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clay b October 23rd, 2002 06:52 PM

Renting a jeep/car/scooter in Cozumel??
I've read that it could be dangerous to rent/drive in Cozumel. Is it that there are crazy drivers, bad roads, or both??? Anyone done this with no problem?? If so, what was the cost?

clay b

nushnakka October 23rd, 2002 10:40 PM

Re: Renting a jeep/car/scooter in Cozumel??
Hi Clay, my husband and I rented a scooter for the day $40, the jeeps where $65. Yes you have to be careful only because you are in a foreign country. We had no problems and had a wonderful time. It was only after we turned in the scooter that in walking back to the ship I badly sprained my ankle. Other than that it was fun. We rode all over the island and on side roads around town. It was the most fun we had period. Go for it and just be careful and be aware of your surroundings.

Happy Camper October 24th, 2002 01:08 PM

Re: Re: Renting a jeep/car/scooter in Cozumel??
Some friends rented a jeep for the above price and asked for (were not offered like you are in the US) for the insurance. If you rent a vehicle of any kind BUY THE INSURANCE!!!!! In Mexico you are guilty until inocent and you owe whatever the other driver asks before they will let you out of Mexico even on a cruise. You could owe thousands on the spot so please please please ask for and BUY the INSURANCE!!@!

Ok off my soap box.. They have a moped path to the right of the road now (just got back last Sunday) but it only goes almost the way to Chankanaab Park and then you are on the road with no shouldres. the cabbies drive like mainiacs so as we suggested to our friends rent a jeep - it is much safer. If you rent a moped have eyes in back of your head for those mad cabbies taking those blind turns real wide! :) Unfortuantely people have died on mopeds there so this warning is real. Also when we stayed on land in Cozumel we wandered why the Carnival ship had not left as we knew she should have - she finally did leave way late. It was because 4 teenagers drunk flipped a jeep killing 2 and they were from the ship. Debbie

shari3 October 27th, 2002 10:44 AM

Re: Renting a jeep/car/scooter in Cozumel??
Clay - two years ago my husband and I took our two kids on a jeep tour with RCL. It was great and we didn't have to worry about anything - they even had a lunch on the beach. i would suggest this in Mexico if available with your cruise line.

Conklette November 4th, 2002 06:37 PM

Re: Re: Renting a jeep/car/scooter in Cozumel??
Hey Clay

We were in Cozumel last year....We never rented a vehicle but I do know that if you do...make sure your not late returning....the ship will NOT wait. The couple in the room next to us went off on there own for the day...and the crew of RCL came to there room...cleaned out there stuff and announced over the loud speaker that unfortunately we had to leave a couple on the island because they did not return on time. They left all there belongings with Immigration and off we sailed..

So just be sure and keep track of time..

Have a great cruise


clay b November 5th, 2002 06:08 PM

Re: Renting a jeep/car/scooter in Cozumel??
Hey, ya'll....

We just returned. We wound up renting a VW beetle and a jeep. The VW was $40 and the jeep was $50. I bought the insurance and had that peace of mind.

It was great. We got to see the whole island and several beaches. I recommend it highly. I think even scooters would have been fine.


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