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JoeMo August 25th, 2003 12:47 AM

Formal wear on formal night
I know this subject causes a rucus, but we have never sailed RCL before and therefore are not up to date on RCL formal night policy.
I have spent my share of formal nights in the lido grill area because I do not like to dress up. I have been forced to undergo the new suit routine for our Rhapsody cruise in october. Will someone PLEEEAAASE tell me a light gray suit is not suitable for formal night. Please tell me I must wear a tux. Ya'll can have all the lobster you want, even mine, if you will just bail me out of this formal night foolishness. Thanks

Wakka August 25th, 2003 06:25 AM

Re: Formal wear on formal night
Sorry to ruin your fun. We've been on 8 RCCL cruises and i don't rent or own a Tux. I wear only suits; yes one of them is a light grey. I would say Grey suit and a tie is "suitable" for formal night. Our last cruise(8/14/03) we skipped formal night and ate in the Windjammer Cafe. Same food as in the main dining room, but in the cafe its buffet style.

jasonalec August 25th, 2003 01:48 PM

Re: Formal wear on formal night
Grey suite is fine. If you want to get out of formal night and score some points with the wife, tell her you do not want to share her with anyone and get room service. They offer the same items as the dining room and you the only suite you need is your birthday suite.

jakevs August 25th, 2003 02:03 PM

Re: Formal wear on formal night
Joemo -

A light grey suit is not formal night attire. Of course you can get away with being presentable but formal means a tux and black tie. I will order a tux with a black tie and a cumerbund.

You can arrange for one on board the ship at a price of $85 and you can even call in and reserve over the phone (check for the phone number). If you telephone in youur reservation then you need accurate measurements.

I hope this has been of help.



valtandc August 27th, 2003 09:28 PM

Re: Formal wear on formal night
Light gray suit is way out of date. Especially on formal night. Dropping 85 is also ridiculous. Go to a discount mens clothier and get yourself a nice worsted wool dark navy suit and you are set for cruise and have a good update for the old wardrobe.

Browezilla August 27th, 2003 11:12 PM

Re: Formal wear on formal night
Formal does not require a tuxedo. I think a light grey suit is ok, but a dark suit would be better. Here's what RCCL says:


Formal nights: We suggest women wear cocktail dresses; men should wear suits and ties or tuxedos (optional).

JoeMo August 28th, 2003 11:18 PM

Formal wear on formal night
Thanks for all your help...............but
She got me a dark suit instead of the light gray.
Now I got no excuse. See ya'll in the dining room on formal nite.


hcat August 29th, 2003 01:36 PM

Re: Formal wear on formal night
Don't forget to get a photo at one of the stations--you will love yourself in the suit & want to display it when you get home! My husb is also not a "dresser" but has really enjoyed the special nights on board ! It's part of the "experience" although I admit we will only do two out of three on our longer cruise coming up on March!

jakevs August 30th, 2003 08:37 AM

Re: Re: Formal wear on formal night

I like that dark blue suit idea of valtandc's so much I went to a men's shop today with my wife and we bought me a tux setup. My black suit I wore once to a wedding lacked that strip down the side. Im going with it anyway.
pleated tux shirt ------------------------ $15.00
nice matching tie and cumerbund -$15.00
Set of nice cuff links and buttons ---$15.00
Tux socks ---------------------------------- $2.00
My own comfortable black shoes ----$0.00
Already have a pressed black suit -- $0.00
total for formal wear that fits ----------$47.00

Thanks ya'all for all the ideas. I'm much obliged. No one will ever suspect that only 48 hours before the formal dinner I was ropin' heifers, branding bulls and sleeping by a campfire under the stars.

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cathy August 30th, 2003 04:25 PM

Re: Formal wear on formal night
Hey can also get away with a nice lightweight black suit, (no double-breasted), buy a tuxedo white shirt (only about $25), you may even get the black buttons and cuff links thrown in and some bowties (about $5) in black, red or maroon. Cumberbunds are not needed.

You will look just as good as if you had on a tux. My husband wears this and look fabulous.

Don't forget the nice shoes and belt.

Have a great time.

JoeMo August 30th, 2003 08:15 PM

Re: Re: Formal wear on formal night
SHOES ???? Whatdayamean Shoes.
Nobody said anything about shoes.........................................

jakevs August 30th, 2003 08:43 PM

Re: Re: Re: Formal wear on formal night
Belt !!!!!!!!!! ??????? !!!!!!

jasonalec September 6th, 2003 11:55 AM

Re: Re: Re: Formal wear on formal night
Just got back from Navigator. Not many people in tux. I was mistaken for a dealer in the casino. lol!

M.L. September 6th, 2003 09:46 PM

Re: Formal wear on formal night
Lighten up!!! And learn to play the game of life. Put a dark suit on for crying out loud!!

Water Lilly September 7th, 2003 07:58 AM

Re: Re: Formal wear on formal night
Have to agree with M.L.

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Water Lilly September 7th, 2003 08:00 AM

Re: Re: Formal wear on formal night

Have to agree with M.L.

It's all up to the indivdual and what they feel comfortable in. This is a VACATION not a fashion show after all!! Dress up nice in a Dark Suit and feel comfortable. I saw people without any suit coats on at all in the dining room. And the STRIPE down the side of the pant leg is a REAL THING OF THE PAST!! Most of your really expensive Tux's don't have those anymore unless you're really looking for that style. Remember it's WHAT you FEEL COMFORTABLE IN!! Now don't forget to have fun on your cruise!!

JoeMo September 8th, 2003 10:32 PM

Formal wear on formal night
Thanks for all your help, but I would have more fun dining at the Lido grill
than dressing up for dinner. I do enjoy all the pretty dresses, but I really
do not like to participate. This being said............I have no choice now,
because she got me a new dark gray suit.
(I picked out the lobster print tie to go with it.) See ya'll in the dining room.

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