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bigsky October 27th, 2004 11:32 AM

Budget & Avis by Port Canaveral
I've rented a car from Avis before when we went out of P. Canav. I know they moved. I'm also thinking of using Budget and drop off the car near PC that morning we cruise. I called our hotel and they said they were down the street from them.(budget) I think they were referring to Avis. I'd like to know where EACH one is located before I rent from them. I can't seem to get straight answers from the companies themselves. I think Avis is by Ron Jon's? I've read that Budget is across from Port. Canav.??
Can anyone clarify this for me before I make the reservations?


CA Cruiser October 27th, 2004 11:58 AM

Re: Budget & Avis by Port Canaveral
We just used Budget this last August and stayed at the Hampton Inn on A1A. Budget is across the street from PC and Avis was down A1A towards RJS Shop. There is a gas station on the right hand side of the street just before Budget where you can fill it up last minute if needed. Hope this helps. Have a good time.

bigsky October 27th, 2004 05:36 PM

Re: Budget & Avis by Port Canaveral
CA Cruiser,

We're going to be staying at the Hampton Inn as well. Was it nice? Also, is Budget far enough away that they'll shuttle you over to the port? Will they pick you up as well at the port when you return like Avis does?


CA Cruiser October 27th, 2004 06:10 PM

Re: Budget & Avis by Port Canaveral
Yes, the Hampton Inn is very nice, clean and includes a complimentary continental breakfast also. I grew up on Merritt Island right there and have stayed at the Hampton for the reunions. If you ask at the desk for some restaurant recommendations, they will give you a coupon for a free appetizer to some. We checked out of the hotel and arrived at Budget around 9 a.m. (not too excited! LOL). After checking in the car, our driver said he had to go pick up a family at Disney and would drop us off on his way. We were the first ones there!! at 9:30. The counter opened at 11 a.m. We had fun meeting fellow cruisers as they arrived. Yes, Budget will shuttle you for free (we tipped) and you just catch the shuttle back upon return. I would recommend making a reservation so they have a car waiting.

bigsky October 27th, 2004 06:56 PM

Re: Budget & Avis by Port Canaveral
Thanks so much CA Cruiser! We'll for sure stay at the Hampton Inn and rent through Budget. Sounds like an easy plan. I like to have somewhat of an idea where everything is before we leave.
Looks like you were on the Mariner this yr. as well?

THanks again for the info.

Nanatravel October 27th, 2004 06:58 PM

Re: Budget & Avis by Port Canaveral
We have a reservation for a Budget rental car next week. I was told Avis moved out of the Radisson. Budget is just down the street from that hotel. Rates for a mid-sized car from MCO were great at $25 a day including taxes.
Bon Voyage

bigsky October 28th, 2004 09:33 AM

Re: Budget & Avis by Port Canaveral
That's the last time we used Avis is when they were connected to Radisson.
Hope we can just find it. Sounds pretty easy if they're across for PC.

CA Cruiser October 28th, 2004 01:37 PM

Re: Budget & Avis by Port Canaveral
Budget is across from PC but Avis is on A1A about a mile up the road towards the Hampton Inn.

bigsky October 28th, 2004 07:57 PM

Re: Budget & Avis by Port Canaveral
Ok, gotcha! Thanks!

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