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harpax July 2nd, 2011 12:46 AM

First Cruise - Questions on Dress
I'm booked on the Sep 24, 2011 sailing of oasis of the seas and this being my first cruise I have some questions for the community.

What I'm most concerned about is the dress requirements. I read a few threads on here regarding the requirements of RCI specifically but they did not fully answer my questions.

I don't dress formally very often and I do not have a very diverse wardrobe available to me. I have a formal dark suit I wear on special occasions (weddings, funerals etc) but beyond that I generally wear jeans and a t-shirt.

As I understand it, there are no dress requirements at any time except dinner (in lounges, dining rooms and specialty restaurants). Anywhere else and at any other time I can wear jeans/t-shirt/shorts etc? Is this accurate?

I have no problem dressing up when it is appropriate to do so, but I also don't want to spend hundreds of dollars (my booze money) on a wardrobe for a single cruise (if I don't like it, it may also be my last cruise).

From what I have read my suit is suitable for formal nights. Is it also suitable for a smart-casual night or would I be over dressed? What do I need to purchase to fill the void between the suit and the jeans/t-shirt before I leave?

Thanks for any advice.

AF1 July 2nd, 2011 01:04 AM

Erik, you can wear a regular collard shirt for dining room. On formal night you can wear a suit, you can wear dress pants without tie. I sailed Allure in Jan; in our group of 20, for formal night we had men wear jackets without tie; Some wore a shirt and tie without jacket, some wore dress shirt and slacks, no tie, no jacket. Around the ship, u can wear tshirt and jeans anywhere on the ship.

Doug S July 2nd, 2011 01:31 AM

Not a bad idea to pack a pair or 2 of khakis/dockers and a few extra button-up shirts for the dining room just to vary it up a bit on non-formal nights. Wearing the suit will get old. You may also have occasions to wear them at home if you don't take any more cruises. Personally, I love the tropical print shirts, but they are pretty much 'cruise-wear' and get funny looks at the office....

In the MDR, a nice buttoned short sleeved shirt is perfectly acceptible on informal nights. Even golf/polo shirts will not look out of place.

The object is to have fun. Don't stress too much over the clothes. Just wear the suit on formal nights, and something a step up from jeans and Ts (like described above) on all the other nights and you'll fit in just fine.

Donna July 2nd, 2011 05:52 AM

Hi ERik,
Your dark suit will be fine for the formal evenings. As a previous poster pointed out, any docker type pants and a shirt with a collar will work for the rest of the evenings, no need to spend lots of $ on extra clothes, and you can mix and match the pants with shirts to save on packing, etc. Just go and have a wonderful time.

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