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Jaime September 15th, 2003 10:21 PM

Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
I just got back back from Halifax, Portland and Boston...oh yeah I was supposed to be in Bermuda. Now I understand that the Nordic Empress could not sail to Bermuda due to damage Hurricane Fabian caused, but I don't understand how Royal Caribbean thought we would be happy about going to Canada, Maine and Mass. They didn't give us any alternatives, the choice was go on the unwanted vacation or lose your money. They did not offer the difference in the price of the cruises, the opportunity to use the money paid towards another cruise, heck they didn't even buy us a drink. There were people that did not know about the intenery change until they arrived at the ship.
Take note...Royal Caribbean does not care about the customers!!!

Andee September 15th, 2003 10:33 PM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
I can't imagine the havoc that a hurricane wreaks on running a cruise. Having to make arrangements for all new ports, plan and print new shore excursion info--yikes.

One of the reasons that cruises during hurricane season are cheap is rhe risk of a hurricane. In every cruise contract, there is information about the potential need to make changes based on weather--we've experienced it ourselves. Never got anything to "compensate" us, but never thought we deserved anything.

There was so much on the news about Fabian that it's hard to imagine someone not wondering about the effect a hurricane might have on their destination.

So many people go on a cruise for just thr experience, don't care about the ports, may not even get off the ship. If you let the change in itinerary spoil what could have been a wonderful trip, that's sad. making the best of a tough thing can be a challenge, but it's usually worth it.

Rstar September 15th, 2003 10:59 PM

Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
Hey Andee....
Do you work for Royal Caribbean???
I think the issue people on that cruise might of had was the difference in climate. When you pay for an apple who wants to handed an orange?

salem5050 September 16th, 2003 05:53 AM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
Get over it! Your safety is all the Royal Caribbean had in their mind.
Hey a bad day on a cruise is better then a good day anywhere else!
If you book during hurricane season, you gamble..and looks like you lost!
If it makes you feel better write to RCI, I did once about a past cruise and they were very nice about the problem we had on the ship and compensated us very nicely towards a future cruise.

Mary Margaret

Wakka September 16th, 2003 06:26 AM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
When you book a cruise during Hurricane season; there is a chance that the Itinerary could change. I blame the TA for not advising you of that possibilty. As far as getting some kind of refund; in my opinion its wishful thinking, because the port charges for the Canadian run are more expensive than it would be to Bermuda or the Caribbean. I also agree with Mary Margret and you should write a letter, and explain how you feel RCCL
does not care about the customer. Maybe something will come of it.

rucruisn2 September 16th, 2003 07:56 AM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
Get over it is right! Enough already with the whiners. The weather last week in New England was GORGEOUS!!!!! The cruise lines had no choice in going to Bermuda. If they had gone, you'd have moaned and groaned that the shops were closed, no electric, beaches were ruined, etc.

rucruisn2 September 16th, 2003 07:59 AM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
Get over it is right! Enough already of you whinners. The weather last week in New England was GORGEOUS!! The cruise lines couldn't go to Bermuda, the ports were closed. If they could have, you would be moaning and groaning that the shops were closed, there was no electricity, the beaches were ruined, etc. Go with the flo and enjoy life.

browezilla September 16th, 2003 08:37 AM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
Not taking either side, but I encourage everyone to read the "fine print" on the cruise documents in regard to the "contract of carriage" or whatever they call it. I think you will see that RCCL was within the contract of what they established with you. I too would have been unhappy, because I do book cruises first by itinerary and then by ship/line...however I realize that there are forces beyond the control of cruise line that affect itineraries, and I acknowledge that by agreeing to the contract of carriage.

jasonalec September 16th, 2003 12:11 PM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
You don't have to be happy about it but you can't blame RCL for the weather. Perhaps they could have communicated better with passengers but you still got your cruise. I would definitely write a nice letter requesting a shipboard credit for your next trip. This is probably the least costly option to offer you.

FrankiRN September 16th, 2003 02:05 PM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
Just a question. How come when someone has a dissenting opinion, someone frequently pops up with " do you work for RCCL?". What's up with that? It's such a cop out. They don't agree with you, get over it.

Gloria Howard September 16th, 2003 02:47 PM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean

Starfighter September 16th, 2003 02:52 PM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
I agree with the folks who recommended that you write a letter to the company about your displeasure. While it is true that the cruiseline has no control over the weather, it doesn't seem to be an adequate substitution for Bermuda. Even though the fine print does say that they have the right to change destinations, it should be equal as a tourism destination. They should have given you an opportunity to cancel without penalty or change cruise dates to a later time. I would send the letter to the management and certify or register it so someone has to sign for it. If you can't find the right people to send it to on their site, pull the information up under the stock symbol in the stock market quotes and you should find a place that lists the company executives and their addresses. Good luck.

jasonalec September 16th, 2003 03:36 PM

Re: Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
Send 2 copird of the letter. One to Customer Service and cc a copy to Richard Fain, Chairman/CEO. He most likely won't get it but someone reads his mail. If you write a balanced letter with reasonable demands, they should take care of you. Point out some of the positive experiences you have had with RCL and then lay down what you felt was out of character with this experience. How the high standards they exhibited in the past established expectations that they did not live up to. Then offer them a couple of ways which they can make it up to you (ie An upgrade or onboard credit). If they don't hook you up, you can vote with your feet and try another line.

Catch more bees with honey...

There address is:

1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, FL 33132-2096

Good luck!

jasonalec September 16th, 2003 03:37 PM

Re: Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean

Kuki September 16th, 2003 03:41 PM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
It should be noted that all the cruise lines that had ships scheduled for Bermuda did the same thing, and headed north, and understandbly so.

People book during hurricane season, when rates are cheaper, then expect the cruise line to foot the bill if weather interferes with their plans.

I honestly have no idea why the cruise line should bear all the responsibility. No one is responsible for their own decision making anymore! It seems we just look to the perceived deep pockets to pay!
And this is supposed to be fair, why?

Perhaps researching the subject prior to the cruise, rather than after, would have everyone better informed. Here is an article on the subject of hurricane season, that's on our home page.

jasonalec September 16th, 2003 04:32 PM

Re: Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean

I agree. You can definitely not please everybody and there are people with unreasonable expectations. However, it is the extra mile that people remember and a token of appreciation from the line would not be inapropriate here. If it were me, being a frequent guest of RCL, I would have some expectation of the company to acknowledge that I am not getting the product I paid for even though it was beyond their control. This is what differentiates a discount line from an upper tier line. Some token, ie a $50-$100 credit on the next cruise hardly costs them anything. With all the promotions they offer, other people get them anyway without even being 'put out'.

I have sailed with RCL 9 times. I tried Princess once and will not go back. The reason is simple. When I had a problem on my princess cruise, I did not feel that I was taken seriously. A simple gesture by them might have gained some or all of the 7 cruises I have taken since. They were so dismissive of my problem that I did not even give them an opportunity to make it up to me because I would absolutely not use it. RCL has gone the extra mile for me and that has earned my loyalty.

Jaime September 16th, 2003 05:24 PM

Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
I have to say that the staff and service on the Nordic Empress were great!!!

I was disappointed in the mgmt decision not to make the passengers a gesture... a $50-$100 on board credit would have gone a long way with me, it would have said to me that I am valued customer and they would like my business in the future. What the other passengers and I got from the RC mgmt was oh well, it's not our fault...well guess what the hurricane was not our fault either.

Kuki, I dislike the fact that you are implying that I wanted RC to foot the bill...

Starfighter and Jasonalec, thank you for understanding my disappointment and I will be writing a letter to RC!!!!

cricket55 September 16th, 2003 06:23 PM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
We were re-routed on our very first cruise due to Hurricane Irene and we were very grateful we were on a cruise ship that COULD take us away from the bad weather. We had super weather and enjoyed alternative but still beautiful ports.

What if you had gone to Bermuda for a land holiday instead, would you have happier suffering in lousy weather all week than enjoying the beautiful Canadian and New England scenery. Get over it!

Starfighter September 16th, 2003 09:05 PM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
No problem, Jaime. I'm glad I could give you some constructive advise instead of joining the hanging mob. Always stand up for yourself and never join the people who are willing to just shrug their shoulders and adhere to just getting over it. I learned a long time ago that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Besides, if you don't get any relief from the cruiseline, at least you'll know you tried, and if you do get relief, then you're better off than those who just accepted the treatment without standing up for their principles. In either case, you can look in the mirror and feel good about yourself. Good luck from the Starfighter.

Kathie September 16th, 2003 09:23 PM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
It's pretty much a crapshoot when you choose to sail during hurricane season. Why anyone would choose to go then is a mystery to me, especially if they're not locked into that time frame. I know some people can't go any other time due to work schedules, etc. If that were the case, I'd find somewhere else to go.
Every time I see the weather map with the storm, I shudder.

DanaR September 17th, 2003 10:40 AM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean


I was a passenger on that cruise with jaime.....we r not arguing the fact that we couldn't go to Bermuda...DUH....but when RC knew on friday we were going to Nova Scotia...why weren't we at the very least notified???...I could have at least packed some sweaters...geez...or better yet they could have given us a was freezing in canada....specially when u have packed clothes for the islands....oh and when u get off the boat in Halifax...and people from other cruise lines say..."oh our ship gave us 100 bux" u every day we asked the RC going to do anything?.....and they said..."they r working on it"....well I guess they weren't....look a free drink would have been a gesture....most of us caught colds....all I would have liked was to be notified in advance.....and I'm not stupid for those of u who intimated that we knew there was a hurricane in the area <eyeroll>....i just never thought i would end up in canada.....had i known i would have been more part was we met AWESOME people!!!! <go jaime>...and the staff was fantastic.....would it have killed RC to drop us an email??????....."dress warm"

hcat September 17th, 2003 11:56 AM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
Same thread is going on at the Celeb. Board as well. Although we always cruise in March to avoid hurricanes , we have booked a Canada /New Eng cruise for late Sept. 04 . I will not behappy if it turns into a Carib cruise as we do that in March almost annually. The location makes the difference & despite the contract or whatever else one says, I think such a large itin change should allow an option to re-sched the cruise you wanted at a later time. At the very least the TA or cruisers should be notified in advance. IMHO

Kuki September 17th, 2003 01:27 PM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
The same type of thread is going on all the cruise line message boards who's ships were stuck with the same situation.

I agree, it would have been nice if the cruise lines offered some sort of shipboard credit for the change in itin, as a gesture (at least it would have allowed for the purchase of a sweatshirt or fleece).

The fact remains, and somewhat amazes me, that some people expect the cruise lines to accept all the responsibility for the changes they had no control over.

Some people think they are making a reasonable request asking the cruise lines to simply give them the full fare credit for a future cruise. In fact, that's the same as asking for a full refund. They'd have had to sail with those cabins empty, and no revenue.

I realize, and agree, that itinerary is pretty important to people, when they choose their cruises. If that's the case, these same people should also look into booking at a time where the likelihood of problems on that itinerary is at its lowest. And even then, there are NO guarantees.
And I think it's unreasonable to expect the cruise lines to supply the guarantee.

If you are are flying to meet a cruise, and weather delays your flight, and you miss the ship, do you expect the air line to compensate you for your cruise?
Some of the arguements made here would suggest you do, but that wouldn't happen either.

DanaR September 17th, 2003 02:25 PM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean

I for one Kuki am not asking RC to take full responsibility.....that's just nuts.....but my point is.....once they book yur cruise and take yur $$$ it seems like they felt no responsibility to notify us of the itinerary change....which I think would have been the right thing to do, especially since they knew two days prior to our departure......and there was such an extreme difference in climates.......and when I called CS today, the woman flat out told me...."RC does not plan to compensate passengers in any, way, shape or should have been done on the ship".......<shaking head>,,,,,,,,,,actually.....its kinda late for the free sweatshirt anyway......shame on them....plenty of other cruiselines in the sea:)

Jaime September 17th, 2003 03:05 PM

Re: Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
Right on Dana!!!
I am not asking for RC to foot the bill either, I want them to say hey we value you as a customer and want you to use our cruiseline agin, we realize Canada is not exactly Bermuda so we will make a gesture to you for you to cruise with us again. If they don't make an acknowlegment I will NEVER travel with them again.

Mattinla September 18th, 2003 12:24 AM

Re: Re: Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
Anyone who got on the ship thinking they were going to Bermuda must have been living in a box. And since many of them were probably from the east coast, we can assume they had heard of hurricanes before... and maybe watched the weather once or twice.

Contractually, RCI was required to do nothing. Read your cruise documents. Maybe they *should* have done something for customer loyalty.. but they did nothing wrong.

I'm sure the four people who died would love to have the luxury of participating in this debate.

salem5050 September 18th, 2003 05:36 AM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean
I TOTALLY agree with Dana on the fact that RCI, should have gottena email to the passengers, so that they could have packed warmer clothes. That is just a common sense thing to do.

I don't think a refund is in order, but I think if they knew two days ahead of time, it could have helped the passengers so much with preparing for cooler weather.

Mary Margaret

sueinphilly September 18th, 2003 06:49 AM

Re: Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean

I think that asking for an email from RCL to people that have dutifully input such information online (like RCL asks you to do) is not an unreasonable request. I mean how hard from a technological standpoint would that have been to do. You have a passenger list, you have email addresses for ALOT of those people, you spend 5 minutes sending out an email. Sure some people would have missed the email, but the fact that no GESTURE or effort at all was made at all is what has people irked.

Had they put a msg on their website at all before the day of the cruise?

DanaR September 18th, 2003 07:24 AM

Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean

Hi everyone!!

To Sue and Mary Margaret...THANK YOU for READING what I said and understanding that I was ONLY complaining because I wasn't notified prior to arriving at the pier.....our TA DID contact RC on Saturday and told us that there was no itinerary change......and to I don't live in a box and couldn't believe that we would be going to Bermuda....but without any notification from RC I kept what I had packed in my suitcase......look.....if u actually think I am complaining because I couldn't go to a devastated island,,,,,yur nuts.....i wish u would READ what I am saying b4 u post such ignorant things such as" I'm sure the four people who died would love to have the luxury of participating in this debate".....that's appalling......all I am saying is that I feel that RC could have prepared us better for the itinerary change....and perhaps offered some type of small token of compensation such as a complimentary sweatshirt or a me....the people I went with and the people I met onboard made this cruise fun....all I ever wanted was to feel like RC valued my patronage and I was never made to feel that Matt...b4 u say such horrific what I am posting.....shame on u

Jaime September 18th, 2003 08:43 AM

Re: Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean of Saturday morning(the day before the cruise departed) there was no info about the change in intenerary.

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