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amiable June 24th, 2010 02:34 PM

Seeking Oasis or Allure of sea cruisemate
I am interested in cruising on either the Oasis or Allure in the winter of 2010 or spring of 2011. Which cruise is up in the air, I want to cruise on one of these ships. A 9 day Oasis cruise on December 30 is very interesting. I may back up the cruise with a southern Carribean cruise - no decision on this one. I would be interested in both cruises or just one or the other.

I am a retired, single, white male with a good attitude that carries me through any glitches encountered on the way to a perfect cruise and to slough off the small niggles like the cruise ship skipping island stops because the cruise company said there were storms when in reality the natives are rebelling over high electric bills. My positive attitude allows me to enjoy the company of fellow cruisemates, and all staff and crew members I encounter.

Do you remember Sammy Davis on Laugh In and his famous line, "Here come the judge." It reminds me about what do judges, nuns, mourners and style icons, Betty Boop and Coco Chanel have in common? Their "little black dresses" -- generously interpreted -- all have some connection to case law or custom. As a fashion comment I agree that I am in favor of the little black dress, but would never wear one, because I am straight, but I don't have objection to persons who want to wear dresses.

A laid-back, amiable, sextegenarian, I believe happiness loves company, and meeting people while enjoying a meal is half the fun of a cruise. Of course I believe one of the reasons I go on a cruise is the food. On my Celebrity Solstice cruise, a Canadian lawyer and his mother were dining tablemates. He had been involved in a massive lawsuit against the government over tainted blood supply in Canada and an Indian treaty. He won the lawsuits. He also was interested in the Andy Warhol Museum which is located in Pittsburgh, and Andy's grave which is within three miles of my home. And then there was the Ohioan with the tatoo of a man driving a power lawnmower on his balding pate who was a Pittsburgh Steeler fan on the night the Steelers won the 2009 Super Bowl while we were on the Freedom of the Seas cruise. And then there were the St. Thomas black-diamond buyers on the Grand Princess. She ended up with diamonds and he got a free t shirt. Sounds fair to me.

My motto has always been "carpe diem" Latin for "live for today." Today, my motto due to the economic situation is "carpe per diem." I seek a share to avoid the single supplement. I feel that paying the single supplement is paying more than retail and as Kramar from the Seinfeld series would say, "Retail is for suckers." I like inside cabins because I don't spend a lot of time there, but cabin selection and level is a mtual call.

We can share the fare and the space – nothing more - if that is what you wish. We can do as much, or as little, together as we mutually agree.

I have had 4 male and 1 female shares in the past, all pleasantly successful. I have found out I can't cuise with a heavy snorer. To keep my pleasant disposition, I need my sleep.

I enjoy shipboard activities and the ports. I don't like to go on mindless excursions like the seemingly franchised butterfly farm on each island, Hell in the Caymans, the Bermuda Aquarium, the Bermuda Train Museum, cave floats in Belize and Harrisons Cavern in Barbados. I liked snorkeling in Dominica's Champange Springs, sunning on Magens Bay beach, climbing the falls at Dunns River and visiting the Curacao Aquarium. At times, when I've traveled to a mundane port before like Cozumel or Curacao, I stay on the ship to enjoy the sauna, swimming pool, whirlpool, reading, knoshing, watching tv, sleeping, and working out.

Usually up by 6:00 a.m., I quielty leave the cabin and go to the gym for a workout, followed by sauna, whirlpool immersion and hot shower. Sometimes visit gym twice a day.

Seldom drink. Like epicurean innovations that allow for new culinary experiences, dinner and show. Not a party animal, but I wouldn't pass up a good party. Usually in bed around 10, but bedtime depends on ship activities -love the glitter and glitz of a high-energy, razzle-dazzle broadway show, the super-funny comedian, the high-powered hynotist and the bolo artist who splits the hair of a brave spectator with his bolos. I like to observe the Chocoholics buffets - and the midnight buffets. Love novel attractions like the Solstice's Corning glass-blowing demonstration, the golf practice green on the Solstice, the Pearls bowling alley and lounge area, Carnival slides, RCL's juggling bartenders, surf pool, zip line slide, ice skating rink and Johnny Rocket retro restaurant, sun decks, gambling casinos, specialty restaurants and winning slot machine jackpots.

Enjoy dining - 226 pounds, 5'11." A bon vivant I like epicurean innovations that allow for new culinary experiences : champhange, canapes, crepe suzettes, blue cheese, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese - any cheese from Tillamok Ore., dungeness crab, abalone, Black angus steaks, New England lobster ravioli, trout, salmon, fresh catfish, chocolate strawberries, black truffle potpie, escargot, and mussels steamed in butter and garlic, soft shell crabs, boiled crayfish, cannibal hamburger, steak, lamb chops, pastrami, pheasant, calamari, antipasti, knockwurst, kolbassi, chicken liver, anchovie covered pizza, ceasar salad, pies, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, fresh fruit and vegetables, San Francisco sourdough bread, Buena Vista Irish coffee, Puerto Rican pork crackling, southern steak fried chicken, Permanti sandwhiches, any comfort food.

Foods I don't like: cockscombs,chicken knees, live baby eels,fried scorpions, pig ears and tongue, fried Coca Cola and butter, cod roe and tongue, scruncions (Newfoundland salt beef, fatback, pork fat, barbecued rattlesnake, grilled cuddly little guinea pigs, bludwurst - known in Germany as Blutwürst and in France as boudin noir, succulent spiders, gleaming sheep guts, and deadly seafood. (Cue evil laugh and lightning bolt.) .

I am spontaneous, active, open, respectful, cheerful, considerate, kind, clean, honest, brave, thrifty and all of the Boy Scout traits. Dependable, never backed out of a cruise deal that I have committed to. Fit, single and happy to mingle. My good character proof: I'm doing hospital volunteer work, which I figure counts in the hereafter, which reminds me of the dirty old man asking Grinch if she believed in a hereafter, she replied, "yes." He said, "then you know I'm here". Which reminds me of what W. C. Fields replied to a hospital visitor who asked why he was scanning through the Bible since he was agnostic: "I'm looking for an escape clause."

Love beautiful beaches: Baby Beach, Aruba, Siesta Beach, Florida, Megan Beach, St. Thomas, VI. Like to ride the local buses to meet with the natives. As Tom Sawyer said, "I have found out there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them."

I like to have fun, love Newfie jokes, i.e., " you know you're in New Foundland when the city council buys a Zamboni to use as a schoolbus."

Get along with most everyone regardless of money, education, looks, or personality even the egocentrics I have met on cruises like the lady cruiser who photographed every meal, and told the dinner guests at the table how she had to have extra weights put on her during scuba classes because she was pregnant and needed extra ballast - too much information from her. Also dangerous for the baby.

The small gripes I have: Repetitous life boat rehearsals - I know they are needed, but I get tired easily of the same thing. The Italian song Averidichi Roma, sung by multinational waiters - couldn't they get a new song or bring back the flaming Alaska snow. Whirlpools that never seem to be hot enough and shut down after 15 minutes. Cold ocean water, they should warm it up a bit. Grand Cayman Island snorkel boat crew throwing bread on me while I was snorkeling to attract fish. My first shark encounter . The rule on NCL ship you can't use a treadmill until after 8 am because it will disturb the passengers in cabins under the gym.

If interested in an Oasis or Allure cruise send an email to I will respond.

Donna June 24th, 2010 08:51 PM

Hi Charles,
You may want to join us on the Cruisemates group cruise on Allure of the
Seas on Oct. 2, 2011...I know you wanted to go in the spring, but we have some really good prices....

Here is the info:

Allure of the Seas, Oct. 2, 2011

amiable June 27th, 2010 03:52 PM

Donna, I will keep this cruise in mind. Thanks for calling it to my attention.

Donna June 27th, 2010 05:50 PM

No problem Aimable,
Just keep it in mind, who knows, there could be another single that could use a cabinmate....

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