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Shopping! Recommendations for the best places to shop.

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Old March 10th, 2007, 04:13 PM
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Default My successful technique for "Negotiating Prices"..

I have had extensive practice with the "art of negotiating" while on vacation and here is a techique that has never failed me:

Most vendors I have found can be extremely overbearing (especially in Jamaica and Mexico). I realize that this isn't always the case, but more often than not, if you so much as take a double glance at an item, they are immediatly all over you wanting to start the negotiating process.

Step 1

So you see an item that you want or are interested in. You will next and most obviously ask "how much?" The vendor will now give you the inflated price of the item. When you balk, then the vendor will then ask "how much will you give me?" DO NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION!. You are now playing verbal/mental chess with the vendor and if you put any value whatsoever to the object, you are now playing right into the negotiating game to the vendor's advantage. He has set the HIGH and you have set the LOW. Your LOW might also be 30 percent or more than you might be able to get the item for by using my technique. Here is the response that you will keep using (even if you have to say it 20 times)....

"IS THAT YOUR LOWEST PRICE?" No matter what the response by the vendor, it is important that you NEVER-EVER set a price that you are willing to pay.

Step 2

Now you need to back up the above statement with a little bit of acting, by looking as if you are only lukewarm to the item and couldn't care less if you get it or not. No matter what price he (or she) gives you, put the item back on the shelf or hand it back to the vendor and say that's more than I wanted to pay/I've seen the item for less (not saying how much)/wow/I am going to have to think about it/etc. No matter what, you are leaving because this is when the price starts to serioulsy drop. Here's a scenario. You have found an item that the vendor say is $50.00. You ask if that is his lowest price. He then asks how much will you offer. You reiterate that you want the lowest price. You go to leave. He says would you give me $30.00. You ask if that is your lowest price. You go to leave. He now asks if you will give him $25.00. If you want to be argumentative at this stage, you could reply...I thought $30.00 was your lowest price (doesn't really matter because you are already beating him up mentally), but I generally at this point I will say that I want to cut through the chase and I just want to know what the lowest price is and I will then make a decision...can you do that so that I am not stuck here. At this point he might say that the $25.00 is his lowest price or maybe he will make another drop. No matter what, the only way you will find the true rock bottom price is by continually repeating the above steps until finally when you are leaving he is no longer dropping the price. You might even go into the shop next door, then try doing a "walk by" of the vendor to see if there is another price drop.

I have had vendors giving me a $50.00 item on several occasions for under $10.00. If I had countered on that same item with an offer of $20.00, I surely never would have paid under $10.00.

Never, and I mean NEVER SET THE PRICE or answer the question "How much are you willing to pay" as these are both negotiating disasters.

If you try my technique I guarantee you that you will be astonished at how low some of these venders will go.


By the way, Vendors hate this technique, but who cares...I hate getting screwed!

I hope this helps you!


P.S. I would like to hear any other techniques that you might have, that will expand on this, so that we can all be the most savy negotiators. I also have more, but I thought this was a good start.
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Old March 11th, 2007, 09:44 AM
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I use pretty much the same technique and find it works particularly well in Mexico. I have, however, found that negotiating a price is a whole different enchillada, so to speak, in other countries/islands. I think it's a cultural thing.

In some cultures the custom for sales is for the vendor to start with a high sticker price and either get the sticker (if the buyer either can't or won't haggle) or take the negotiated reduced sale price. Either way the vendor is making a profit, or he'd just walk away from the deal.

In other cultures where haggling/barter has ceased to be a way of life, the price marked is the price you will pay if you want the item. End of discussion, ala Wal-mart.

I, personally, love the challenge of negotiating the lowest possible price. I just try to keep in mind that, being from a Wal-mart culture, I am at somewhat of a dissavantage. Unless one lives in the haggle environment, the cruiser is at best a part time potential buyer and the vendor is a full time vendor. He gets a lot more time to practice the techniques that give him an advantageous outcome than we do.

That being said, it's still all good fun for me, I think, because of the challenges.
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Old May 17th, 2007, 01:34 AM
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What a great post, I will have to remember this one, lol..

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Old May 17th, 2007, 02:01 PM
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I also keep in mind that places like Jamaica and Mexico, where vendors can be pushy is also where you might find a great sense of humor and fun in the haggling. I was brought up in a way that made the whole idea of haggling a repulsive idea. Started cruising with my DH, who loves to negotiate. He once bargained Sears down on a sofa that had been a floor model and had one tiny dirty area! Anyway, he taught me how to do it with humor and a good nature and I have now gotten into it. I have to remember that vendors won't agree to sell if they are not making adequate profit or really just need the cash. A few years ago, that happened in Costa Maya. We had gone into "town". A street vendor had an amber necklace... a nice one. Now, I love amber, but only have one neck, so I just kept saying no thanks. He started at $200, I caved in at $40. But, as the OP said, I did not get into stating a price at any time. I just kept saying no to what he offered. And, yes, it was real amber. Also, by not naming a price, I don't feel guilty that I may have "cheated" someone. As long as they offer it to me at a price, I'm okay saying yes or no.
Just my penny (haggled down to half price)
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