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anonymous August 4th, 2003 04:01 PM

Posting threads
I have posted several threads of which I have not been responded to on several of them. I am fairly new to the boards and am wondering if there is some unwritten rule as to etiquette that I may be offfending. Or, is everyone here friends and I am the geeky new kid that nobody wants to sit with me at lunch???!!!

Priscilla Curbow August 4th, 2003 04:34 PM

Re: Posting threads
I don't know abouit you other postings, but welcome aboard. I will be a first time cruiser in Feb. 2004 so I probably can't help you with questions. Pris

Ritag August 4th, 2003 04:41 PM

Re: Posting threads
Anon- welcome - maybe no one knew the answers to your posts. Just jump in anytime. If you have specific questions, ask away - someone will probably have the answer (or opinion, LOL!!!)

Jamesb August 4th, 2003 04:47 PM

Re: Posting threads
Actually I've had the same problem. There is a wealth of knowledge to be found here but some of my posts have been ignored while others have gotten great attention.

JoeMo August 4th, 2003 06:44 PM

Posting threads
I thought it was just ME.

Most people here on the boards are more interested in sharing their
knowledge than asking questions. Believe me, if anyone knew the answer,
you would have had a response. I have cruised many times but still have
questions regarding new ships, new policies, new ports, etc.........
If you have a question, ask. The knowledge of thousands of cruises awaits.


Kuki August 4th, 2003 07:57 PM

Re: Posting threads
If the questions were specific in nature I'm very surprised they'd go unanswered. The fact that the board seems like it's all good friends talking is a good thing... because we aim to be friendly.
There are quite a number of CruiseMates staff who monitor the boards, as well as thousands of readers, so I wouldn't give up. Just repost the questions. Maybe someone will know the answer.
You may also want to do a search using your topic in the subject. You might find the questions have been answered before.

carrie August 5th, 2003 08:15 AM

Re: Posting threads
I have had the same problem. I have posted several questions with no response. Turtle Cove excursion RCL offers in St. Thomas, shopping on Sundays in Nassau(is there a Diamonds International there and is it open on Sundays), and if there is a nice casino/resort on the ocean in San Juan. No rseponse to any of these.

Any info about these subjects would be greatly appreciated!

db August 5th, 2003 01:25 PM

Re: Posting threads
Hang in there, I am a 1st time cruiser, and have asked many questions which in time were answered, and have found a plethora of informative information.
Serenade 11/29

Has anyone seen any NEW pictures of the inside of the ship, I am just so curious????


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