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dcsmac January 14th, 2008 12:54 AM

Benefits for booking a group cruise?
Does anyone have any info on benefits when booking a group cruise? I am a Platinum Member C/A member and not sure to go thru T/A or directly thru RCCL. Would like to get the most bang for my buck or bucks. We have 6 kids and 2 graduating high school, and 3 graduating college and 1 3rd year. OMG we need a break. Any help would be great.

Donna January 14th, 2008 09:44 AM

There are some major benefits when booking a group cruise. First off, I'd suggest using a good cruise travel agent. They may have some group spaces that you can take advantage of. The price is usually better and you'd get some extra perks along with the booking. There needs to be so many cabins booked in order to receive the "group" pricing, etc.

Robbie H January 14th, 2008 10:44 AM

A "normal" group with "RCI" is going to be eight cabins/double occupancy to get one of the beds free (referred to as a TC or Tour Conductor on the boards and in the industry). Next comes "GAP" which are Group Amenity Points and they can vary from none given to some nice perks. This will depend on the occupancy level of your particular sailing (almost empty= lotsa stuff to being almost full= no stuff). Hope that helps, Robbie

DiamondMember January 14th, 2008 10:38 PM

Good feedback here. I've got a group sailing on Liberty of the Seas in March 2008 and I went through a Travel Agent to arrange it. The booking is for 9 cabins, with a total party of 20 folks. I asked my agent to fight for a free cocktail hour for my group and the line agreed to one hour cocktail hour with food. I've sailed in groups of 15-25 once a year for the past 5 years and this is the first time we've been treated to anything special. I'm not sure if our cabins we book have anything to do with it, but this is the first time that we got one OS and two GS as part of our 9 cabins.

Hope to see what other stuff the may provide this time around. As far as the pricing, honesty, I've never experienced any "discount" other than the one free person after 8 cabins. Which by the way, you get a check for that amount 3-4 weeks after you complete your sailing. The amount is one full fare of a person in the cabin class that most of your cabins are booked in.

dcsmac January 15th, 2008 12:42 AM


Thanks for the info on the free cabin. I new you got one person free with eight cabins but was not aware that it is not taken off when you book. This is great info so far. Thanks everyone who has responded. It helps alot.


mycruiseandvacation February 8th, 2014 03:48 PM

I would strongly recommend a t/a as they can always through in a special promotion. You do not mention what region your considering. If it was the Caribbean I know there are specials in June and July (after graduations), did you see the Navigator is now out of Galveston? I prefer the Freedom Class or the Oasis Class vessels thou, RCI wise.
People whom have common interests enjoy traveling together ("birds of a feather, flock together"). There is no better way to travel than on a group cruise vacation. Cruises are affordable, pretty much all-inclusive vacations that offer something for everyone regardless of age group. So if you are planning a family reunion, a shipboard wedding or a corporate seminar groups are a great Hassle-Free Vacation -
With a Group Cruise, there is no shopping, no cooking, and no cleaning. There is no waiting in line (MOST OF THE TIME) , no rental cars, no gas bills, no worries. You unpack once and let the ship's crew do the rest. From cleaning your cabin twice a day (including fresh towels), to 24-hour room service, it's all included in your price.
Multi-Interest Floating Resorts Group Cruises ON MAY DIFFERENT LINES are great. Today's state-of-the-art cruise ships offer something for everyone regardless of their interests or personality. With rock climbing walls; ice-skating rinks; roller blade tracks; swimming pools; hot tubs; exercise facilities; movie theaters; Internet cafes; sports bars; libraries; video arcades; kids programs; spa services, shopping; gambling; cooking classes; enrichment seminars; guest lecturers; computer classes; yoga and more, there is plenty to keep every member of the group entertained.

Cruise ships have a number of different types of staterooms for any budget including Suites, Balcony Staterooms, Oceanview Staterooms, and Interior Cabins. It is important to customize cabin allocations based on needs of individuals.

Convenient Home Port Departures
A Group Cruises gives out-of-towners a reason to attend. With cruise ships departing from 22 ports in the United States and Canada, cruising has never been more convenient. Today, you can find a cruise ship within driving distance of most US cities including Miami, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Galveston, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Seattle to name a few.

Group Dining
There's maximum flexibility available for groups dining on most cruise ships. Your group can elect to dine together at one fixed seating or choose independent dining options. Many cruise lines offer 'open seating' and alternative restaurants (additional charges may apply). Your Group Express account executive will review all the dining choices available to your group and help select the right combination that fits your needs.

Award Winning Entertainment
Today's cruise ships offer first-rate Broadway and Las Vegas-style musical revues; comedians; magic shows; piano bars; high energy discos; and live music to keep your group entertained from sun down to sun up.

Fun & Getting to Know Each Other
A Group Cruise gives everyone a chance to share a common experience. Family activities like private cocktail parties, group shore excursions; late night fun and festivities will help people from all over the country get to know one another much better.

High Satisfaction Vacations
Cruises have the highest guest satisfaction rating in the entire travel industry. Cruise Line studies show that groups that travel together on a cruise will return again as a group within two years of their first trip. By planning a Group Cruise, you have a much better chance of making everyone happy.

Planning Your Family Reunion Cruise
You should begin planning your Group Cruise at least six months to one year in advance. This gives you plenty of time to: Lock into Early Booking Discounts and Group Rates Give notice for everyone to clear their schedules Secure staterooms in the desired categories and locations Ensure your preferred Dining Times
Collect the minimum deposit and allow group members to make payments on their cruise if they prefer TA should assist you in developing registration forms, promotional fliers, and even a special website to help you promote your group. .

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