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Chefkel22 January 11th, 2010 07:43 PM

Freedom of the Seas Must Do's
Good Evening Fellow Cruisers-

Our family of 4 (teens are 15 & 17) are sailing our first RCCL cruise on the Freedom of the Seas heading to the Eastern Caribbean in just 4 short weeks.

We are wondering what you think is a must see or do on this cruise?

Also looking for any tips, etc. regarding the cruise line, ship, or Cocoa Cay port.

Thank you and safe sailing.:D

Queen of Diamonds January 11th, 2010 08:11 PM

Don't miss the Parade down the Promenade late on the first night- get a place outside the Pub for the best views.
Check your Cruise compass daily for the list of activities, to see what appeals
Don't miss the Ice show- its great.
Don't miss the Flowrider. If your teens are girls make sure they don't go on wearing a bikini- they will lose it in the powerful waves. Wear a T and shorts.
Cocoa Cay is the Cruise line's private island, it is bliss. You get tendered over and you can spend the day doing nothing, lying in a hammock, or they have lots of water toys to use- trampoline, jet skis, snorkeling equipment etc and you can smell your lunch cooking all the time.... drink a Coco Loco and have fun.
Don't miss the Quest Game. R rated Scavenger hunt. It is hilarious.
Don't miss Johnny Rockets- your teens will love it. There is a $4.95 cover charge. Put a 25c in the jukebox on your table, play
Staying Alive' and the crew will do a dance routine for you. Fun and good food.

Paul Motter January 11th, 2010 09:30 PM

The teens have a great video arcade area - fun for adults too and the money lasts longer than the casino.

Check out the flowrider - your kids will love it. The waterpark is cool, too.

They have a boxing ring in the gym.

addicted2 January 11th, 2010 10:16 PM

We have been cruising with teenagers for almost four years now (at least we are down to taking two instead of four with us). I would suggest boarding realatively early and spending time walking around the ship so both you and your kids get familar with the layout. The Flowrider is way fun even if they don't try it themselves it is great to watch everyone else. The rock climbing wall is also a hit with our boys (they are 14 and 16). We do spend alot of time together onboard but also give the boys some free time to explore on there own as long as we set a time for them to be back in the stateroom or to meet us in a specific location. I have read of alot who bring post-it notes to leave messages in the stateroom as to where everyone is and when to meet. Give the kids time to meet other teens, there is a great teen hangout area (usually called the living room I think) where they can come and go as they wish but no parents are allowed, but there is staff supervision. There is also great sports activities that are a hit with the teens, dodgeball, basketball, mini golf, ping pong and pool activities just for the teens. Whatever they chose to do they will have a great time and you will score the cool parent points. Have fun.

Trip January 11th, 2010 10:59 PM

Between the Flow Rider and the rock wall,you may never see your kids...!

thecruisequeen January 12th, 2010 07:10 AM

The teens can take advantage of the flowrider on the first day (embarkation day) since the lines are pretty short. Take swimsuits with your carryons and not luggage this way the kids will be able to change into swimsuits and enjoy the flowrider just in case if the luggage is not in the cabin in time.

70's nite in the promenade is a blast! There is a evening flowrider deck party one nite for the kids also a disco nite for the kids where the kids take over the disco (no adults allowed) :p

Have your teens go to Fuel the first day this is where they will meet other teens.

And once teens experience a Freedom class ship it is difficult to get them to go on another cruiseline. :twisted:


Donna January 12th, 2010 07:28 AM

NOt sure if anyone mentioned it, but be sure to go to the "quest" game. Its held in the Studio that has the ice rink, great fun. Just also keep reading your daily paper for activities for everyone the following day, lots to do and see.

AhoyBoy January 13th, 2010 10:05 PM

Coco Cay is much like all the other private islands. It is small in size you and must be tendered in from ship. There was a good wait for tenders getting off and again to get back on. The island is north of Bahamas and weather may be cool as on Jan.3 cruise it was high of 68F. They serve lunch for a limited time at a couple locations. As for activities it depend on what you like to do. The wave runners look like they are escorted. Lounge chairs were abundant enough.

St. Thomas - We did Turtle Cove excursion. We did this once prior and really enjoyed it. Saw at least 6 turtles, sting-ray, baracuda, and many other fish. There are two boats. We love the catameran "Dancing Dolphin" as the crew really are great. The other boat is the "Doubloon" which was more like a barge than a pirate boat. You will have a fun ride on the catameran so request it from your host at the pier.

If you are looking for a beach; "Coki Beach" is fun as it is located next to Coral World so there are things to do other than snorkle or sunbathing. You can grab a taxi each way.

St. Martin - The 'Americas Cup" race is fun but if there is no wind it may not be so good. We did it one year in light wind and still had a great time with time to spare to go to the beach.

Orient beach has the most activities, nice beach bar/restaurants and water. We did the beach break that included bus ride, lunch and a couple drinks. It was fun. My two boys (18 & 24) did the zip-line trip and had a good time.

Chefkel22 January 14th, 2010 10:14 AM

Thank you everyone. Lots of great tips.

To date we plan to just hang out while at Cocoa Cay. The kids are looking forward to the water activities - jet ski's, etc.

We decided while at St. Thomas to take a trip to St. John. This will be our 3rd time in St. Thomas so opted for something a little different.

And St. Marteen will be a day at the beach and shopping.

Having sailed 6 previous cruises with the kids - they are excited for the new acitvities available to them - wave runner, rock wall, ice rink, etc.

Hubby and I plan to check out the scavenger hunt and some of the other activities.

Again, thanks for your thoughts. Can't wait to see what Royal has to offer first hand:D

TKirkley January 20th, 2010 08:39 AM

We're thinking about taking that same cruise in when you return, please let me know how you liked everything. I've only been on one cruise and we took the Carnival Glory. I'm trying to decide between Royal Caribbean and the Carnival Fantasy that leaves out of Charleston. WE only live 2 hours from there. The Fantasy is a small boat so I'm a little worried about getting sea sick.

Mike-Suz January 23rd, 2010 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by TKirkley (Post 1269152)
We're thinking about taking that same cruise in when you return, please let me know how you liked everything. I've only been on one cruise and we took the Carnival Glory. I'm trying to decide between Royal Caribbean and the Carnival Fantasy that leaves out of Charleston. WE only live 2 hours from there. The Fantasy is a small boat so I'm a little worried about getting sea sick.

You've been on Carnival Glory. Going on the Fantasy after that is a huge step down. That being said, choosing between Freedom Of The Seas and Carnival Fantasy is like choosing between a Mercedes and a skateboard. 2 completely different animals. While I'm sure that a nice cruise can be had on Carnival Fantasy, it will never begin to compare to the experience that Freedom Of The Seas will offer. Not even close.

Queen of Diamonds January 23rd, 2010 04:47 PM

Things that make you go hmm
I was thinking of going on Carnival Fantasy this summer, I like the itinerary - July 17th HMC, Nassau and Grand Turk- but will I be disappointed?We have sailed mostly RCCL, some Princess and HAL.
I know the ships are Las Vegas glitz compared to RCCL but we could drive to this one in about 9 hours which would be great to avoid having to fly.... is it a bit rough round the edges? We like lively family fun, and CVL sounds like it provides that, but we want to be on a beautiful ship too as we like the sea days best ... hmmm

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