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Trip March 28th, 2003 06:50 PM

the very best thing!..or worst?
Tell us about your most favorite purchase in the islands or onboard a ship...Was it a ten foort wooden sculpture, or a 3 carat diamond ring?....Did your spouse surprise you with a bauble? Were you hunting down the best buy on a digital camera?..Did you strike the deal of a lifetime? Pleas share your funny, horror, romantic. ripped of, stories....
Trip/ Monday Chat Host

Brad Krewson April 3rd, 2003 04:22 PM

Re: the very best thing!..or worst?

My wife surprised me with a Rolex (Submariner) watch on our last crusie in Feb, 2003.

It was on the counter in the corner of our room. It was their about 2 hour s before I saw it.

I almost fell over.


PapaBill April 4th, 2003 01:01 PM

Re: the very best thing!..or worst?
On our first cruise we went souvenir"crazy". We picked up tee shirts and local stuff for the whole family everywhere. To this day I still have tee shirts I have not worn.
In Cozumel we decided to get Onyx chess sets for ourselves and our two sons in law.
Gram also purchased two onyx candle sticks.The only place with room for them was my carry on bag. The bag must have weighed 60 pounds and all the pawns lined up in the boxes must have looked like machine gun bullets on the xray scanner. I had to undo and unpack the whole bag and open every box in it. Virtually every chess piece was hand examined to make sure I wasn't a terrorist or a drug smuggler. It probably took me 40 minutes at the security table to unpack and repack all the pieces. I no longer purchase souvenirs for anyone.

cap'nkruzer April 10th, 2003 02:54 PM

Re: the very best thing!..or worst?
PaPa Bill... good one on the bullets!!!!LOL.. We still have some of the serape' blankets we bought in Cozumel 2 years ago. I figured everyone would want one and at ONLY $3.85 per ,,,why not? We brought an empty duffel bag along in our luggage for our souviners and BOY!! was it stuffed.. I think we bought a doz. blankets, lace tablecloths and ball caps. . O.K. O.K....and a bunch of "My friend went to mexico and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" shirts. ...;-) ED

Set2cruz April 13th, 2003 11:40 AM

Re: the very best thing!..or worst?
It was in St. Thomas. We just got back to Carlotte Amalie & wanted to find a
pendant for my wifes gold neck chain. We were looking specifically for one that
had both a Dolphin & a Tanzanite stone. Well we found the pendant but the stone
that it was set with was an Emerald. The shop keeper found a ring with a Tanzanite
stone that was the same size. We bargained with him to swap out the stones and
give us $50.00 off. {Actually I kept saying lets go up the street till he consented on
the price we offered.} Picked up this very nice 14kt gold Dolphin pendant with a .875
carat Tanzanite stone inset for $250.00, I'd say that was our best bargain of the trip..
Almost forgot, the name of the store was Precious Jewels, 33 Raadet Gade, right
side of street walking up from water front. Salesman, Paul.

On the funny side my wife wanted to film something in the harbor at San Juan, I
had just recharged the battery and inserted it in the camera. Well needless to say
I must not have installed it completely for it came out and fell from our balcony on
deck 6 down to deck 2 right into the gutter below the railing. My wife made it in
record time down to deck 2 and I'm sorry to say the battery was dead. Wasn't able
to replace it till St. thomas. Got a bargain too, the battery was only $40.00 and had
twice the operating capacity of our old one.

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Mary Donna May 25th, 2003 09:57 PM

Re: Re: the very best thing!..or worst?
I bought a delicate looking but surprisingly heavy silver bracelet in Cozumel just a few days ago. The bracelet has tiny czs in it interspersed with 10 pretty good sized Tanzanite stones. It is really pretty, and the "tanzanite" sparkles, but I really don't think they are real. If they were, the bracelet would have cost more than $60. Plus, I really don't think they put tanzanite into silver, or with cubic zirconias. It is a nice memento, and I do like the color, but I should have bargained down some.

I also bought a silver ring for $35 with a large Tanzanite that I am sure is NOT real, but the man swore up and down that it was indeed real. It is Princess Diana style.
It is always a strange sensation to be lied to with such insistance, and know it at the time. This was not a large reputable place, but right next to one. If real, it would be worth somewhere between 3 and 5 thousand dollars. It's probably worth $10.00.

Just my way of jump-starting the Mexican economy.

millertime October 14th, 2003 03:46 PM

Re: the very best thing!..or worst?

punkass October 14th, 2003 07:13 PM

Re: the very best thing!..or worst?
when we were in Playa del Carmen i wanted to buy just a simple straw sunhat because i'm rather fair and burn easily. we strangely had a hard time finding hats that weren't exorbitantly expensive. we finally found one that wasnt bad and my boyfriend said we should talk them down to a better price. i dont like the idea of haggeling so i let him talk and the kid who was selling the hat didnt look like he wanted to budge on the price so when my boyfriend asked me if i wanted to pay that much and he gave me the look like "tell him no we'll go down the street" i just agreed to the overinflated price and bought it. i dont remember what i paid but it was something like $15-$20 for a silly hat. two days later we took a trip to Chicen Itza and someone got on the bus and was selling the very same type of hats for like $3 :P

i couldnt feel too bad though. even though i dont make much money, its probably more than the shop person does

CathyM October 16th, 2003 04:27 PM

Re: the very best thing!..or worst?
Cozumel had some beautiful designer silver jewelry. I think the store was Cinco de Soles.

In St. Thomas I was blinded by the light!.....all those diamonds, I've never seen so much jewelry in my life and I used to work near the diamond district in Manhattan. Yikes.

My husband bought a really nice black onyx and gold men's ring made by Kabana. We both bought matching Tissot everyday watches. The jewlery is great in St. Thomas.

Going back in out credit card!

Viv October 16th, 2003 09:11 PM

Re: the very best thing!..or worst?
Best? 20 bottles of vanilla to bring home for Christmas presents. This was something that I had planned to purchas and took bubblewrap, tearable table, and gallon zip lock bags. Checked all the shops near port in Cozumel for best price, glass bottles etc. Very, very heavy in carry on bag...but it had wheels. Had the airport security stumped for a moment, but the bobble wrap helped, no need to open each one. Another best: Wonderful silver In Cozumel. I don't even care at this point about the price of one necklas...a rigid silver pc that looks like a work of art for $60....

Worst: tshirts that were wrong size or shrunk horribly or the color ran for family members....they have to go in a tshirt quilt as a memory.!

Another best: Yellow Margaritaville socks from Jamaica...just cause they are so much fun to wear! LOL.

Dean November 21st, 2003 05:49 AM

love sea shells
looking to buy sea shells in cozumel or GC

carol December 6th, 2003 06:24 PM

Re: the very best thing!..or worst?
Best purchase was my 6.5 ct. tanzanite surrounded by 1 ct. of diamonds. A real beauty purchased from Diamond International!

Happy Shopping!


Robyn December 31st, 2003 02:30 PM

Re: the very best thing!..or worst?
i have 2 kids both born in april and i have always wanted a pedant with 2 diamond's well it's not something they make after looking for years i walked in to this little store in st tomas as we walked in the guy said i have anything you want i looked up and said no you don't well he did ! he had made it speical and the woman never picked it up . so if your out there i love it

star January 3rd, 2004 07:00 PM

Re: the very best thing!..or worst?
In Poland on the street I bought fablous amber pin and a small painting at a crafts booth for a few dollars american..they were willing to deal if you paid in $$$$. Also spices on the street in Egypt. Did buy an unset piece of tanizinie in Africa and had a ring made but I don't wait it very much.

I am not a jewlery lot of small prints and painting to line the walls of the stairwell..I see them every day to reming me of the adventures and mis-adventures!!!

Geno January 23rd, 2004 01:30 AM

Re: the very best thing!..or worst?

Ha, surprisingly enough I DID buy a 3 caret investment grade diamond for my wife at Diamonds International! Just the stone, and thus, I didn't have to even declare it at customs. Got the solataire setting for it at our local jewelers at home. He asked what I paid for it, and when I told him, he said I got a real bargain! Made my day! You can see that ring on her hand half way across a parking lot! I notice people gawking at it in restaurants all the time, and I'm happy I could do that for her, as she loves it!

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