the boat is leaving and full you are out of luck until the next one. Also, once you get off you still have a bit of a walk. Grab a cab instead for $4 pp and it will drop you at Atlantis or on the beach. Don't pay for the tour as you can enter through the Casino, go out the back door and you will be in the complex free to roam and end up on the beach. Take your camers, lots of great pics to be had!



Donna March 12th, 2001 07:23 PM

Re: Boo Hoo! No Coco Cay on Sovereign
Hi Merry,
Thanks so much for the good tips on Atlantis. I really want to get over there and will just grab a regular taxi. Were you able to see the aquirium, I hear that is also something to see? Thanks a bunch and happy cruising:-)


gogetter March 19th, 2001 05:49 PM

Re: Boo Hoo! No Coco Cay on Sovereign
Hello Chris,

If it's any consolation, you really didn't miss that much. Just another beach. And im sure you dont want to hear this but in the fine print it does say something about the cruise line changing itinerary...but anyways..sorry to hear you missed it.

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